Two Life Changing Stories : Forgiveness And Reflection Of Love

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A Seth ji gave three lakh rupees to his younger brother for business. His business settled very well, but he did not return the money to the elder brother. The internal relationship between hatred and malice became very deep. Seth ji, all the time started criticizing his younger brother in front of every relative. Even at the time of worshiping the hymns, he started thinking of his younger brother. The effect of mental anguish began to affect the body as well. Uneasiness increased. Couldn’t find solution.

After all he went to a saint and narrated his grief. Santashree said:- ‘Son! you do not worry. By the grace of God everything will be fine. You go to the younger brother’s place with some fruits and sweets and just say to him, ‘Anuj! All the mistake has happened to me, “forgive” me. There can be no such conflict in which both the parties are not at fault. Even if one side’s mistake is one percent, the other side’s ninety-nine percent, but the mistake will be from both sides.”

Seth ji could not understand anything . He said:- “Maharaj! What did I do wrong?”

  • “Son! You thought your younger brother bad in your mind – this is your First mistake.
  • Saw his faults with angry eyes – this is your Second mistake.* *
  • Heard his condemnation with your ears – this is your Third mistake.
  • Last mistake. You have given sorrow to your younger brother due to these mistakes.

Your sorrow is manifold, it has returned to you. Go, ask “forgiveness” for your mistakes. Otherwise you will not be able to live peacefully, You will not be able to die peacefully. Asking for forgiveness is a very big sadhana.

And you are a very good seeker.” Seth ji’s eyes opened. After bowing down to Santashree, he reached the house of the younger brother. Everyone was preparing for the meal. He knocked on the door. The door was opened by his nephew.

Seeing Tau ji in front, he was speechless and started shouting loudly with joy: “Mummy! Papa!! Look who has come! Tau ji has come, Tau ji has come….”

Parents He looked towards the door. Thought, ‘Aren’t we dreaming?’ The younger brother burst out with joy, ‘Aha! After fifteen years, elder brother has come to the house today. His throat was blocked with love, he could not say anything. Seth ji placed fruits and sweets on the table and with folded hands said to the younger brother: –

“Brother! I have made all the mistake, forgive me.”  As soon as the word “Sorry” came out, the love of his heart started flowing like tears. The younger brother fell at his feet and weptly apologized for his mistake. The elder brother’s love started falling on the younger brother’s back and the younger brother’s tears of repentance and love started falling at the elder brother’s feet. Everyone was calm, silent, tears started flowing from everyone’s eyes.

The younger brother got up and brought the money and placed it in front of the elder brother. The elder brother said “Brother! Today I have not come to collect these shells. I have come to erase my mistake, to make my spiritual practice alive and to destroy hatred and to shed the Ganges of love. The sorrow is gone. Now I am feeling the joy.”

The younger brother said:- “Brother! My heart’s heat will not disappear until you take this money. Please take this money. Seth ji took money from the younger brother and distributed it among Anuj’s brother, nephew and niece according to his wish. Everyone sat in the car and reached home. It is as if only love has reached there by assuming a body. The whole family was rejoicing in the bottomless ocean of love. After asking for “forgiveness”, that Seth ji’s sorrow, worry, tension, fear, despair form mental illness from the root itself. were erased and the sadhana came alive.

We should also keep “forgiveness” in our heart, whether it is small or big mistake in front of us or not, all quarrels end by asking for forgiveness.


Reflection of love

Once a father and his son were traveling somewhere by a waterway and suddenly both of them lost their way. Then his boat also took him to such a place, where two islands were nearby and after reaching there his boat broke down.

The father said to the son, “Now it seems, the last time has come for both of us, there is no support visible far and wide.”

Suddenly the father thought of a solution, told his son that “Anyway our last time is near, so why not pray to God.”

They divided both the islands among themselves.

Father on one and son on one, and both started praying to God on different islands.

The son said to God, ‘O Lord, trees and plants should grow on this island, with the fruits and flowers of which we can satisfy our hunger.’

God heard the prayer, immediately trees and plants grew and fruits and flowers also came in it. He said it was a miracle.

Then he prayed, a beautiful woman should come so that we can live here with her and settle our family.*

Immediately a beautiful woman appeared.

Now he thought that my every prayer is being heard, so why not ask God for a way out of here?

He did exactly the same.

He prayed, a new boat should come in which I can get out of here by riding.

Immediately the boat appeared and the son rode in it and started coming out.

Then there was an Akashvani, son are you going alone? Won’t you take your father with you?

The son said, leave them, they also prayed, but you did not listen to them. Maybe their mind is not pure, so let them enjoy the fruits of it, right?

The Akashvani said, ‘Do you know what your father prayed for?

The son said no.

If the sky spoke, then listen, ‘Your father prayed only one…” O Lord! Whatever my son asks of you, give him because I cannot see him in sorrow at all and if it comes my turn to die then I will die first. Yes, and whatever you are getting is the result of their prayer.

The son became very embarrassed.

Gentlemen! Whatever happiness, fame, prestige, fame, wealth, property and facilities we are getting, there is definitely one’s prayer and power behind it, but we keep on making the mistake of considering all this as our achievement because of our pride and ignorance. If it happens, then we only have to repent when we find out the reality.

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