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  1. Sandeep Dave


    Iam interested in buying multiple indicators. But before that I need to speak to you. How do I contact you?

  2. Kumaran G

    I was trading for 3 years and was not able to make consistent profits .Did astro cycles course recently and now I have clarity in entering my trades. I highly recommend Bramesh sirs courses to get an edge in trading .I am also going to sign up for Gann courses now . Thanks Bramesh sir for keeping the course content so simple and easy to apply in real markets ! I have doubled my capital in one month !

  3. Suyog Nagras

    I just completed my course. I made double money of course fee just after first session. I am so glad that I met Bramesh Sir. Thank you sir.

  4. Sameer

    Really good course content & improved trading strategies. Thank you Mr Brahmesh for providing such a precious knowledge.

  5. Abhishek

    Bramesh Sir is an amazing mentor and coach, he explains everything very well.
    One of the best qualities is that Bramesh Sir is very grounded and easily approachable.

    I recommend all new traders to take his course so that the learning curve will be much shorter .

    He always focuses on being disciplined, this has changed my trading.

    Thank you Bramesh Sir, Wish you all the good health and success.

  6. harsh

    If you want to know difference between teacher and guru then meet Bramesh sir. Apart from teaching methods to trade ,he develops your psychology like a true guru. I have back tested the methods and the results were outstanding and giving results from first day. Before his course i was just beating around the bush and now i have scientific trading system. Sir ne “JWARI banne se bachaliya”(being saved by him from becoming a gambler)
    Best part, he is always ready to answer your doubts. I took his gann course and now i am looking forward to his astro course. Thank you sir for coming into my life.
    Harsh bansal
    your student forever


      how much money have you made using the Gann Course. and if you are really happy and content with the GANN course why are you wanting to learn the ASTRO course?


    DEAR BRAHMESH , Thanks for your well planned and humble training process which you have executed during the training sessions, I really got much comfort zone about GANN theory and other supportive tools, As of now , my self goal will be “ self dependent and more calm with finding right path way of market trend and accordingly I must take necessary steps to proceed in the trades. And you gave me one great trade mantra as “ PLAN YOUR TRADE, then TRADE YOUR PLAN”. It’s really remarkable!!!

    Once again thanks for your humble and encouraging teaching process. Have a great times ahead for all of us .




    Thanks for your kind humble teaching of GANN trade methods

    Let me do practice and will follow the same please

    I am really now have more self confidence to focus on right trades with meaningful convictions


    By THIRU

  9. Nikita Nalwaya

    “Thank you for such an enlightening course on WD Gann. I have done several technical courses in the past, but this particular course was an eye opener. The Gann angles work like magic. To add to it, Brahmesh is a very patient teacher and makes sure the content is fully understood before moving onto the next one. Everyone looking for that extra edge in the market should definitely give this a try, I highly recommend. Thank you Brahmesh!!”


    Hi bramesh sir,I am searching for your app BTA to share the link to my friend ..can you please send me the link .

  11. Tathya Pathak

    I had been in stock markets investing from last fifteen years. However was not able to Crack methods for profitable investments. With help of Bramesh sir, from one month all of trades/investments are planned in advance with 100% success ratio. Though it’s not holy grail, I am able to invest with full conviction and its a win from psychological perspective also.

  12. Ashay

    Hi Bramesh sir my name is Ashay Avlani. I hope you remember me. I learnt so many things from you past 1-1/2 years. From your basic course to your astrological videos & posts on your website. Your knowledge has enlightened me alot. By learning from you and skills I developed, I got my first job as equity data research analyst in Morningstar India. Your perspective of the financial market has really made me a true star in my professional career.
    I really thank you so much as I have not only learned but earned too with your knowledge which is freely available across social media. You truly are sent from god because of you so many small retailers are gaining and earning.

    I can never thank you in words but truly carry on your knowledge through generations as astrology hardly fails.

  13. varun bhargava

    I took his gann trading course and it was really great, You might get many trading tutorials but the way he teaches is amazing, not only during the course tenure but even after that when I ask him questions he answers me which enhances my knowledge. Thanks Bramesh sir and looking forward to have few more courses from your arsenal in future. 🙂


    I undergone Professional Trader workshop course in April 2020.This course changed my Trading career from Loss Maker to Profit maker.Now Last two weeks I undergone WD Gann Trading Course.This course was really interesting, the way in which Bramesh sir practiced.I have Learned the Power and Magic of Gann Numbers and how it works in our Day to Day Trading Life.With this course now I am able to forecast the Stock Movements in both directions.Also with the help of Octave Theory I am able identify the Support and Resistance in adavance.To be very particular Last Friday High worked 100% based on Octave Theory.

    Hats off Bramesh sir.

  15. Vineet Jain

    While I spent most of my trading career searching for a holy grail and look for a kind of edge to be mostly profitable, by various trial and errors and various technical analysis , systems, strategies ,turned out a to be a costly affair for me. The time consuming method to understand markets was also very tiring and at times depressing. The supremo Market had charged steep learning fees for every mistake I made be it on position sizing, risk management or even trying to follow multiple tech analysis concepts! Having followed Bramesh ji for last several years through his learning website and social media presence, I always was in search of a Guru like him who has had an experience & could guide in the financial jungle knowing the in and out of the maze ;Someone who has already committed most of the mistakes and would have learnt from them would have been the most suitable to guide and I was fortunate to receive the required training , guidance from Bramesh ji. His training sessions & mentor-ship has helped me to be profitable in every kind of market and I highly recommend apprentices and even professionals to undergo Bramesh ji’s training.

    Lots of gratitude to Bramesh ji! Your modesty & humbleness inspires a lot ..

  16. ramakanth

    Namaskar Bramesh Sir ,

    Thank you for teaching GANN Course , 4 years back I had Workshop for Professional Stock Market Traders from you which is a life changing course for me , your knowledge is so vast and deep that every single concept / strategy you teach is like a master stroke .

    I really started enjoying trading now and finally fell in love with GANN strategies, it took me out of stressful trading and my previous losses too.

    I want to emphasize and recommend everyone to have Bramesh sir course before they start trading carrier and you find benefits of course could be more than anyone imagine .

    I express my sincere gratitude to him as he was the one who changed my personal and professional life with his advice.

    Guru ji , I Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an important part in my development.


  17. Deepak

    Hello Bramesh,

    Thanks a lot for all the self less work that you are doing for trading community. I was lucky enough to get trained under you and you are my GURU in directional trades that I’m taking . Its not about what training attended, but its more about what I learned from you which is way more than what was actually part of the training program.

    After attending your training/talking to you, I have seen exponential improvement in my trading. Without your training I would not have survived last few months of volatility. but in-turn I was able to use the volatility in my favor and come out with the most successful quarter of my trading career.

    Thanks a lot for teaching me Gann and Financial Astrology in the most simplest way possible.

    God Bless You!


  18. Jaymee

    I wanted to learn new trading strategies. TO my pleasant surprise, I found out the “issues” that I have was really on risk mgt, position sizing and constant search of the holy grail. Of course, the strategies that Bramesh taught me gives me an edge. The newly discovered mindset that i need to master weigh far more benefits than the strategies.

    I am happy to discover my blindspots through the implementation of the trades. Bramesh is patient and leaves not question unanswered.

    I was so excited that I wanted to take my next course immediately- But he stopped me. Saying that I need to LEARN, MASTER, and MAKE MONEY. Taking more courses wont necessarily make more money. It is quite obvious that Bramesh focuses on my development as a trader rather than selling his courses.


    I am a full time Trader for Last one year.I have not made profit in any two consecutive Trades.But on the other hand I made Losses consecutively more than 2/3 Trades.My net per month was in Loss only.In the beginning of this month I almost decided to Exit the Market.But by Gods grace I could see Bramesh Technical Analysis site.As a Last hope I joined the course ” WOKSHOP FOR PROFESSSIONAL STOCK MARKET TRADERS “.In the very first session he made to understand the reason for my failures.I could clearly learn Trading Rules and Trading Psychologies.In the next session I could learn Intraday Trading Strategies.On this session his main advise was first to cut Loss and try to earn small,small profit which may accumulate good Return at the end of one year. Subsequently I learned Positional Strategies and others.With this backround I can summarise my feedback as under.
    1.I never seen a Trainer like him in this field.By giving time from one session to another session he ensures that whether I have understood the previous session Strategies.

    2.He made me to write my own Trading Rules which should be followed consistently.

    3.During this period I did nearly 20 Trades and all my Trades end up with a Profit of Rs 1000 to 1300 on Average.

    4.I lost in only one Trade that too Rs.100.

    5.Now I am highly confident that I can Trade with success ratio of not less than 80%.

    6.His daily Forecast in Nifty and Bank Nifty are very perfect.

    7.Also his articles on various titles are highly useful to develop our Trading Knowlege.

    At the outset my Trading Life has been Reborn due to BRAMESH sir and I am trying to improve my learning day by day from his Articles.


  20. Akash Gupta

    The best Gann Guru out there. The breadth and depth of his knowledge and practical experience is astounding.

    The most appreciable part is one on one learning you get where you have focused learning experience.

    His patience is commendable as he answers all your queries and makes sure you get the concept.

    The tools and trading plans as part of this course are very practical and logical.

    I consider myself lucky and privileged to have been taught the Gann teachings by this great master.

    My humble appreciation and deepest thanks to my Gann Guru.

    Akash Gupta

  21. Raja

    This is Raja, I have taken Basic TA course and Gann course around 2014-2015 and and i am very impressed with his way of teaching and also taken other advance courses from him. I Was fortunate to take up the training with Bramesh and rightly.

    After completion course also he supported a lot by taking review sessions and clarify my doubts. Before to Bramesh sir i have taken TA courses outside, But after completion of course for when they asked review sessions they used to demand extra fess or i was not getting support which i am expected from them.

    He is Thoughtful, Unselfish & Respectful. He served as a role model to me by assisting in understanding the trading system he has developed
    Unlike most other trainers who are out there just to make money, Bramesh Sir actually cares about training and guiding his students. It is easy for any trainer to quickly complete the course content. But with Bramesh Sir you can tell that, whoever he trains, he actually wants them to succeed long term as a trader.
    Bramesh Sir was also available to answer questions during the training period. His answers to queries were not limited only to the training calls. If needed, he is there to support his trainees and answer any appropriate questions they may have (understandably this was off market hours and at a pre-decided time).

    I am very great full to him and paying my heartiest regards and sincere thanks to him.

    I would like to Salute you from my bottom of my heart and may God bless you.

  22. Rajan Vadehra (@rajan_vadehra)

    I am lucky to learn GANN techniques from Bramesh sir I’n Jan Feb 2020 and then came the mayhem. The new concept learned changed the very outlook one perceive the Mrk (always right),, just like opening of third Eye!! This transformed the trading behavior and off course the results..just like a potted plant which has limited growth potential has been replanted into a fertile land which has now immense potential to grow.

    Recomend every trader whether novice or experienced to learn great trading techniques and be better prepared to ride the wild animal which you can not tame but we chose to ride!!

    Every great player like SACHIN Tendulkar had a Mentor .
    The difference here is one already knows there is a Great Mentor.
    Who is not only vast knowledge but also a great HUMAN BEING .

  23. The Wonder Boy


  24. arunkumar

    Hi I am arun I was introduced to the stock market in 2013 without having any knowledge about it. I Spent my next 5years losing in the market hardly very little profit but one good thing is I was trading in equity. In 2018 I entered F&O in my first 10 trades I made one lakh fifty thousand after that my loss story started I was about to loose my entire capital. While searching for nifty technical analysis I found the god of technical analysis it’s not for name sake I am mentioning like that if anyone has doubt check his analysis till date.. his analysis never misses the target after spending four or five months I was convinced to learn from him. I learned two courses regarding my learning experience. We will get irritated if ur child asks u several irrelevant questions but he won’t he will answer all the questions politely .He has indeepth knowledge about markets that to he will explain it in simple format .Now I am a confident trader making good profit with proper risk and money management. I have seen several analyst and traders with only money as motive but he is one helping the budding traders without any expectations hats off Sir let ur Nobel work continue and whole heartedly I wish u live long with good health so that coming generation can learn from a good……..mentor.

  25. AJIT Chauhan

    Recently I completed course on harmonic from brameah sir. The experience was very good. He is very polite and answer calmly to each question. Whenever I feel any difficulty to Handel any situation. I ask to sir and he explains the things very nicely. Two years before I had done “Workshop for Professional Market traders” course from Bramesh Sir . I must say that it was an eye opener. In that course I learnt how professional traders do, understand common mistakes, and condition themselves for trading. Bramesh Sir is a highly experienced professional trader as well as a patient and an excellent trainer. I would strongly recommend anyone who is serious in to trading to attend this course.

  26. Krishna Sridhar

    Hello Bramesh Sir,
    I am fortunate to bet tutored by you on Gann Concepts for trading. Every class was a great learning. Concepts which would require hours of reading, testing etc, you have distilled into simple tools ready to be used for trading.
    Your humility is adorable and worth a mention. I sincerely appreciate your patience in answering my questions (sometimes even simple and stupid…).

    In just a couple of weeks after attending the training, I have been able to trade profitably.

    I have very high regards for you and it was a pleasure learning from you directly. I had been using your blog for a while before the training and now it makes all the more sense.

    Thanks will be a small word for the learning and knowledge I acquired in the journey I have set forth.

    Respectful regards.

  27. Rohan Ravindra Sawant

    I have done the course of W D Gann Trading Course from Mr.Brahmesh.
    I had tried various sources for GANN concept (Books and You Tube vidoes) but all are very confusing it seemed very complicated.

    It was a fantastic learning experience with you on the “Trading using Gann concept” course. Your approach to teaching and making your students practice before getting into further sessions is really great. You even repeated the same concept to me whenever I had any doubt I really apreciated that.

    Sir you are a very nice and humble person. It was a great honor to have learned the Gann trading stratergy from you. Thank You!!

  28. Ganeshkumar

    I enrolled for professional stock traders course and it has really changed the way i think about trading…excellent techniques and i am already becoming confident in trading. Thank you Bramesh . i never start a day without looking at your blogs…keep up the good work

  29. Manoj Jacob

    I had attended Brahmesh’s course on Workshop for Professional Market traders earlier this month and as others have testified before me,found him to be a teacher par excellence.It seems teaching comes very naturally to him.Any and every silly doubt i had(i am a novice at trading) he would clarify and repeat until i had grasped the concept well.He would always be willing to stop and let all the concepts sink in before proceeding to the next topic.Under his tutelage i am already blossoming into a trader with more profits than losses.His strategies are spot on and the screeners help in identifying the stocks extremely well.His explanation regarding entry exit and stop loss placement are what -i feel -should be of most help to all novice traders out there who are struggling to gain a foothold in the trading business.I wish Brahmesh great success in all his endeavors and would definitely go on to do more courses under him in the future.The world needs more people like him.

  30. Hemanth

    I have attended Bramesh Sir’s one of TA course offered .He is very knowledgeable person and explained every concept very well and cleared all my silly doubts with patience.I gained confidence after i finished his course.

    thank you so much Bramesh sir for that.He is best mentor for one who wants to learn trading.I strongly recommend to attend his training courses for new traders who wants to start trading newly.

  31. Yugandhar

    Bramesh…treasure of stock market knowledge…I attended his training and his way of explaining was awesome. first he understands our trading style, identify our mistakes then slowly injects the trading knowledge. If you practice his trading techniques, definitely I feel we can achieve what we desire in stock market.

    Thanks Bramesh

  32. Dilip

    Bramesh has a unique sense of calmness when everything around is going haywire and in chaos. His understanding of how the markets work and which stock to pick for intraday or positional trading is probably the best I have seen in the past 25 years. What I found starting was his calculations and explanation for entry points for trading. I mean he takes every paise that is available without any risk. Some of his methods like when not to trade, his flawless marriage of technical and Gann trading aspects are really helpful and there are not many who can do that with his kind of success rate.

  33. Sarkar

    Dear All,
    It is time for me to provide the next feedback. Everytime I would like to describe Bramesh sir. He is a great motivator. To all the trading problems he will have a a readymade answer – such is his experience. Talking to him will remove the mental blocks that we have over trading. The potential of this course (Market Timing Strategies) is, you could recover all your money at the rate of knots. However I am not inducing greed in here as we cannot take market for granted. So right trading approach is mandatory which our sir keeps reminding. I have felt good after attending this course. His guidance is complete and he answers all the questions related to trading.

  34. Vicky Lakhwani

    Hello Bramesh Sir,

    First of all thanks to you sir for taking out your valuable time and teaching me Gann Course. Guys let me tell you soon after completion of Gann course i found very useful and profitable . I would recommend to all that go through the same and learn it from Bramesh Sir. Bramesh sir is very good and he teaches me course very smoothly and in breaks so that i can understand the course and apply the techniques very well and still after the course sir regularly unlike others solve my queries instantly.

    Bramesh Sir is very knowledgeable and more important is very down to earth and give more importance to his students in order to grab the course content to the max potential level. Thanks Sir.

    Anyone wants to pursue trading course i would recommend to opt for Bramesh Sir.

  35. Sarkar

    Dear All,
    Mr.Bramesh – He continues to be an excellent mentor for many. For me he has devoted a great amount of personal effort and interest in teaching, clearing doubts & coaching me. He is open and receptive to comments but however he is intolerant when it comes to trading misbehaviour. He is very humble and down to earth because the kind of stature he has in the market it is not necessary for him to spend one to one to develop traders. He gives no false commitment and teaches on how market can behave. As far as Gann course is concerned – This will definitely reshape my trading career in a positive way and I believe with proper position sizing as Bramesh sir stresses always there could be no looking back.

  36. prashant k

    Hello All,

    This may be a bigger post.
    i was reading bramesh sir blog from last 5 years and taking his views on market.
    Doing the trading in options losing money i took up training course from him in basic TA.
    The course content is superb.Initially he will talk to you and want t understand trading journey then he would tell you about trading psychology.
    He will give you breaks for days & weeks to digest the course content .
    If you ask him about too many stocks he will suggest you to focus on some stocks.
    Overall he is superb as a trainer.
    We can ask him any queries regarding training & he will answer them all.
    Unlike other trainers he will never be in a hurry to complete the course
    He is gem of TA/blogger and his knowledge about subject is awesome.
    I am looking for other courses training and inquired him and unlikely he suggested me to first master the first training course,
    I am always recommend guys to do take training from Bramesh unlike other snake oil seller he is one of the most genuine guys in this indian stock market

  37. Raja

    Right after the Basic course from Bramesh sir I start trading confidently and become a successful tarder about 5 years back . Now after 5 years I decided to go for another course Trading using Gann Concept. This course give me edge in trading, Thanks once again Bramesh sir for the excellent training and study materials. The beauty of using all the tools is that I am in control of which stocks to buy or short. The Gann tools are very user friendly.

    Coming to the trading course, He is a deep knowledge trainer and the way of giving training is really passionate. The way he explains the concepts as per participation life/career examples.Clearing doubts is his main work.Hats off Bramesh Ji for the same. He is 100% ensuring whether getting all training contents/topics etc. before going to next sessions.He keeps on explaining on /off the training sessions until I get and understand the concepts.

    I really appreciate your deep understanding of the topic and thanx for imparting the same to me in an easy to understand way and above all he is available all any time to resolve the doubts.
    Thanks a lot Bramesh sir from bottom of my heart.

  38. Prasad

    Recently I completed “Workshop for Professional Market traders” course from Bramesh. I must say that it was an eye opener. This course will define how new traders should look the market how professional traders do, understand common mistakes, and condition themselves for trading. The contents of this course are simple to understand, well structured with proven strategies. Bramesh is a highly experienced professional trader as well as a patient and an excellent trainer. I would strongly recommend anyone who is serious in to trading to attend this course.

  39. Kowshick

    Hello Everyone,

    To describe Bramesh – He is Thoughtful, Unselfish & Respectful. He served as a role model to me by assisting in understanding the trading system he has developed. I was given ample amount of time to practice and apply them in the live market.

    I have taken single module where so many strategies have been designed with entry and exit strategies. My job is remember the rules and execute.

    Looking forward to learn other courses. My first and best mentor Bramesh Sir. Thanks for all your support


  40. bijoy k

    The Gann course is life changing , its beyond classic T.A , easy to understand , effective in market . one word only – the best mechanical way . After learning it from you , it took more than couple of month for me to apply it in live market , currently i can plot and predict next move of candles – how to take action on support & resistance in Gann way and most importantly how to take trades with it boost my confidence in trading .
    Thank you sir

  41. Pichaimani

    Today I have completed this training. I was a Bias/speculation/prediction kind of trader and not able to success in trading even though knowing so many technical analysis and data interpretation knowledge. From this training, Got complete strategy,trade plan and discipline etc ,simply all trading great things . I am very much confident now and practicing.

    Coming to the trading course, He is a deep knowledge trainer and the way of giving training is really passionate. The way he explains the concepts as per participation life/career examples.Clearing doubts is his main work.Hats off Bramesh Ji for the same. He is 100% ensuring whether getting all training contents/topics etc. before going to next sessions.He keeps on explaining on /off the training sessions until I get and understand the concepts.

    Before and after training, I realize that without such a training, We shouldn’t do trading because need to unlearn wrong things :). He teach me how to come out those struggles like quieting cigarette habits.

    Overall such a great training in my trading career.

    Thanks a LOT


  42. Suresh Pandian

    Thanks to bramesh sir for the wonder course, trading pshycology with a perfect plan is key to success which I had learned from him, I am eagerly waiting to take other courses, once again thanks brameshji.

  43. ranga rajan

    Dear Sir, I took your course . I am happy to inform you last eight days I made Rs.40000 in intraday. thanks and best regards,

  44. MG

    Hello. I have recently completed one course from Bramesh Sir. I will keep posting feedback on his training as I take additional courses but here are the key points from the recently concluded training:

    1. Unlike most other trainers who are out there just to make money, Bramesh Sir actually cares about training and guiding his students. It is easy for any trainer to quickly complete the course content. But with Bramesh Sir you can tell that, whoever he trains, he actually wants them to succeed long term as a trader.

    2. There is no doubt Bramesh Sir is very knowledgeable as a Trader. To add to that I would say he is also a great Trainer and an Entrepreneur of sorts. But the key point here is that he is very down to earth and grounded. That made it easy for me to ask him questions which he answered very patiently. He goes out of his way to make the trainee comfortable, regardless of trainee’s trading experience. That is very credible, considering his vast knowledge and practical trading/training experience and success.

    3. Bramesh Sir was also available to answer questions during the training period. His answers to queries were not limited only to the training calls. If needed, he is there to support his trainees and answer any appropriate questions they may have (understandably this was off market hours and at a pre-decided time).

    4. Bramesh Sir’s training was very practical and to the point. What I mean is he did not waste time on any fluff talk and spend time on big theory presentations etc. He teaches you the how and what is needed to trade. Very practical.

    5. Besides the course content, he makes it a point to guide the trainee on certain non technical aspects
    a) He mentioned the importance of back-testing what he has taught so that one has conviction themselves instead of blindly following a theory, no matter how successful it has proven to be.
    b) He also mentioned the need to focus and master one art before picking up too many new topics simultaneously so that eventually a trainee knows what suits their temperament best.
    c) He also guides individuals based on their temperament and experience about what he feels they need to do e.g. he suggested not jumping into Futures trading on a new theory right away. And begin slowly with cash stocks until my own conviction has been built and I am comfortable and efficient.
    Again, some of this is not part of the course content, but it showed me that Bramesh Sir genuinely want’s his trainees to succeed. Something that cannot be said about every stock market trainer.

    6. Another thing that I felt differentiated Sir from some other trainers is that he was not running after fees. He has his method of 1-1 training whereas he could easily have had group training. It would have been nearly the same time effort on his part to have a webinar but have multiple students. But monetary gains from students is not his focus.

    7. Also, in the initial sessions Bramesh Sir makes the trainee apply their own mind/make their observations so he can judge the temperament and train accordingly. For e.g. after he trained me on a theory and it was applied on a chart, he asked me what I noticed on that particular day’s price behavior or price trend. I think his method then helps him understand how to approach a topic for each trainee.

    8. All in all, I will be taking most of his other courses which will be applicable to me. And again even for this, Sir did not rush me for future courses but instead asked me to first be successful trading on what he has taught and then he will discuss to decide which course would be best suited to me next.

    9. More than happy to help answer any questions anyone may have before taking up the training. Feel free to ask Sir for my contact details. My feedback may sound a lot like marketing content 🙂 But I genuinely cannot wait to learn more..and more…from Bramesh Sir. Because just looking at the other courses’ content, I have no doubt that if I am trained on the topics from Sir it will GREATLY enhance my trading skills (technical, process and temperament).
    So, THANK YOU Sir. And I look forward to future trainings.

  45. Siddesh Nagaraj

    I recently took market timing course. Its worth time and efforts. Two three trades enough to recover the investment. Few tools therein are way too good.

  46. Siddesh

    Dear Sir,

    Long pending feedback!!!!
    Wanted to test strategies before writing this!!
    All i can say is I am happy that i came across godfather in stock market.

    Thank you guruji,

  47. abhisekkghosh@gmail.com

    Thank you for the effort you put in building the course so as to guide us and in the way help us learn how to make money by ourselves.

  48. Pampapathi

    I was looking for Gann technique training, there are many who proclaimed to be experts, but there is nothing in the web to prove that. When I looked at Brameh’s blog , I was impressed with detailed explanation of his stocks or Index range suggestions, that is when I decided to join this course. He makes things so simple that even a layman can also understand. After joining, his teaching and patience in explaining was awesome, I was delighted. Thank you, Sir.

  49. kpkingh

    Right after the Basic course from Bramesh sir I start trading confidently and become a successful tarder about 5 years back . Now after 5 years I decided to go for another course Trading using Gann Concept. This course give me edge in trading, Thanks once again Bramesh sir for the excellent training and study materials. The beauty of using all the tools is that I am in control of which stocks to buy or short. The Gann tools are very user friendly.
    I really appreciate your deep understanding of the topic and thanx for imparting the same to me in an easy to understand way and above all he is available all any time to resolve the doubts.
    Thanks a lot Bramesh sir from bottom of my heart.

    Thanks & Regards
    K P Singh

  50. Venkatesh

    Was fortunate to take up the training with Bramesh and rightly so, that it has changed a whole perspective of trading. He has the modules in such a way that at the end of the one to one sessions, you can be on your own trading. He has made the modules so simple that you can trade with peace if you are following his rules diligently. Earlier I used to wait for calls from others and pray god to that price goes in my way. But now I can just be on my terminal with a calm mind and trade. With his module I have understood what to expect from market. Overall precise, well formatted and excellent training I would recommend for any entrant to trading.

    Thanks a lot Bramesh for being my mentor.

  51. Amit gambhir

    Today I completed my intraday trading course offered by bramesh… His strategy’s seems to logical realistic and simple. The one to one online session was really helpful. His teaching is totally unbaised. He has changed my trading perspective from gambling to business.
    Thank very much bramesh.

  52. Bijoy.k

    A great teacher, mentor, coach – who gave a trader complete freedom with his enormous knowledge of technical analysis. Just one part of his training opens a new dimension towards stock market: Emotional Hijack. Without this, a simple thing looks like tough, but now I can see the stock market in the simplest way.A must do course – In future my next target is Learn the Mysterious WD GANN from him.

  53. K Ganesh

    Hello Bramesh Ji … Glad to share that I could overcome the losses by 2017 end which was accumulated from 2013 .. . Most of the losses was contributed in equity derivatives . The profitable ones were contributed by Index futures . I had written off all the losses and used to look into each year with a fresh approach . The knowledge which was shared by you time and again – Online ( during the training session ) offline – ( blogs / chats ) helped me to gather confidence in every trade i executed . I have a long way to go which I am aware … Just wanted to share with you and all the blogmates that At least at this point I am out of my Losses . Thanks a Ton …for being there always when needed ,. Thank You again . Regards K Ganesh

  54. Chaitanya

    Actually i am writing this testimonial bit late. Sorry for that. I have taken basic workshop for professional stock market trader in July this year. but I was following Mr. Bramesh’s site since last 1 year. I am working in medical field. I was not understanding the terms and various methodologies in trading world. But once i started reading on this site i was quite impressed with the analysis and methods Mr. Bramesh is using for trading. so I decided to take a basic course and I am glad that I took it in time. On the first day he understood my professional background and my objectives. The way he tought me from the basics of the trading to complex methods is really commendable. Heis very patient in teaching, highly knowledgeable in trading, and very hardworking. I was looking for a guru like him in trading and I am glad that i found him. If you follow his basic rules in trading and be disciplined then you are going to taste success for sure. Thanks a lot for all the teachings and keep doing the good work.

  55. Rishabh

    This testimonial is long overdue. Bramesh knows his craft and the best part is that he explains it lucidly and keeps the things simple and to the point. I took Gann module and believe you me its the discipline that Bramesh emphasised that works and there is no better teacher than Bramesh and his patience is commendable. Highly recommended


  56. Deepa

    Getting trained under a guru like Bramesh sir is a blessing. He is such a humble and down to earth person who patiently explains you the systems and only when you say you don’t have any doubt , he will proceed to the next topic. I have finished two courses with him and he is the best teacher one could get. Even after finishing the courses he clears all my silly doubts immediately through email. After finishing the courses, i trade with more peace and confidence and thank you so much Bramesh sir for that. The courses are highly recommended if you want to take up trading seriously and Bramesh sir is the best mentor one could get. Thank you sir.

  57. Deepti Pal

    I started online trading few months back by analysing candlestick patterns. Since then, there has been lots of ups and downs and luckily I could survive the market with breakeven. Thereafter, I started following Bramesh’s intra-day/positional calls and made a huge success in paper trading. Based on this trust, I decided to undergo ‘Workshop for Professional Market Traders’ in Sept. 2017. I feel that this is one of the best decisions I have taken in my life and this course helped me in several aspects. I will try my best to list few of these:

    1. Even though Bramesh’s mind is full of knowledge, his attitude, mindset and humbleness is commendable and out of the world.
    2. His consistent focus on following a trading plan wihtout fear or hope has done wonders to me. I have been doing live trading (after this course) for almost 40 days and results have been really wonderful. 3.
    3. His explanation of strategies are so simple and powerful that even a layman like me can understand this.

    Thanks a lot Bramesh for all this and very soon I will come back to you for the next level course .. Till then I will continue to trade based on the strategies you have taught me.

    Deepti Pal

  58. Arindam

    I started stock trading as alternate career to make decent income from savings – an alternate to bank fixed deposit. I found Bramesh site and was amazed with the correctness of his daily recommendations on nifty and stocks. After detailed review I understood he believes in system trading and I enrolled myself for hands on training. I took various training from him and others on technical training. I immensely benefited by his coaching on psychological sides of trading. I believe that he is probably the best knowledge trader cum mentor in W D Gann methodology and cycle trading.

  59. Kumar K.

    I had the privilege of taking Mr. Bramesh’s Stock and Nifty trading course. I am totally satisfied with his course. Mr. Brahmesh has a lot of patience in teaching his students. One can send email or call him directly to ask any doubts after completing one by one strategies and he answers them very patiently and calmly. After completing strategy by strategy, it is the responsibility of the student to practice on paper each and every strategy and master them.

    Kumar K.

  60. fazilahmed

    Dear Sir,

    The First thing is happy that i found you in trading journey and following your articles since 3 years and i found it worth reading most of my psycology and discipline came from your articles , your articles are short and simple to understand. Because of this i joined your course ie.,Workshop for Professional Stock Market Traders. the way you teach is also as simple as you write the articles. hope to join your advance courses as well.

    Thanks & Regards

  61. Kumaran

    The people who wants to survive/swim with the unbalance tide of market,must must go through the training of bramesh sir atleast once in their lifetime.
    I would rate myself as the biggest ever loser in the market for 3 years.I took the training with bramesh sir on January-17,could not get the immediate success because of the fear of past failures and my mind completely diluated with speculative mindset .Again,i rewind the trading techniques taught by bramesh,went with 60 trades on positional and intraday..I cant trust myself,my success ratio is 90%.Out of 28 positional trades,22 were sucess and most important thing,learnt the art of using Stoploss.My loss is very minimal.So,what i learnt is more than money making,survival is important in Market(Protecting Capital).I would encourage each and every one including the most trained professionals to take his training once then you will realize the beauty of Market…Thank you so much bramesh sir.You are kohinoor diamond for all the professional who want to know about stock market.

  62. dhemakum1

    I have learnt basic Technical Analysis and Gaan analysis course.There would be no better person than Brahmesh Sir to teach and guide the student.He was very helpful in clarifying my doubts when ever i had.This Course are highly recommended if you are serious about trading in Markets.This course will bring Discipline in you and would enlighten you with very simple yet effective strategies that can be used in market.

  63. Vipul

    After having completed the course, I can say with confidence that the course works. As a new trader I was overwhelmed with all the information available on the internet. Bramesh, with this course has given a jump start to my trading career. The specific strategies to enter and exit trades are really helpful and after back testing them myself, I am equally confident that they work. I am implementing the strategies studied in this course for my own daily trading plan. Bramesh as a teacher is very patient and helpful, and answered all my queries to satisfaction for which I sincerely thank Bramesh.
    I would surely recommend this foundation course in trading to anyone who is interested in taking their first step in the stock markets.

  64. Srinivasan Kannan

    Fortune place people with Good Teachers and Mentors and perhaps I am fortunate to be a student of Mr. BRamesh. I have just completed The Workshop on Professional Market Traders.

    I took some time to give my feedback ,to think and introspect, so that I can be unbiased.

    Till connecting with Mr. BRamesh, I have done everything wrong. You name it, tips providers, TV Channels, alog graders, trading with fear, greed, hope and what not !.

    After following this site for over 3 months, I connected with Mr. BRamesh. I explained to him where I stand, both personally and professional. A good human being that he his, he gave solutions for both !

    The program was spread over a period of 2/3 months, and is structured in such a way that you learn, practice, revert back, get clarity and become better. He first gave me a home work that I would never forget… it really gave an insight into what wrong things I have been doing, which i was doing unconsciously. I will continue to maintain that file for ever 🙂

    I am a slow learner and Mr. BRamesh had oodles of patience.

    The work is more post the trading hours. and nowadays I am putting couple of hours to plan for the next days trade. The emotions are gone and I trade to a plan with the help of lessons taught by Mr. BRamesh. . This makes me more calm in making decisions , and in fact it had a spill over that even my friends , have started taking note .

    I wish him and his family the choicest of God’s Blessings and am looking forward to take his other courses at the earliest.

    Srinivasan Kannan

  65. ALMA

    Did a course From Brahmesh a month back. Took my time to analyse everything and all he taught. Superb. Everything works good and the knowledge is really upto the mark. Though I had called him for a complex course, but he understood my problem and recommended me the course that will actually prepare me for trading. Teaching method is also very simple and straight, with all the details covered lucidly. Looking forward to learn more from Brahmesh. Thanks alot for guiding me.

  66. shubham bahal

    recently completed a course of WORKSHOP FOR PROFESSIONAL STOCK MARKET TRADERS…..really a great experience with him…the way he taught ….all i can say that …

    thank you sir ….

    shubham bahal

  67. ashok reddy

    Dear Bramesh ji
    I did a course on Gann analysis from you. Thanks a lot for that.
    The course is so wonderful and the way you taught me with lot of patience is appreciable.
    This is the best course i had in my life and the best master(BRAMESH JI) who taught me this …….
    Once again thanks a lot…

    ashok reddy

  68. Ajay K


    I RECENTLY COMPLETED Workshop for Positional Stocks/Commodities Traders

    The course offered by Sir is excellent & has simple and easy methods to understand which requires discipline to implement and see the results. It was a wonderful learning experience.This is really a much needed lessons if you want to a successful trader

    thanks bramesh SIR for helping me and taught me the technical course and also guide after the course.


  69. Raghuraman Thaiyar

    Dear Ramesh,

    i wanted to write the testimony after i complete 3 months of trading. It was wonderful session i had with you and really changed my trading behavior.

    I have stopped changing my trading plans and now stick to one trading plan. This has provided me consistency though i saw ups and downs in profits.

    I traded in single stock for the last 3 months (Sun TV). On an average i made 1 lakh profit per month with 1 lot trade.

    I used pivot point method for intraday and 3-8-13 for positional. These strategies gave me good profit and i was never worried when trade went wrong as i always said to myself that there is will be a profitable trade to follow and it did.

    Thank you and looking forward to take up other courses soon.


  70. vijendra

    Dear Bramesh Sir,
    It was a fantastic learning experience with you on trading using “Gann concept” course. Your approach to teaching and making me practice before getting into further sessions is really great. You allowed me to take time to practice and took sessions when ever I was ready…..
    Thanks a lot sir….

  71. Kalyan

    I have completed the basic professional stock market course and it is one of the best decision i took in this year.
    Regarding trainer, Bramesh ,he is really cool,down to earth,genuine person even though he has vast experience in markets.He always speaks about capital preservation and make you to understand your mistakes.You can find very hardly these kind of persons who teach you like this.He always insist on completing hands on before attending the next session and gives you enough time to understand systems or methods.I really like it and it helps you to understand the system in and out and he provides instant clarifications for all your doubts through mail communication.
    Regarding course content,systems which are explained in this course are well back tested,simple to understand and to execute if followed with discipline.
    If you are looking for trading course or mentor ,you just go ahead without thinking about the course fee and all.Course fee is very very nominal thing compared to value, what you are getting by completing the course.We might have read or heard that 95% people lose money in share market.Yes,you can be in remaining 5% if you take the course.I am assure about this.
    This course gives you all the inputs for making consistent money in markets,finally it is up to us to follow systems with discipline.
    Thanks a lot Bramesh sir from bottom of my heart.


  72. Raja Mohan

    This is Raja Mohan, I have take Gann course from Bramesh sir. It’s really wonderful. Gann theory and methods are complex and difficult to understand when it compare to conventional Technical analysis.
    Bramesh sir explained very well and he has taken lot of session to make understand and clear my doubts even though he is very much busy.

    Moreover, your daily articles with market technicals, helping me to take decisions on taking positions.
    Additionally, inspirational articles on useful information pointing general mistakes traders do helping me correct myself.

    I owe you a lot after the wonderful Training I had with Bramesh sir.

    Salute sir for your immense knowledge and it’s really great to take training from such great mentor.

    M. Raja Mohan.

  73. Raghesh

    i did lot of research in internet to understand the Gann trading method but i failed to understand the concept. luckily i came through this blog while surfing. i started watching the nifty and bank nifty levels and following the blog. Few months after i understood that Bramesh sir is a genuine person, highly professional and have in-depth knowledge in Technical. i joined Gann analysis course. In simple words the experience was just great. if someone want to learn technical i would say Bramesh Sir course is worth.

    Thanks a tons Bramesh Sir for your help in clearing my doubts. keep up good work.

  74. chandrashekhar

    this is chandrashekhar I am taken professional courses I did back test also through paper trade it is realy good, Bramesh sir teaching is very simple method to understand the theory and concept I realy suggest to who are interested to going to learn the market, please take bramesh sir course then you will know the knowledge strength, I once again thanks to my master bramesh sir.

  75. Bharani

    This was my first class and the best. Bramesh Sir is truly inspiring and has many years of experience in what he is doing and teaching. Everyone should take this course at least once to know more about capital markets. Truly cannot be expressed in few words about the classes or the coaching by Mr. Bramesh.

    Thanks a ton Sir.

    Best regards.

  76. kamal

    i have taken the course of advanced technical analysis, this course makes me a professional trader as earlier i was trading like a gambler, and today i am making good profit with professionalism. trading like a robot that understand only system not your intuitions, that helped me to gain CONSISTENT profits
    thanks Bramesh sir

  77. Sahil.

    Hello sir, the course what i gone through has helped me a lot to gain confidence in the world of Trading. I have been practicing for more than 8 months for now and I have seen the changes in me as a trader. Your immidiate approach to help me solve my doubts has benifited me a lot. The most important thing which i liked was the simplicity and down to earth nature in you. As a Trader & a human being you have taught me a lot sir.
    Thanks a lot, sir.

  78. Vishnu

    Dear Bramesh ji,

    You are really a stock market guru. Till the time I had taken the Workshops with you, I was not able to make money in the stock market.
    I am having very much passion in trading. But, I was very much depressed due to the losses incurring to me in the stock market. But, once when I happened to see your blog in the net, I followed your blog for few days and later decided to learn technicals from you. And now after undergoing workshops with you, I am able to trade on my own. And since the day I learnt from you, I am making money daily. Really, it is my luck to find you in my life, else my dream of making money in the stock market would have been in vein.
    Earlier, I was in a very much confused state of mind where to enter the trade, where to exit, where to place the stoploss. Now, after taking coaching from you, I am in a very much relaxed stated, free of mental depression and confident of making money in the stock market and making my dream come true.
    Earlier, I had taken recommendations from many of the tips providers in India including the HNI tips. I paid huge amounts to the tip providers. But I was not able to make money. But now, I am making money and very much happy.
    Thanks a lot Bramesh ji and I am very much thankful to you and your parents for bringing up you into such a good individual for sharing the knowledge you have in the stock market to the people like us who are passionate in trading. Its really my luck getting you in my life sir.
    Thanks a lot sir.

  79. Siddharth Gajjar

    Hello All,


    First of all I would like to introduce my self. I am Siddharth by profession I am Software Engineer. I have taken a basic technical analysis course from bramesh sir. Today we have complete this course. I would like to share my experience with the same.

    Bramesh sir is a really genuine person. Having a huge huge experience in share market field. Till date I meet only one person who are teaching how to protect your capital. If you learn how to protech capital in this area than from that day your will automatically start earning. So the person who are teaching you first to protect your capital dont think about him just keep blind trust on him. Gerb a knowledge and follow his strategy or method. A really nice person by nature and by profession too.

    Regarding course, it is basic technical analysis which I have taken which is worth rupees 14000. Ofcourse it is not the fee or not the money which you are paying. It is your investment by that you can eventually growing your personal growth. So if you would like to take course just go for it dont think about money. Whatever you are spending to lear something will revert you back one day which can be in any form.

    During the course we have done a lots of communication i.e more than hundred email. Sir never missed any single email to respond my questions some of which are even silly but he replied within a good time frame. So you can ask any question or doubt anytime he will respond within a excellent time range. So He is a great teacher who cares for his students.

    Regarding course content, In these there are enough strategy or methods which can help you to grow in share market eventually. Each method have own importance. By learning strategy is not enough, you need to practice a lot on each strategy just do 6 minth paper trade only nothing else. When you are doing practise you will come to know when and where strategy will work and when and where you need to use which strategy. I have take almost 6+ month. Do not enter in a market without proper planing and strategy.

    So Don’t expect result from day one. Because great things will take great time to learn. For e.g you have to learn almost 23-24yrs of your life by doing graduation than after you will get job with some starting stipend until you will be not an experience person. So when you have experienced you will earn a lot at that time your experience will speak not your education. But yes you can earn easily after learning strategy and by doing some bunch of practises.

    So above all are my view regarding bramesh sir and his learning methodology as well as my experience during my course session. If anyone having any doubt regarding his learning methodology or sir’s skill you can contact me any time.

    Here is my email address


    I would like to say great thanks to my best teacher Bramesh sir. Looking forward to take again course once I will complete my studies for the one which I have leant.

    Thanks & Regards,

  80. Vamsi

    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. This is exactly Mr . Bramesh is doing.

    I have taken workshop for professional stock market traders. Before participating in the workshop, I have read all the articles by Mr. Bramesh on both his blog and Hispa trading magazine. I understood that he is very knowledgeable person and that his area of expertise is very vast.He is very adorable person.

    Though the course fee is 14000. Its just nominal and the knowledge, he shared, is worth lakhs. If you are a newbie into trading, I strongly suggest this course. You can ask all your silly doubts even after the sessions are over. The course is over value for money. 🙂

  81. Aravinda

    Dear Bramesh — Hats off to you. Thanks for all your patience and walking me through all techniques of using Gann concepts. It is amazing that how things work out and how you have mastered each of them. I will take your advice and teachings and try to go to the next levels. Really appreciate you taking time in training me. God Bless… Takecare.

  82. Ajay Kumar

    Dear bramesh sir.
    First of all i want to thank u god for giving a very good trading teacher
    I have taken courses of workshop for professional.
    This course helped me a lot in understanding the importance of trading system concept,planing and risk management and Wonderful learning experience from Bramesh sir
    One think I want to Mention all are thinking fee for course is bigger but I think I taken courses and course has complete 3 session only I earned that money by following the concept which bramesh sir tell me.i recommend to taken and learn the course because it is very helpful and everyone can understand easily why because bramesh sir teach slowly and understandable manner and if u got doubts sir I will clarify with patience . after completed the course.l fell more confident in my trading
    Thank u


  83. Vijendra

    I have recently taken the course from Bramesh sir.

    I have been trading for years without a plan and without any proper trading system and EOD I was a looser…..
    This course helped me a lot in understanding the importance of a trading system, concept, planning, discipline and risk management and it was a wonderful learning experience from Bramesh. After completed the course I feel more confident in my trading.
    He was so patience in answering my doubts….I am really thankful to Bramesh sir for giving me valuable guidance…


  84. ishmeet

    Bramesh Sir you are really very great, you help us every time we need,salute you sir earning daily profit using zones and trend finder

  85. Sandeep Patil

    Dear Bramesh Sir,
    I feel very lucky to came across your blog through net surfing, on attending your “Workshop for Professional Stock Market Traders” particularly 25- roles is changed my mind set which I had in last 6 years trading history , the 25-Rules given me trading track . You’re intraday & positional trading system is works great. I rate this training coerce – 10/10. Really Bramesh sir your are a Great guru, keep it up sir. Your analysis is also benchmarking us. Thanks a lot……..

  86. Radhakrishnan

    It is not everyday that you get to have a teacher like Bramesh. In his teachings, he has passed on the wisdom he has acquired during his learning stages. As is rightly said, having a guru does reduce the number of errors that you commit, I cannot agree more after the course from him.

    I have been a regular to his sites, yes there are many, and have tried to understand the techniques that he employs in his analysis. Learning it from him has greatly helped me in making a trading style of my own. I employ a lot of key elements that he has taught me and I hope I can cope with the golden 25 rules of trading psychology.

    I have definitely gained more(qualitatively and quantitatively) by joining his course and would highly recommend to any person who has an open mind to learn and has not much money to loose.

    Thanks Bramesh for your time and knowledge. And pacing the session across many weeks to help me learn by doing. And thanks once again for maintaining the wonderful blog.

  87. Chandra

    I have recently attended this course. This course helped me a lot in understanding the importance of a trading system and provided great in sights into various concepts. I have been trading for years without a plan and with out any proper trading system and eventually became a looser.

    It made me to understand my mistakes in no time that I have been making for years.This course completely changed my mindset and laid the path to become a professional trader.

    surprisingly I have stopped watching blue channels, news, greatly reduced speculative trading and strictly following the system outlined in the course
    Any one who want to take trading serious, this course is must to attend to start with

    Worth attending the course.


  88. Aditya

    One of the Best Decision i had taken to get trained by you Bramesh Sir. My perception of trading has been changed. The methods which you tell us to follow are worthful. You taught me “Discipline” is the key and stick to the system. As a mentor you are very approachable and clears every doubt no matter how many times i have asked you. Now I am more confident in my trading no matter where the market goes. You are a very Nice, Humble and Good Human Being HATS OFF TO YOU SIR. Stay in touch.
    Keep posting the good things on your blog, many people are following you including me. Looking forward to have more learning sessions from you in the future.

    Thanks and Regards,

  89. Satish K Nekraje

    Mr. Bramesh sir,
    You are my best mentor in trading techniques.
    You are a great teacher with very vast practical knowledge about the market.
    After learning from you, I felt, my profitability is notable. I became disciplined trader.
    The best part of training is the gaps you are giving to practice on live market to identify my doubts/mistakes so that I can raise these points in subsequent training-days.

    Moreover, your daily articles with market technicals, helping me to take decisions on taking positions.
    Additionally, inspirational articles on useful information pointing general mistakes traders do helping me correct myself.

    Thanks a lot Bramesh.
    I took right decision on identifying you as my mentor.
    I love to get in touch with you for more courses/workshops as and when I feel to improve myself as a professional trader.

    Satish Nekraje

  90. D.PRABU

    Dear Bramesh sir,

    By the grace of GOD I was lucky to get trained by you in “understanding and learning the GANN concept strategies”.

    Earlier I had tried various sources for GANN concept (Books and some training courses – teaching Gann square of 9, etc) but all are very confusing and nobody is able to give me a right understanding and strategy.

    Your teaching has changed the way I look the market and it has made my trading very easy. The course is worth for the money.

    Thank u for your commitment to the ‘Classical Way’ of teaching and class timings.

    Thankyou very much once again.

    with Kind regards,

  91. Saurabh Jain

    Hi Brameshji,
    Almost two years back, I visited your site to get nifty predictions and since then there is not a single day when I have not visited it. Every article of yours makes me gain a lot of knowledge. The articles published by you made me very much interested in taking your course and today I am really delighted and proud that finally I made a great decision to take your course. It was really great interacting with you and learning from a stalwart like you. Your simple methods and most importantly simple teaching methodology is something which sets you apart.
    To anyone who is thinking of taking his course, I just want to say please go ahead and dont waste your time thinking more. Bramesh ji is a gem and one of the best in this field. I regret not taking this course one year before when I first thought about it. The content is really simple and can be understood by anyone keen to learn about trading. It will give you immense confidence to become a good trader. Bramesh ji is the most humble and knowledgeable person you would come across.
    In the end, thank you so much Brameshji, really proud to have a guru like you. You have definitely transformed me into a trader. You are doing a great job by sharing your invaluable knowledge.

  92. Lakshmi Prasad Nanduri

    Dear Bramesh,
    It was a fantastic learning experience with you on the “Trading using Gann concept” course. Your approach to teaching and making your students practice before getting into further sessions is really great. Unlike most of other teaching shops which are more interested in making money or cover topics in hurry, you allowed me to take time to practice and took sessions when ever I was ready, I feel nobody else would do that,

    I would like to re-iterate again, it was a great learning experience, Thanks a lot Sir!!!!!!

    Warm Regards
    Lakshmi Prasad N

  93. jeejan

    ur super sir…………..i m a student of yours……..i luv the way u teachhhhh…..ur a genius…im so glad and proud to say that u r my teacher. i am a lawyer i dont have time to spend in whole market hours….but excellent course and support from u given me confidence. Now i can smell and see what is happening in the market. why i am saying this is i lost 5 lakhs hard earned money before attending the course with u. Now i realised what is trading and who is a trader.

  94. Apurv Shah

    Respected Bramesh sir, Thank you for wonderful teaching. After reading a lot I couldnt understand trend change level. But after learning from you now I can recognise Trend change.

    Sir, You are having a tremendous technical knowledge even though you are down to earth and always replying a very silly or very small question of mine with simplicity.

    Thank you for a valuable short course for me.

  95. Pawan

    One of the best Teacher I come in contact with. His teaching methodology is very simple and easy to understand. The best thing about him is that he’s a down to earth person and always ready to help you.
    I will highly recommend his course to any wannabe Trader.

    Thank you Sir.

    Pradhumn Kumar

  96. Mr.Gaikwad

    sir i am interested to know if u conduct course on derivative analysis. if so pls let me know the details.


  97. Shankar

    Bramesh sir is a really gem a cool, calm, professional person ready to clear your silly doubts, analytical doubts anytime with a calm voice. Without him i was running everywhere in the market and after his guidance I know where to run atleast know. He teaches everything in a understandable way and always keeping it simple. His systems are good with good Exit & entry plans which is more important. Every market guru will try to pick your pocket and bramesh is different even if you ask him to start the next course he will reply with a calm voice and say “sir first apply this system and make yourself comfortable”. Thats what differenitates him from others in market and thats why i love his coaching more. waiting to work with you sir again. Thank you very much.

    with regards,

  98. shyamal

    one thing i want to tell for every trader i took course from bramesh bhandari. i did not loose a single penny. if any one has some doubt in bramesh trading i can arrange my daily contract note. my mail id is shyamaldattani@gmail.com . otherwise no one can beat bramesh technicals that i m sure

  99. Raj

    After losing money for years in Stock Market finally after doing the course I was able to earn money on consistent basis for 4 months in a row. Writing the testimonial after 4 months of making money. Sir Your 1 session is an eye opener and I am really thankful to Bramesh sir for giving me valuable guidance.


  100. Trend trader


    I recently took the course and I am very satisfied and highly recommend people to take it either if they are newbies or more experienced. Both will benefit and add some tools that they can add to their profitable strategies. I myself consider an intermediate level trader and I definitely added some skills over the course. Also, I like the fact that the course is flexible so that you can schedule it at your convenience. (My course was spread over 3-4 months). Bramesh is very knowledgeable and guides through all your questions without any delay. Thanks Bramesh and I highly recommend him to you!

  101. Chandran

    I took the TA workshop for professional traders course from bramesh sir. I learnt allot from the course. He was patience in answering your doubts too. This provides a solid platform to proceed further. Remember there is no way that you can become rich quick. All you need is discipline & patience. Then experience too plays a vital role. I appreciate bramesh sir for designing the mechanical models & teaching it. I strongly recommend this to all. Once again thank you sir.

  102. Kashinath B S

    Dear Bramesh Sir,

    On this auspicious occasion of Guru Poornima, I want to thank my Stock Markets real guru Mr.Bramesh Sir for his heartfull and for his true Knowledge Sharing.

    He is the Sole reason why I am making profits in the Markets today which was not happen over a years of time…..

    So, Please bless me Sir I need your blessings always….

    Thank you

  103. Nikhil Patel

    Hello Everyone 🙂

    Done another course with Bramesh Sir…. simply fantastic. Started with the basic course about 2 1/2 yrs back & now am almost a full time trader to the point that i can support my family on trading activity alone. His trading strategies & systems r proven time tested methods which enable u to make consistent profits from the markets.
    The eye catching thing about Bramesh Sir is that his strategies & systems r based on price action alone. Even if u dont learn in depth about indicators & other hullabaloo u can still trade his systems in a profitable way. Even if u follow his blog u will hardly ever see use of indicators. His methods r very easy to learn, trading is always difficult & thats where his articles on trading psychology and his coaching come handy. Bramesh Sir is a complete package as a trader coach & guide. He is one of the best if not the best out there.
    I strongly recommend his course to anyone who is interested in the markets
    Feel fortunate to have crossed path with u Bramesh Sir

    God Bless

    Warm Regards
    Nikhil Patel


    Dear Bramesh,

    I thank you so much for guiding me through the Course. It has been a totally different experience learning from you the unconventional approach… your own researched & designed approach for trading stocks & Nifty Futures. All the theories & concepts you have taught are not found in any books of technical analysis, all the methods are typically researched … refined to perfection to give marvelous results. Unless a person takes your personalized guidance one cannot even catch the approach you follow & guide… Like your articles are Gemstones in the field of technical analysis… you are a GENIUS of this industry… Keep educating… & Guiding.

    Best wishes,


  105. shyamal

    hello all my 2 day workshop completed just yesterday. one thing must to tell everybody his analysis and technique so simeple and very very very powerfull. my total mindset changed towards trading after first day itself. many my friends asking that fees r higher side 14000. i want to tell one example regarding fees. my child 6 year old studying in kg section i paid 100000 fees means almost 9000 per month. if at 6 year ABCD learning that much fees than i think 14000 is quite less to study these process of earning for life time . thanks agian to mr bramesh bhandari to guide right path for success. shyamal dattani email shyamaldattani@gmail.com

  106. Hurmaz

    Dear frinds.. i have done d technical analysis course from Brahmesh…. Frinds i must say that he is a very very talented person and very very good teacher. Further the most imp thing is Brahmesh techniques taught u whn 2 take trades that no other technical analyst taught as i have done other course from a renoun person… We traders need 2 learn whn2 take trade nd ths guy techniques taught that ….

    Further he is always ready to solve d doubts even after the course got over… ( This is his USP… Unique Selling Point)….

    Guys Dont waste Time and Join his course……

  107. A Kumar

    First of all I am really great full and thankful to Bramesh sir for giving me valuable guidance in positional trading course. Due to this I gained lot of confidence to trade again after reaching a point where I was planning to quit the market.

    The course offered by Sir is excellent & has simple and easy methods to understand which requires discipline to implement and see the results. It was a wonderful learning experience. I wish him all the very best.


  108. Apurva Bapat

    This is the best course for stock trading, very practical. Bramesh is honest, extremely helpful and knows exactly what he is doing. The system is based on his years and years of experience and hence is close to perfect. Highly recommended for anyone interested in sparing himself the trouble of going through reams of books and online material. These are crystallized and actionable techniques served on a platter. Bramesh makes it clear that this is no get rich quick system and helps set realistic expectations, which is a must. The system is working for me andhas helped me correct horrible mistakes that cost me a lot of money in the past.

  109. Ashok.R

    Before anyone plans to takeup trading seriously one should equip themselves with proper techniques, good psychology and correct money management. This course fits the bill perfectly and Mr.Bramesh is a very good guide. If one sticks to the system and discipline the course fee can be got back in notime.
    It is working for me. It will work for you too.

  110. kashinath

    Dear sir,
    You are the best advisor and you are the honest person I had never ever seen in my stock market carrier over the last 8 years in terms of sharing true knowledge to all traders for the welfare of them.
    Before 2months back I decided to stay away from the markets but after getting training from u, my mindset is totally change now , I got the confidence in the market as u thought in the course discipline trading is the most important in trading and the trading system u shared in the course is priceless. The way you explaining and the patience you have for clearing our doubts is tremendous..

    Now I proud to tell BRAMESH SIR is my GURU of my life..

  111. Papia


    I am very glad to take the training from you and I am sure I will be a disciplined trader from now on. I already have made profit in this current month applying the strategies that I learnt from you. Thanks so much .

  112. Rohit

    Hi All,

    Just few months back i completed Workshop for Professional Stock Market Traders, Thanks to Bramesh Sir for giving me complete training on trading in intra-day and positional activities and correcting my way of thinking in trading.

    About the course:
    The moment you start with this course you will get to know where you been going wrong in your trading activities no matter how long years you spent in market or how much of trading information you carry with yourself. This course is of 5 session and at the end of 2nd session i was completely aware of the amount of time i need to spend on study and the plan to execute before i enter the market. After that 2nd session my way of trading had been completely changed with positive outcome.

    Off course this is not free course it comes with some fee to complete it, But much better to pay some fee to gain some important knowledge on trading rather than loosing some capital in stock which is not executed with proper plan and strategy.

    If you want to improve your plan and strategy in your trading activities all i can say is this course is the one pit stop where in you can revamp your trading vehicle and win all the upcoming races in trading.

  113. srinivas

    I feel I just got lucky to get trained through Bramesh sir in the beginning of my trading career. I’m a full time IT professional and having coming from technical background, I really wanted to try my hands on algorithmic trading to set it up on an auto pilot, prior to that I wanted to learn basics of trading and advanced strategies, that’s how I reached out to Bramesh sir.. Prior to the Training, I really had very high expectations from the market, Bramesh sir could easily identify that and set my expectations right. He then guided me on why I need to first do manual trading and what strategies I can use to get started since I have a full time job.. He was patient and he answered all sorts of newbie questions.. He is very approachable and always had time to guide me and instruct me.. I am still in the learning process and I still have a long way to go.. but having started here I have a clear direction where I am heading and I am confident soon I will be a very successful trader.. All thanks to Bramesh sir. 🙂

  114. arun

    Recently in the month of oct-nov I gone through the stock/commodity positional trading course.
    It totaly changed my perspective about trading. The credit goes to Bramhesh sir. He guides every sphere of trading. He is always there to help you out. Successful Trading is not only technical analysis but it is more of deciplin and psychology. I realised this after going through this course. I am trading the market from last 3 years but never got consistent profit. From last month I started trading with a small account to test the strategies. Also I am doing live testing of the strategies. First time my account is in green with decent returns at the end of month.
    I am very confident that I will be became a successful trader.

    Again I would like to thank mr bramhesh; you are really awesome.


  115. aijazwins

    Hello all,

    I have recently taken Bramesh’s sir course for professional traders. The training imparted by him is very good. He began with teaching the importance of psychology and how discipline is paramount for a trader. He taught me both Intraday and positional trading strategies, which are simple yet very powerful and if followed diligently will likely make more money for us. He is very patient and cleared my doubts immediately.

    I look forward to take more advanced courses after some time i.e., once I practice rigorously what I was taught by Bramesh sir.

    I advise all budding traders and traders who lost a lot of money like me to definitely take his training courses.

    Thank you very much sir.

    Best regards,

  116. Surendra

    I am new and I was almost at the point of giving up until your site was introduced to me by an fb fellow. Re-started with a new hope following your blog. Started gaining some confidence. But I think I still have a long way to go to become a successful trader. Wanted to thank you for giving me a new hope.

  117. Shekar

    The course offered by Bramesh was excellent.He guided me with his simple and easy to follow methods. I opted for the Professional traders course and the contents were very helpful. After completing the course i feel much more confident. It was a wonderful learning experience. Bramesh is very prompt in responding to queries and is very professional. If anyone wants to learn the “tricks of the trade”, Bramesh is the perfect choice. I am thankful to him for his patience and guidance. I wish him all the very best.

  118. Salil


    First of all, let me thanks Bramesh for wonderful course. It was great pleasure interacting with him. I had opted for professional stock market traders course and the contents were well organised. One could really sense from the interaction with Bramesh that he is very knowledgeable and professional in his approach.

    I was also impressed with Bramesh’s response time. He was very quick in responding to query mails and was available to sort out issues quickly.

    In addition to teaching trade setups, the training was also designed to make novice person like me understanding the importance of trading psychology and requirement to apply entry rules/ strict SL rather than getting emotional about trade position/ profits. Infact I share similar feelings / thoughts that have been expressed earlier in the blog by many when it comes to my previous style of trading–cum-gambling. I wish I could have taken this coaching session bit earlier. Anyways it is better to start late.

    I have learnt a lot during my sessions and believe that Bramesh will guide me in future to avoid mistakes & to be a better trader. I wish all the success to Bramesh and his students in their respective trading journey.

    All the best !!!!


  119. Anil Rohra

    Hi Bramesh sir,

    I want to learn basic and advance technical analysis course. i want to know the course fees and location. Please send me all information on my email id.

  120. yogesh bhokse

    First of all i am really greatfull and thankful for Bramesh sir for giving me very valuable guide in positional trading course .Due to this course i get confidence in my positional trading platform in Equity and Commodity ,sir give me lot valuable trading technique in that course thanks a lot Bramesh sir thank you very much .

  121. Bharat Krishnan

    Hi Bramesh I have entered JPAssociates at 55 for Target of 60 what is your view as of now?

  122. Kunal

    Hi Bramesh

    Thanks for your time and educating me in trading.I know it will help me a lot.
    Still ii am learning need your help all the way thanks again for your patience.
    Once again HATS OFF to your patience god bless u. All the Best 🙂


  123. Nand Kishore Sah


  124. PRABU

    Dear Bramesh sir,

    It was a wonderful learning experience from you. After completed your course I feel more confident in my trading.

    And I very much appreciate your course timings and your punctuality. Hats of to your sir.

    Its GOD’s grace that I find a right person to learn the trading strategies

    Thankyou very much sir,

    With kind regards,

  125. J.R.Julius

    Dear Mr.Bramesh,
    Your site is very useful for every traders. Especially the technical views and trade psychology articles are Excellent. You are managing post nicely.


  126. ajay kumar sharma

    sir i want to join or subcribed i read ur comments and tech analysis on mkt so gud sir i m losse almost 5 to 10 lacs which will rcvr or not i dnt know sir please advise me

  127. Minoo Daruwala

    I completed your course and am immensely benefited from it.Never thought that I could earn so consistently from the markets.I had always oscillated from an investor to trader and back, but now I know the difference.I thank God for having guided me to do your course and would recommend this to anyone who wants to consistently earn and make a decent living out of the stock markets. God Bless You Sir!

  128. Mukul

    Dear Bramhesh Ji,
    From this moment I will start calling you Sir (teacher). Your teaching methods , your self study of market & explaining it to students is just excellent. For me it was late entry for study course, but very happy , i am in safe hands.
    Coming to course, my observations are ..
    1.you have mastery in technical analysis & market psychology .
    2.you have Robustly back tested all systems & study material. It shows seriousness,responsibility & caring factor.
    3.You know markets & bhav (price) only & no other factor other than that for trading, this helps in ” not thinking other rubbish factors,rumors etc”
    4.Your support during course & after completion of course is admirable.
    5.You never say no , whenever I called you for asking or clearing my doubts.

    Lastly Thank You & God Bless You.

  129. Surajit Saha

    I have taken the TA course from Brahmesh and practiced it for one year.
    After checking everything I can surely say he is one of the best in this field and surely a pioneer in India.

    Please keep up the good work.

    I want to wish him and all his followers all the very best !!

    Creating wealth for others is one of the most noble tasks performed by a person. Brahmesh and surely some of his followers are doing it tirelessly.

  130. Ramesh

    I have been in the market for almost a decade. Learnt a lot but not able to create a edge. Finally i thought of finding out a guru for me to channalise my path. I just concluded my course with him and it happened to be the best and it was more than my expectation. I have more confidence now to face the market. In addition the regular posts in his blogs provides more knowledge to face the battle. I suggest everyone that to gain the knowledge (Trading System) and face the market to avoid losing hard earned money.


  131. Rakesh Menon


    I have immense pleasure in saying to everyone who is reading these testimonials that i am very happy in taking Bramesh sirs course.He is very patient which is a must for all teachers and has a great in depth knowledge of the subject.
    I sincerly appreciate your effort as well as would like to thank you for the session.
    Do let me know when you are coming here as it will be a previlege for me in meeting you.Wishing you and your family good health.


  132. john

    respected sir,thanks a lot for mentoring & guiding me & answering my stupid Q in trading.After completing the course i can say that u r among the best teacher,as i have also taken course from other fake expert/teacher whose only intention is to take money & no guidance.i hate flattering people but the truth is u r truly a great teacher.thanks a lot

  133. Bhaskar Dutta

    I owe you a lot after the wonderful Training I had.I discovered how professionals do the trading.& most important is the consistency of Quadrant system.

    your Training changed my perspective altogether about market.

    I think if one is serious he has to know all these things to fall in to that 5% bracket of winners .

    wishing you wonderful years of successful trading .

    Bhaskar Dutta

  134. Abhinav singh

    I am a trader since last year, in fact i am a speculator..I tried many softwares, indicators, various system, various mentors but what i got was big zero.. I kept making losses , overtrading(over speculating), no proper money management and all other mistakes 90% person make who are in this market..But then i realized that every profession or business needs education and i started reading books on technical analysis, searched varios blogs and in my search i foung Brahmesh Sir blog.. I started following it and found it educating..I asked for the technical analysis course hoping that he will not be like previous Market Guru’s i have met..This time i was lucky , I found a mentor who is not only a good trader but a good teacher. The way Brahmesh Sir taught me about Market Analysis and its technical system nobody has taught me..The best part is he is always there for your problems..NOW I CAN SAY THAT I AM A TRADER NOT A SPECULATOR, I HAVE SOME SYSTEM TO FOLLOW…THANK YOU SIR…THANKX A LOT

  135. LR

    There comes a point in every traders life, some call it The Turning Point. Undergoing Professional Trading Course from Bramesh is going to be one such point in my trading career. My story is same like those 90% traders in market who lose. I started with big bang beginners luck which did not last long and I started loosing money, then I subscribed for tips providers, started following online chat rooms and so called Gurus in that room, attended TA seminars where everything looks so easy and rewarding in back testing, Installed softwares, watched youtube videos.etc etc.
    In short did everything except having a plan and system to trade :-).
    I took course from Bramesh in Dec and decided to write this feedback only after I implement the techniques and see if they are beneficial to me as you guessed it right it is going great so far.

    Investing in Bramesh’s course was my last attempt to continue trading as I had lost enough hard earned money in market. But after his course I am thinking to make trading as my full time career in near future.

    Just after 15 mins of his first session I was enlightened (literally 🙂 ) and knew exactly what was wrong in my trading style. Giving the key points ahead those helped me and changed my bad habits in trading from this course.

    1)I have started booking loss as soon as trade goes against me” — I would rate this no 1 good habit as I lost lot of money sitting on loosing trade.

    2) I have started trade as per system and plan , not because some expert gives a view on TV or blog, best example is recent RBI policy when 95% of experts were saying there will be no rate change and market will like it but I was short (as per system)and rate was hiked so I earned good profits.

    3) I became confident and less emotional about my trades, now I don’t sell or buy in hurry looking at one big candle.

    4) I have starting looking at charts (levels) more than my profit/loss numbers.

    5) Actual data :- I started implementing teachings of Bramesh from 6th of Jan and till 30th Jan I made 535 points in nifty futures with margin to buy just two lots at one time. Out of which 440 points were made in just two positional trades.(ofcourse RBI and FED helped but without system I would have not been in the trade) and all this by following just two out of many systems he taught.

    And like everyone has mentioned above, Bramesh is always there to answer your questions, in my experience he has replied to me within 2 hours.

    Finally I would like to thank Bramesh again for sharing his knowledge.
    I am certain there is lots more to learn from him and I will achieve finical freedom very soon.


  136. Raju Mulagapati

    Dear Brameshji,
    Thank you very much for your wonderful training program on ‘Professional Stock Market Traders’. This program has been helping me a lot in trading the Nifty in much more confident than ever before in my trading career. Iam really amazed the kind of automated processes (especially, SAR & Quadrant system) & techniques you have thought during the training sessions which are invaluable. Iam sure, these will be useful to anybody who uses them in disciplined manner to make the consistent profits over a period of time. Also, kudos to your hard work and dedication towards the maintenance of this website on continuous basis, and this will be a great asset for the entire trading community.
    Iam looking forward for your long term association in upgrading my career to next level in the ongoing trading journey. All the best!

    Dear Readers,
    I strongly recommend this program to anybody who wants build the trading career, and make the confident returns without having any physiological issues and stress while executing the trades. This training program will place the traders on right track to move on to profitable path in future. Thanks

  137. Sudhindra

    I have undergone professional traders course.

    Mr.Bramesh is a very good teacher and has got very good and useful course contents.It can be learnt by anyone.. even who has no technical analysis knowledge.They are simple but ultra powerful techniques.You can recover the course cost within a weeks trading.I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in trading in Indian markets.His blogs also provide very good information on a daily basis.I wish him all the best and look forward for next level of training.

  138. Nitin patel

    hello bramesh sir,
    today i m finished my profssional traders course.and i m so happy to learn it and bramesh sir have good knowladge and good learning material and its to easy way to learn ,so i req to all indian people learn from bramesh sir and earn money from mkt .

    serve your good knowladge and idea with us in your website and by course god will give u more strength and power to teach more and more people and i pray to god u and your family will be live long and happy
    god bless u

    Warm regards
    Nitin R Patel

  139. Prasanna

    Hi Bramesh,

    Thank you for the invaluable guidance,patient hearings while I was doing the Professional Trader’s course. It did give me a complete idea of Ideal way of trading – [ though I had heard/ read/ tried to practice it]. You had been patient. I was skeptical initially as I had done 2 short shares trading courses and did not get much. But after one session with you, I was happy that I chose the right person to guide me. After completing the course, I would like to say that each trader should have a Mentor. I thank you once again.

    Will be in touch.

  140. uttam

    Dear Bramesh ji,I Am Feeling Very Much Confident and Mine Trading Style Had Been Changed After Taking Your Technical& Mechanical Trading Educational Services.Thanks For Warm Support During training and Being Kind After Completing Course.

    Keep It Up.may God Give You More Strength To Train Many Retail Trader.

  141. Manish Talati

    Hi Brahmesh Sir,

    I will like to acknowledge the immense benefit I have received by going through your Professional Trader course.

    Like other many traders I had been incurring losses despite having some analytical skills and judgement.

    I was not able to decide proper entry level and exit levels. So, most of the time I used to end up victim of fear, greed and hope.

    Your guidance has given me right mental set up, right trading psychology and simple yet very effective strategies which gave confidence to carry out trades.

    Now I am able to execute trades without fear and exit without hesitation.

    Will like to take up positional traders course in future.
    Hope you will keep on providing guidance to me and many others through your blog and trading course

    Best Wishes.
    Warm Regards,


  142. vikas kumar

    Dear Readers.
    i find myself fortunate one who got a teacher like Bramesh sir.

    i finished my course on professional trader from sir.he is great teacher/ guide who understands well the requirement of traders and the mindset which need to be fine tuned.He started the class with emphasising on pshychology.The first day i realised after the class what the trader mindset should be for trading on mental/emotional,expectation etc.You will realise that its business where risk reward analysis is vital.

    His teaching methodology is very simple, easy to understand.The content of the course is excellent which covers quadrant system for intraday and SAR Technic for positional trade apart from other things.He will teach you how to get intraday trend decing level and trend changing level for positional trade which are awesome.

    after the course i learned how to be a system based trader,i am taking much better entry and exit in any trade now.NOW MY TRADING HAS BEEN IMPROVING in the market.i recovered my tuition fee in just 4 trading session without much effort but just following the golden rules/system/methods i learned from the Bramesh Sir.And believe me i am now more confident in taking trades without ifs n buts,fear etc.i am being able to get rid of emotion and sticking to mechanical profitable way of trading after taking this course.i have learned how n when to trade when probabilities are in my favour..

    i will suggest every one who wants to become a trader to join
    this course.He is always available for his students on any queries with the solution.

    Last but not least he is very humble,great human being which makes a difference.

    Best wishes to Bramesh sir,his blog readers n students.

    Warm Regards
    Vikas kumar
    New Delhi

  143. ramakanth

    hello bramesh sir

    iam ramakanth from hyderabad ,
    i dont have any knowledge of technical analysis
    and i am a intraday trader , pls let me know your course helps me in trading.


  144. VIKRAM

    Dear Bramesh sir,

    Thank you very much for providing so simple and effective techniques with which i have stopped making losses and started earning profits.

    If anyone wants to make money in stock market then I would strongly recommend every trader who is not making money in stock market consistently to take the course with bramesh sir so that one could learn how to make profits and earn them too.

    Thanks & Regards,



    hello sir,

    This is venkatesh from chennai.ashish sir recommended to do this course.really i need to say thanks brahmesh.here after i used to follow your method only.really the classes are very useful for reading.thank you once again for conducting the class.

  146. R DharaniKumar

    Dear Sir

    I strictly following your quadarant system for intra day

    we are satisfied with your system

    Thank You for your technique

  147. Ram

    Stock market….Unpredictable
    stock market….no profits
    stock market….handled by the FII’s
    stock market….no usage of levels……so on…

    For these Infinite questions I got answer in Bramesh Analysis. Analysis gave the path to success and earning returns from my investment in Day and Positional trades.

    As Bramesh told “Loose money to make money”. My conclusion is ” Learn from Bramesh, Earn from Market”.

  148. Umashankar

    I accidentally spotted Bramesh’s blog about 6 months ago and was tracking it on a daily basis since then. The blogs are very informative and just about a few weeks back i took up a course with Bramesh.

    What i like most about Bramesh is the fact that he answered every question and doubt i asked. He always corrected me when i was wrong about something and always appreciated if i were correct about something.

    The course is very useful and i am now able to understand how to trade the markets technically rather than on news flows. The assignments he made me do gives lot of insights into the scenarios that needs to be understood before and after taking a trade. The trading psychology class that he took is really being useful to me in controlling my emotions during trading hours. It has helped in reducing the number of trades i took per day.

    Would like to express my sincere thanks to him when writing this testimonial and i would recommend other novice traders like me to take up a course with Bramesh before putting their money into the markets.

    Now i am able to distinguish Trading from Gambling which he always advocates!!!


  149. Nikhil Patel

    This is my second testimonial 🙂 i had done a very basic course mostly for intraday stocks n Nifty found it simple and profitable.

    Now i have done another basic course learning about positional nifty, its very simple and very profitable as well.

    The best and most practical thing about his methods is that there are levels for both Buy and Sell. Any broker or analyst will give either a Buy call or a Sell call. But with Bramesh and his methods we get levels for both buy and sell, so we can catch the market movement on either side 🙂 He also teaches about trading psychology which I believe is unique to his course.
    I used to ask my Dad to stop trading as he had lost lacs in 10-12 yrs. But after reading Bramesh’s blog and learning the course I am now a full time trader and making good profits following his systems.

    As a person he is very humble and approachable. I certainly recommend his blog and his training course to anyone who is interested in Stock markets.

    Thanks & Regards

  150. Shreedhar

    Dear Sir,

    i am trading in F&O since last one year. i come to know about you from my friend. i am interested in technical anlaysis course. so please reply me to do the needful.


  151. Manish

    Dear readers,
    before learning the professional trading course from Mr Bramesh, i was trading blindly and shifting from one strategy to another without any gains. After having gone through the course and having been trading for 3 months, i would recommend the course to one and all. The course is excellent, highlight of which is positional SAR system which is wonderful. It prevents one to sit in front of screen for hours together. As published on his site the trend deciding and trend changer levels are superb and are both part of the course. so don’t miss the opportunity to learn the secrets of trading from the master.

    For Brahmesh Ji, u are a very nice and humble person. It was a great honor to have learned the professional art of trading from u. Having met u during my trip to hyderabad was a privilege. Hope to be associated with u for forever.

    Special Note: course fee was recovered in 5 trading session. So don’t bother yourself on that aspect.

  152. Shekhar Sinha

    Before reached at you i was traveling here n there and following d
    advisory services…but over all i was in big loss of near 1.5 lac

    but as i met fortunately to Bramesh sir he told me 1st psychologies of

    market n then began to start study in 3 parts…

    and now a day i m trading safely with a perfect system and much more

    Thx a lot sr for guide me properly…

    Me :+919960708936

  153. Vipul


    It was a pleasure to be a part of your professional traders workshop. The insights on trading discipline and psychology were of great help.
    During the trading psychology round I realised what are an individual trader’s limits with respect to physical, emotional, monetary and time factors. And that one has to adapt one’s trading style based on these factors. Another learning was to stick to a simple system to avoid over analysis. The assignment that one has to undergo for system testing is an example of learning by practice. That in turn creates as well clears most of the doubts as during simulation the trader is left to his own devices. The session not only elaborated on trading do’s but also when to stop trading for consistency, capital/ profit preservation and longevity. Overall the lesson learnt was that simplicity of strategy/ plan combined with discipline and good risk/ money management is the key to trading success. The lesson is somewhere within each individual but it requires a person like you to make one realise it. I hope to internalise all the learnings to make a new beginning and get on the path to consistent trading success.


  154. trijit

    Dear Brameshji
    Initially I was a day trader and lost lot of money. At the end of the day i use to find myself in loss but had I followed the system I would have been in profit. But practically I found that it was very difficult to have all the trades flawlessly as I am only part time trader. But once I learnt the SAR system from your trading course now I am earning money and that also with peace of mind. I need not now see the price of stock every now and then. As it is positional system only few trades are initiated in a month and with only one parameter to follow it is difficult to get wrong. Only problem is that sometimes i get out early and could not capture the total profit. Then also I earned Rs 8000 in just 2 days trading with only one lot of option in 3 counters. My investment was just Rs 20000. Yes and I am sorry to say that if I had properly put my trailing sl my money would have been more than double. Many many thanks brameshji. I always appreciate your work and your cooperation whenever I ask for it.
    Thank you

  155. C M Dhumale

    Kudos once again, for today’s analysis. Very few people like Mr.Brahmesh have that kind of depth. His trading system is unparallel, except him no body teaches discpline and money management,which are must for every trader.
    I am sure in coming years he will reach great heights in T.A., hoping to receive his guidance further.
    May God Bless him.

    Apart from his technical prowess, he is a Gem Of a Person,and always helps whenever anybody asks for it.


  156. Ramki

    Dear Mr Bramesh,

    It is very interesting to go through your blog and technical stuff.
    Unfortunately, I am not a fulltime trader and want to know if you
    have any advisory service to help people like me who can trade on
    your advise.

    Best regards.

    1. Bramesh Post author

      Dear Sir,

      I do not provide any advisory service. I only conduct training classes to teach training strategies.


  157. Kunal Banerjee

    I am in the market for 5-6 years as trader and before that as investor.
    As a trader I lost lot more than gain. After taking a course “Workshop for professional stock market traders” I feel the market movement in such a way that I never got. Every up & down is clear. I get stop loss 1 out of 6 in intraday and hardly in position. Using this I trade commodity(MCX). There I trade with confident and the result is unexpected to any trader perhaps to Bramesh sir also. I had some knowledge on basic charting and all but above that I shall start the basic course very soon. I know many mentors but he is the best at least to me. He tought me what trading is.

  158. mohit talwar

    hi bramesh sir,

    i just wanted to tell you that i was very frustated from the last one month or so because i had a great expectation from the stock market but as you know expectation always hurts….i was thinking that making money from the stock market is not so difficult, that’s why i left my job 3 months back and came into this field and started to do share trading full time. i started my business with Rs. 50,000 but within 1 month i have lost half of my capital, then after that i have joined one technical analysis course from my area but still i am loosing money. (don’t know why) but after watching your site, i got all the inspiration and motivation and i am filled with all the positive vibes..i am trying to understand all your technical analysis study which you are proving in this site…nobody is doing like this like you are doing…. even the paid sites are also not providing that kind of services which you are providing for free….hat’s of to you…i can’t imagine that even in today’s mean world , your kind of people still exists….god bless you…and please keep doing this noble cause forever…

    with regards,

    Mohit talwar

  159. Sandeep

    Hi Sir,

    It was an excellent course all the way… some of the facts were so amazing , and you are always there in case of any queries , thanks a lot for your time, i think we can make money or protect capital just by following his method

  160. Raja Mohan

    This is Raja Mohan from Bangalore. I have learned course “Workshop for Professional Stock Market Traders” from Bramesh sir.
    It’s very useful, Bramesh sir teach this course in that way no other TA trainers can teach. Most important thing is sir taught about trading discipline and psyschology where other TA institutes did no teach.
    Whichever sir explained all are very useful, we can get good returns if we implement with proper discipline.
    Thank you very much sir for your time and teach such excellent course.

  161. Siva

    I have been in stock markets for around 2 years now. I am no different from others. Initially gained due to luck and then lost all of it and some more. Learned TA on own, but could not apply.

    I took the classes and gained a lot of insight into what trading is all about. I am successfully able to apply the techniques and slowly making profits again. Long way to go and definitely the classes made a difference.

  162. sajesh

    I am Sajesh,into trading from 2010 and lost a good amount in trading going behind tips & brokers recommendation.At last i found Bramesh blogs and decided to attend his classes.So i went to his place Kachiguda stayed there and attented his classes.Bramesh( good tutor with lots of descipline in trading)had explained me intra day trading system and positional trading system in detail.After his class i come to know that till last month i was on wrong track.Now i have a trading system and that system never trades emotions & newses it trades only prices with defined stoplosses.Now i am trading only with trading plan.Bramesh is ready to clear anly doubts at any time till today.Now i am doing back tests on different shares with his trading plan after that i will definetly up date my status…..


  163. Kalpesh

    I can say in simple words that you have very good tech. of trading & if anybody who can do it systematically,can become very good trader with self-confidence.

    Thank you very much sir

  164. jignesh vadoliya

    Dear Brameshji,

    I must admit to your statement that”just omit the noises & religiously follow the method”..After I completed the prof.Trader course it gave me all new perspective to look at the mkts …& much more Imp is that in a simpler way ..Any person who want to be serious trader must have METHOD & this is what this course make u understand.

    Thank You very much..


  165. ghanshyam yadav

    hi reader i completed cours tought by Bramesh sir. befor the cours i have no mack money in the market
    After the cours i have 18600 profit in last 7 trading day.
    the cours is very use full all kind of traders.

    Thanku sir

    Ghanshyam yadav

  166. charu mohan

    I have recently completed the Professional Market trader course from Bramesh sir and am impressed and overawed with the techniques and discipline that he teaches in this course.

    I were always skeptic of technical analysis and used to think that it’s only money which can move the markets and stocks.
    How can some levels and lines tell me where the market wants to go and how can one actually profit using using those was always a mystery to me.

    After attending the course, i now understand the importance of technicals and i guess it’s only Bramesh who deftly combines it with the real money flow to build consistent profit making strategies.

    Over all i feel now i know the techniques which actually work and which are a combination of discipline, technicals, strategies and actual money flows.

    Thankyou Bramesh sir for al the eye opening gyaan.

    Charu Mohan

  167. Nikhil Patel

    This guys knowledge and guidance is fantastic. I have the same thing to say which many have already said in their testimonials before mine, i have started to understand the market and its levels which translates to profits at a very good profit to loss ratio. After learning the charts and levels from him, i did mock trading in about 20 stocks over a period of 1 week,,,,, only 2 went wrong 🙂
    what more can i say.

    His daily Nifty levels are absolutely MIND BLOWING!!!!!!

    Looking forward to learning a lot more from u Bramesh Sir

    Thanks & Regards

    Nikhil Babubhai Patel

  168. C M Dhumale

    Kudos to the technics of Mr.Brahmesh, i have done the course of day trading and positional trading technics from Mr.Brahmesh. I have learnt Tech analysis and was using trading software like spider, but after learning technique from Brahmesh, i felt much more confident than ever before, also i learnt that there is no need to subscribe to costly EOD software, and with his money management theory,trading mindset and above all simple formulas in Excel sheet provided by him gives adequate knowledge to enter and exit the market with proper sl and targets.
    After doing his course trading has become much easier, looks very easy and simple.
    Those who wants to become full time trade/investor his techniques are must.
    Thank you once again Brahmesh.

  169. U.Md.Farook

    One most important thing I forgot to write that is :

    your service from start to finish has been exemplary and on Professional, Knowledgeale,yet Friendly.

    Thank you
    Hats off

  170. U.Md.Farook

    I found the educational experience with Bramesh Tech Analysis to be invaluable.Mr.Bramesh outlined some fairly simple principles and stressed the importance of being vigilant and disciplined in trading.After taking course I have not made any loss.

    Thank you

  171. Raj

    I started trading in nifty futures from July 2012 but Lost around 1 lakhs in 2 months. Then in September, I found Bramesh’s website and took the workshop Training from him. First change I noticed was I am not treating trading as Gambling anymore. The Trading psychology section gave me a clear picture of what to do and what not to do while Trading. The intraday system and positional system taught in the course, helped me to have a Trading system. Since then I am making decent profits per month and losses are cut short. The tools like chartnexus,ichart are very helpful. Thanks a lot Bramesh for putting up this trading course and for your daily guidance on Nifty and Bank nifty futures. Please do Keep up the good work. Wish you Happy new year.



  173. Megha


    I have taken a intraday course from Brahmesh and believe me it was so informative and worth doing it. The levels which are given are so perfect. The knowledge which Brahmesh is sharing in his blogs is also awesome and very informative. When u want to be in markets, be alwz disciplined is the first rule thought by him which works wonders if rules are obyed.

    Thanks Brahmesh for being so kind and helpful anytime when in need.



  174. Somesh Chaurasia

    Hi Bramesh,
    I am glad I found your blog and took your trading course after following ur blog for few months.

    Market is madness but trick is to find method to this madness and I am glad your training was able to help find this method.

    We dont trade markets — we trade out belief about markets and how to keep our emotions and belief out of markets is key to success in trading. This is possible only by following a system and keeping it simple.

    Key takeaways for me from training and overall interaction were
    1. Treat trading as business and run it as a CEO
    2. Keep it simple
    3. Keep learning and dont get distracted by all information flow.

    I will keep learning and we will keep in touch. I am hoping to meet you in perons when I visit India and hyderbad someday


  175. Devinder Sharma

    Dear Bramesh, you are genius. what is inside your brain ,I don’t know..? but I can surely say God has powered your brain with some special intellectual ability. I am not buttering ,but confident to say that ” sooner or later you would be one of the top analyst in india.
    Guys, let me share my past and present experience with Bramesh.
    I am (BTEC in Electronics and MBA with spl in Financial Management).
    4 years back I started trading with little knowledge say based on just speculations. Some times I earned big money any many times I lost all of that.. this continued for almost 1 year. I was frustrated,
    I started searching for tip providers subscriptions, joined various seminars, and guidance of various analysts.
    But all of them were looters, cheaters and just frauds.
    So I decided to learn my own by reading various books, technical courses etc.. and gained very good knowledge.
    So again I started trading with my brain fully loaded with all technical studies and theories ,technical’s signals ,indicators etc…. etc….. Very soon I earned Big money from the market. But this time too I again lost all of that with in very short span of time.
    with my Lot of study work I was confused , because some times these strategies/indicators works well ,but some times not at all.
    The big problem with was “ I could not be able knowing the exact entry and exit levels “
    I again started searching for some real “GURU “ who could be able to help me in this regard.
    So one day occasionally , while I was searching and surfing the web, I found “www.brameshtechanalysis.com”
    I had just watched his report on” FII F&O DATA ANALYSIS IN NIFTY FUTURE”
    It was very interesting , and result oriented. Few days onward I continued to watch these reports.
    After reading his analysis reports I was fascinated and this forced me to think again and again that this may be the right person to whom I should must contact for guidance.
    Then after contacting him “I Joined his online Trading Course”
    Guys believe it or not …….. This course was so simple and wonderful…… I can’t just express you in words.
    Now I trade only on the basis of his guidance based on some very good and simple strategies , which I learned from this course. along with one very special technical Indicator….the name is “ EMOTIONS CONTROL”
    His strategies are working well……. I am making good money know…… and very happy. Know I know my entry and exit levels quit well. More over Bramesh is very Nice person., He always cooperates with me If I face any problem ,and immediately provides solutions to solve it through his kind guidance etc..

    Dear Bramesh , you are really great ,Please carry on your hard work……..,Thousands of Indians like me, needs your esteemed services and guidance.
    “May God bless you with tremendous success in your hard work.”
    With warm regards,
    Devinder (Punjab)

  176. Ravindra S Kulkarni

    Dear Mr. Bhandari,

    I came across your website after I had lost substantial amount of my capital in options and still did not have a clue about how they work. The first thing I liked was your in-depth analysis of the stock market. It helped me few times to take up a trade, however, I was still lacking the confidence. And second thing was your no nonsense approach to people who provide tips and questions like “Can I get 50% returns”.

    After visiting your website for couple of months, I decided to take your course. I thought that you would finish the course in 5 days flat. However, you were very patient with me and allowed me to understand and test each and every concept before proceeding further.

    Now after the course I have been trading for a month and I feel more and more confident about taking up a trade. I now know the 2 most important steps of trading i.e when to enter and when to exit. The profits or losses don’t bother me any more. So I thank you for designing such a course which is simple to understand and work with.

    Very soon I would like to get enrolled in your advanced course.

    Best regards,

  177. Vikas


    Great website, I trade the US equity markets and I started off with similar negative experiences and have spent a great deal of time understanding technical analysis and my own attitude/emotions at play during trading. Your posts are a truly inspiring.



  178. Dinesh Kumar

    Dear Sir,

    I have benefitted a lot from your TA Course as i have learnt many things which i am very much confident will help in trading in capital market in the long run. In the past one week i have earned 65 points in NIFTY Future Trading after trading on the basis of system provided by you which proves success of your TA Course.Thanks for such an effective yet simple course to understand trading techniques.

    Thanks and Reagrds,

    Dinesh Kumar

  179. Manoj

    Dear Bramesh Sir,
    Stock Market trading has always been mystical world.Your trading system gave a strong confidence & proved to be guiding light for this world.Your intraday & Positional trading systems are helpful & easy
    to understand.These are highly beneficial to novice like me as well as professionals.

    Thanks & Regards,

  180. Sangram

    Namaste sir,
    Before course share market was gamble for me just like searching in dark with no light but now after completion of course and back testing strategies told by u i get enough confidence to trade in share market .Technics taught by u is working for me like a light.
    Thanks with love from Sangram.

  181. Shinjini

    i’ve been trying my luck in market for some 6-7 years and all this while i’ve just lost & lost my capital…. gained very less. and what all gains i’ve had made were just because of some blunt guesses. recently i took Mr. Brahmesh’s course and realized for all these years i was just gambling with my money. i really wish i would have been more aware and taken his course long time ago.

    this course is systematic, easy to understand, easy to use and easy to implement. the course has made me understand the basic principle of trading, which is CONTROLLING EMOTION and knowing ‘WHAT TO DO NOW?’. i recommend this course to all the new entrants of the market as it will make your understanding of the market better and give you good returns. thanks a lot Brahmesh sir … now i’ve started recovering my lost money. from a gambler you’ve converted me to a trader. thanks for all your guidance.

  182. manish

    Bramesh,first of all i must congratulate for a very good website.Secondly, I would suggest you to put a Disclaimer policy which will give your great website a more professional touch and safeguard you.


  183. Siva

    Bramesh.I need to be thankful for insight u gave to me during my training session..after the session my understanding towards market completely changed..two important things i learnt..frm u.we need a trading system and 2nd and most imortant thing is discipline….if we follow mechanicaly these two…in stock market..then we will be succesful…slowly…i got confidence in tarding…i started earning !..thanks a lot…

  184. srikrushna


    after finish the course i use to trade

    really it is very impressive and fruitful.

    for a layman it is very helpful.

    thans a lot


  185. Dharmendra

    Dear Bramesh,

    Thanks for your course on Technical analysis.The course was too good and what ever taught till now i am able to paper trade and works really good.

    Keep up the good work

  186. Chandrashekar

    Dear Sirji,

    I just completed ur course on Tech Analysis, before going to this course I had no idea of the things u thought me in the course were exist in the market i use to trade blindly and now i will definately say that i will also trade like professional.

    The way u took the knowledge transfer process was just superb and i will tell to every body who is reading my feed back that no one will teach u with so much patience. Brameshji will clarify ur doubts with so ease and without getting bored, like a teacher who teaches to a small child. I will recomend this course to each and every one who want to make money in the stock market.
    Finally I want to thanks Sirji very much for providing such a precious knowledge to me. I pray God to bless him with all success in his life He is doing a great thing that nobody will do………
    I wish u ALL THE BEST
    Thanks & Regards
    Chandrashekar Hiremath
    Hubli Karnataka

  187. manas278

    Dear Sir,
    1.I am interested to know about your course,please let me know the cost and if online/postal course cud be done?I know you conduct 1-1 course,but it may not be feasible for everyone to visit mumbai.

    2.Please tell me,apart from knowledge(TA& PHYSICO),what are basic tools required?I use Nifty chart of google finance,did not installed any software for lead indication,neither I have any ODIN like trading sw.

    3.I have been following your inputs regularly through FB and your site.I find these information very useful.



    Manas Chakraborty

  188. Harshit


    Its all starts with Trading Discipline and ends with Trading Discipline.
    This course totally changes my mindset towards the market. I started trading in intraday and positional with confidence without any fear.

    Also before i never able to understand the FII actions in the market but now your course and daily blogs helps me alot.

    Thanks BrameshJi for supporting us.
    KUDOS to you

  189. Mohit

    Hi Bramesh! Just completed your course on TA and would love to give a brief review for the benefit of fellow traders.
    I came across the website on reference by a professional trader and was impressed to see the analysis of FII trading to find the market trend. I feel that your course is a all-round package for anyone wanting to learn trading for a living. It demystifies trading to elucidate on simple but effective methodologies easy to understand and implement.

    Regarding the course content, it is comprised of four main pillars, namely, trading psychology, day trading system, positional trading system and FII data analysis. The trading systems are available aplenty in the market but the lessons on trading psychology and FII analysis are very commendable, the systems not being less commendable.

    I arrived to the conclusion after the course that all that is required to make money out of trading is a good strategy ( easy and simple to understand and implement, though human mind is always tempted towards complex things), army-like discipline to stick to your strategy and lastly, the most important and most neglected principle, i.e. proper money management. If trading is done properly, profits are just a matter of time.
    Thank you Bramesh for sharing your knowledge and ideas!


    Dear Brahmesh,
    you are a good analyst n really i gained tremendous knowledge after your training. Yours course content is very good n i think all the beginner should take it so as to avoid their losses.
    See as per my opinion this trading is basically a mechanical concept which is full of theories n formulaes rather than emotions.You have to pick 1 theroy and apply.
    Thanks for helping me in choosing the correct theory.
    Hat’s off 2 u n ur system man.
    i do hope that i will also earn handsome money after ur training.

    Tarun Yadav

  191. chaitanya

    Dear Sir,

    The course on FII Analysis and Technical analysis is very informative!! … I learnt how to use trading levels and take the trade . The FII data interpretation has helped me to understand really what is happening in the markets apart from looking at the charts. This has really helped me to fine tune my system of trading , buy taking perfect entry points in the market and making profits.
    Various concepts of technical analysis of charts concerning candlesticks, moving averages etc works very well in the markets!!!

    Both FII data analysis and charts interpretation together now has given me immense confidence to trade since it tells us really what is happening in markets and what might happen in future.

    Thanks for sharing your immense knowledge about markets !!



  192. Dhananjay


    Bramesh is wonderful person, his indepth analysis of Nifty is great, he will show a clear path of either intraday trade or positional. He will give more preference on displine trades, as he mentioned it looks simple difficult to follow. Just follow the methodolgy let the market decide. Keep counting the money….Happy trading/Investing.

  193. maulik

    hi ,

    hello brother ur course is nice one and i learn lot till now was doing profit in market but now will get booster in earning & till now was doing positional only with my system but now for intraday also got good theory thanks for that… i was ur student now after this course feel like brother nice care also done by you..thanks ..
    thanks a lot bramesh bhai..wishing u for your bright and great future…

  194. Parul Arora

    hi sir,

    I am really happy that i took your trainning course.. very helpful and have made trading much more CLEAR and SIMPLER. You are a brillant guy and the trading system that u have generated is amazing.
    i follow your facebook page BRAMESH’S TECH on a daily basis..very informative and clear cut analysis…very soon i am going to join your followers team on ur FB page:)

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your patience to deal with beginners like us

    Wishing you success in all your future endeavors.


  195. karthik

    hello sir ,,
    i find ur blog very useful,
    am gland that i met u and took ur valable sesions
    i find its very god commitment u give to all the beginers and traders,,, i thank u whole heartedly ,, for ur posts ,, and ur patience for trading
    wish u very very prosperous new year

  196. vardaraj

    Dear Bramesh sir,i am a regular follower of your blog.I have learnt technical course before,how is your course different from other course??Please send me details of your technical analysis course.

    1. Bramesh Post author

      Dear Sir,

      I have centered my trading course on teaching trading system,using them you can generate trading levels which can be used on trading intraday/positional.

      I emphasize more on :TRADING PSYCHOLOGY” as it contributes 90% in your trading.

      I conduct session 1-1 only as to understand person approach towards trading.


  197. VAIBHAV

    hello brameshji — i ve never came across such informative blog earlier — absolut down to earth , clever analysis — may god bless you and keep on posting on dialy basis so that every reader gets benifitted — for me- your analysis is eagerly awaited and desparately wanted


    Dear Sir,

    Kindly send me regular e-mails of yours relating to daily technical analysis of NIFTY and Stocks.


    Jaspal Singh

  199. saravana kumar v.


    i am new to this field and for the past one year i have been starving to understand NSE market technical. i was searching for someone who will teach me technical to my understanding levels at last i found this young gentleman who taught me from basics. He first taught me to safeguard my money from making loss,and taught me to take trade and follow the technical chart levels which r fantastic and accurate.
    this technical though tough he made it simple for me so that i can understand and use it while trading. he changed my complete view of the share market i was trading blindly without this technical knowledge and from past two weeks once i completed the course i have stopped making loss in the nse market. i stopped depending upon others and i am sure i can generate this technical levels for myself and using his system which are fantastic and very simple to generate technical level for trading intraday and for the positional calls in nifty futures.this guy he is really good man.

  200. Vishal Kale

    Dear Bramesh Bhai,

    At the onset, let me congratulate you for hosting a very informative website with very simple terminology for anyone to follow…

    Your training sessions have been really helpful- gave me that confidence which was lacking in my trades all this while… Very simple and easy to follow concepts with unbelievable results… You have been really patient during the sessions, not to mention the support during or after market hours and I really thank you for doing this wonderful work….

    I strongly recommend his training sessions to all the novice traders and also the experienced one’s…..

    I have come across many blogs/websites/tips websites, but not many share the info/thought process behind their trades/tips…. You are just doing that and really wanted to thank you for that…….

    Keep up the good work bhai…..


  201. Diptanshu Das

    Dear Bramesh

    I have been following your blog for quite some time and have found great utility in it. Your way of analysis demands credibility. I am also benefitted your sites like niftybreadthcharts, sgxrtchart and nifty50eodcharts at blogspot
    I would recommend your blog and course to anyone associated with the Indian Stock Market (and also elsewhere).


  202. MAHESH

    if u give a fish to a man it ill feed him a day but if u teach him fishing he can be fed for lifetime
    i always searched for some trustable analyst to direct me as a mentor about stock market
    Well i am happy to say bramesh did keep up his words
    thanks a lot

  203. V.Prabhu

    Hi Bramesh scientist

    my best congratulations for ur site updation.

    ur Opened the blind eyes ( my blind trading in market i made big loss last 5years, after seen you ( after your technical classes) monthly average my trading earning showing big big profits)

    the right time god given gift to you in my life.

    thank you Lord….

    1. Bramesh Post author

      Thanks Prabhu Sir,

      Its you who are taking trades now I just taught you the trading system but now you are executing the trades with improved trading psychology
      which is helping you in making decent profits.

      Follow the system with discipline and always remember Loss is part of the game so if SL gets triggered we need to respect it and Exit out of trade.


  204. Kiran

    Hi bramesh
    How do u manage time for your software job and be successful in trading as well…which place are u from…I have similar interests as you..I am in the sw industry for last 9 years as well…and into trading nifty since 4 years now…would like to know how you have been successful in trading

    1. Bramesh Post author

      Where there is Will there is a Way…

      TO be successful in trading

      1. We need to improve our trading psychology
      2. Develop our trading system
      3. Always have a trading plan.

      You can read articles on Site under category trading psychology. Hope they will be of some help to you.


  205. Vinod

    Hello Bramesh,

    I am a day trader in options, I had developed certain strategies and still in midst of refining it. I would love to try to your strategy please req. you to send me across the details. Thanks


  206. Minal

    Hello Sir

    Offlate I become avid fan of your Nifty comments.

    I have seen some post the blog about amibroker.

    I used one of that software to get TTAdv quotes/rates in Amibroker.

    While discussing the TTAdv software purchase, the vendor offered my Amibroker Pro version at 5k. I become quires to know whether

    a) it will be work properly? or gives troubles in analysis later on?
    b) does it popular to use such version of Amibroker in India?

    I am about to buy but then held back.

    Your frank and experienced opinions help me to decide whether i should go for 5k version or official version of 15k?

    Thanks in advance



    1. Bramesh Post author

      Dear Minal,
      Thanks for your kind words, It keeps me going on.
      Rgding Amibroker For EOD analysis you can use chartnexus where you get data free of cost.

      I am not a big fan of amibroker as I trade mostly in Nifty and for that i use my excels which are more than enuf so will not be
      the right person to comment on yor query .


  207. KARTHIK

    HELLO ,,


    1. Bramesh Post author

      Hi Sir,

      I have sent you the course details please check the same and let me know any doubts or concerns.


  208. sudhir sri

    hi bramesh i am learning much with u i have chart nexus to chart price free version it is not making hourly charts for indian market

  209. sona

    I regret why i have not taken the trading course earlier although i follow your blog for long time. The informations on the blog are pretty accurate.The course is very simple and lucid as your writings in the blog.The most beautiful part of it is that I can seek your assistance even after it is complete. I strogly believe that its better to learn fishing rather than buy from market. So its lot better than buying tips. Lots of thanks to you. Please keep up your good work for nauvice like us.

  210. mohammed

    I was in huge loss of about 18lakhs in day trading in nifty futures before your contact. Now after coming in contact with you and after learning some basics of technical analysis, trading, trading plan, trading rules. I was able to reduce the loses completely, confidence achieved that i can also do the intraday trading. i feel your guidance and the implementation of the rules, one can sure make profits in day trading. Atleast by the implementation of the trading plan and the trading rules, one can make profits and minimize the losses and more important can save the capital. After your guidance i have a hope that i can recover my losses. I feel one has to have some basics of technical analysis and trading plan before starting intraday trading. Thanks for the guidance. good luck.

  211. Nitin ahsh

    I learned this course online. I have practiced ur strategies for 30 days as per your advice. now iam getting good results. previously i had joined many tips service & software,strategies and lost lot of money and,confidence. after doing this course now iam very confident,discipline of market and making money both in bull and bear market. thank you sir. -Nitin shah islampur(maharastra)

  212. GKarwa

    Thanks Bramesh ji for your training in technical course.
    The course will guide u trading intraday as well as positional.
    Due to this course i am able to trade intraday also, which indeed has resulted in profits . learning the system makes u comfortably do the trades.
    Also the website is very informative & helpful.the course is worth 🙂
    bramesh is a very humble person and friendly
    he is always there to help any time
    reply all the queries and problems

  213. RAKESH

    Dear Bramesh,
    I was a trader who lost more money, simply because i was unaware of the methods or systems to trade. To be precise I never planned any trade.
    But the systems you taught me during the course is immensely worthful. I have been doing trading these day and have made good many points in Nifty.

    I am confident that once I become used to your trading systems, i will pull back my money and more. I am sure that you will clarify all my doubts as usual. My thanks are due to you.


  214. Sanjib

    I was working in this market for last 14 months.Since I want to be a trader but I have no Idea/knowledge on share market . I started trading and the same old story – after buying a script it’s goes down and when sell the script it’s almost always goes up. I started trading with small amount of 20k after 6 month I lost 15k. Then I contact with bramesh (I got his address from gmail longterminvester) I read his articles it is very impressive.
    Then Take his course Learn about market sentiment,trading discipline,and trading system(Which generate levels) also chart reading . This is really help to trading without tension and also make profits

    This is really a much needed lessons if you want to a successful trader

    thanks bramesh for helping me and taught me the technical course and also guide after the course.


  215. Abhi

    If its intraday trading… or short-term positional… please learn from Bramesh!

    Very educative… he will teach how to “fish”… not just keep giving u tips like many others out there!

    Enjoy and “Learn to Earn”!

  216. K P SINGH

    I was working in market from last approx 10 years and lose all my heard earned money in market I apply/use all possible options to become successful in market i.e. paid subscriptions from various (very renowned and expensive technical analysts) but all gone vain then I go for study to increase my knowledge and learn technical analysis after learning and buying software I got some knowledge but not able to earn from market then I finally called Mr Bramesh he teach me how to trade and from that day i am able to earn from market.

    He teaches me the Discipline which is very essential and mandatory and teach about trading system from that I become gainer from looser.

    I am very great full to him and paying my heartiest regards and sincere thanks to him.

    K P singh

  217. Ankit

    I have burnt my fingers in this market for a short period and sense prevailed..i contacted Mr Bramesh and since then i have learnt so much. Everything he has taught me is true to the T, he has made me a disciplined trader and a wise one too.
    What this guy really excels at is clearing every doubt of yours and taking it slow and ways..he will give you enough time to test what he has taught.
    He is a great human being who is willing to help people who are not as aptly informed about the market as he is, always extending a helping hand to make you understand and profit from these markets.

    And the most important thing i have learnt from this gentlemen is DISCIPLINE, DISCIPLINE & DISCIPLINE.
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    1. Bramesh Post author

      Thanks Ankitji,Sumanthji.

      I am really happy to see that i was able to help you and your are able to use system to generate profits 🙂


  218. sumanth


    I have taken course from him and he is such a nice and humble person. He makes us to learn first and understand the concepts.

    whatever question I asked he told no I will not answer or take to later. he gives immediate answer in any way of communication(mail,phone).

    I am glad to meet such a person.

    I have more to say. but finally very much thanks for what all you thought me Bramesh Ji.


  219. Balaji

    Bramesh is Just the go-to guy for TA

    A Disciplined trader. A dedicated and knowledgeable analyst. A humble human being. Keep up the good work.

  220. vinod sharma

    hello, i have incurred loss in sharemarket. will u suggest how to do trades and recover loss. thanks. pl. reply .

    1. Bramesh Post author

      If you are Loosing Money while trading it is because of 3 Reasons

      No Trading System -To Generate levels
      No Trading Plan -To Execute Trades
      Lack of Discipline

      Please let me know if you are losing money because of the above mentioned reasons.



    Thanks Brahmeshji for your valuable advise & training it made me lot more successful as a trader. Now I enjoy my days in the market very much.Special mention is about your lessons on discipline in trading which made day trading a comfortable work for me.Thanks again.
    Lucky Rana.

  222. Amit


    I have been extremely benefited from the course I learned from Bramesh Ji. Now I am trading more patiently than ever, the system has benefited me alot. I learned how to be disciplined and not to panic in the markets. I am much more confident now as I get all my levels in my hand which keeps me calm in market. One most important thing to mention here is that you ask any doubt to Bramesh ji he gives u complete guidance with explanation and clear all your queries.

    Only thing I would like to request Bramesh ji is that pls try to take live examples of trading and trending days.


    1. Bramesh Post author

      Thanks Amitji,

      I have incorporated more charts in the course so that concepts get crystal clear.

      Congrats for becoming a profitable Trader.


  223. Krishnasamy

    Hi Readers I have completed my NIFTY intraday trading course taught by brameshji. Before the course I have lost around 1.25 lakhs in share market while trading. After studied Technical Analysis a little bit from Bramesh nowadays I’m not that much panic in Market.Before that I was panic and tensed all through the day. Now I know which level to buy when to sell and where to put stoploss. The key is to be 100% discipline always in each and every trade. I thoroughly back tested the system for around 1 and a half month through paper trading. Till date he is continuously guiding me whenever I ask any doubt. The course is a worthy one for all kind of traders.

    Thanks for your tremendous support Brameshji.

    1. Bramesh Post author

      Hi Kirshnaji,

      Thanks for your valuable Feedback on Course.

      Please follow the system and become a profitable trader.


  224. Om Prakash

    Dear Brahmesh,
    I was a trader who lost more than Rs. 7 lakhs, simply because i was unaware of the methods or systems to trade. To be precise I never planned any trade.
    But the systems you taught me during the course is immensely worthful. I have been doing paper tradings these day and have made good many points in Nifty.
    I am confident that once I become used to wit your trading systems, i will pull back my money and more. I am sure that you will clarify all my doubts as usual. My thanks are due to you.
    Om Prakash

    1. Bramesh Post author

      Thanks Sir,

      Your Journey to become a profitable traders has started.


  225. K P SINGH

    Dear Mr.Bramesh,
    I had started technical analysis classes and using Ami broker for analysis with EOD data for study.my teacher told very little bit about all this I am not satisfied with all so if you help me i will be grateful to you.please explain the following.

    * I want to trade for BTST to 1 week please advise about parameter to be set in stochastic, Zig zag and MACD.

    *explain me about Egodic Indicator. sir If you have Explorer (Stochastic crossover)please provide me if it is paid tell me its cost.

    i am your new fan and want to learn from you waiting for your response.

    Thanking you.
    K P singh

  226. Emily Jones


    I am Emily Jones and I am a webmaster and member of some financial communities. I just visited your site ( http://www.brameshtechanalysis.com/ ) and trust me you are doing a good job for your site. I read some of the articles of your site and I really found them worth reading. The quality of your site is excellent. It will help you to earn extra value from Google.

    After seeing this, I would like to do something for your site and that is for FREE!!. If you’ll allow me, I love to write financial articles for your site . I want to contribute original article for your site and I assure you that it will be published only in your site.

    Please let me know your thoughts. Waiting for your positive reply. Reach me at: emily.jones025@gmail.com

    Thanks and Regards
    Emily Jones 🙂

    1. Bramesh Post author

      Thanks Emily for your kind words.

      Please send me the articles I will review the same and post on the site.


  227. Prakash

    Hi, BRAHMESH 🙂

    I found your nifty study very interesting I will like to study & learn about nifty & f&o trading with you. please co-operate me for that I have sent you a mail so please guide me for the same. 💡

  228. Shivaji

    Dear Mr.Brahmesh,

    Recently after contacting you from the website after reading your blog, I am glad to say that I have evolved a lot as a day trader.
    If not for your untiring help and advise, I could never see my trading mistakes and would always incur losses. You made me see the reason for discipline and system while day trading.Thanks for your good job in mentoring.


    I am appreciating for the way the work while creating the website and it contents.
    with warm regards,
    M.Raghu rama Rao

  230. Ritul Sonania

    Hi Bramesh,

    your posts are very informative, keep up the good work. Today I noticed that you moved to your own domain, thats great.


  231. binoy p k


  232. binoy p k

    i dont know bramesh what i say to your exceptional work . i take this blog only today but spend my today only with this blog. it is absoulutly incredible.i am a shortterm invster and also i know something about technical analysis,this blog help me to increse the accuracy of my investment strategy. i am very interested to know this type of analysis give me more details personaly

  233. Manoj

    Dear Bramhesh Sir,
    I Came to your site from Searching topic: NIFTy intraday Chart with indicators. And Found Your Site..
    That is Amazing and Very Interestiing, i had seen “bramesh-stockcharts”,
    For nifty and Found The MOST CHARTING I EVER USED >> Simple, LOGICAL , And PROFESSIONAL ..

    Here I am able to APPly INTRADAY chart indicators for my faviorite stocks …

    Thanks And Best Regards to you .. and
    GOd Bless You ..

    You Had Done A very Helping Hand for me & for those who actually need..

    Thanks for the Steps you had taken ..
    regards ,

    1. bramesh Post author

      Hi Manoj,

      Thanks a lot for appreciating the work.I hope get benefited and improve your trading with the Charts.

      Any suggestion on improvement are welcome


  234. Hitesh Agja


    Your blog is really beautifully designed and content is really worth reading. I suggest you to right more in about us page. Like what you studied , since how long you been to stock market, about you passion etc. All n all nice blog … Keep up good work !

    1. bramesh Post author

      Thanks Hitesh Bhai

      I will try to incorporate the changes as mentioned by you.

      Thanks a lot for appreciating the work.


  235. saravanan

    hi,tdy i seen ur web this is super iam a shoretrm invester i think very very usful this, i hope ur service continue thanks of lot

  236. M Ravi Chandra Sekhar

    Hi Bramesh,
    Glad to see your blog. It’s highly professional. The blogs are informative and to the point. I got to know about this blog from Rajneesh.

    Ravi Chandra Sekhar.


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