Psychological and Performance Coaching

Course Content:

Why Traders Lose Discipline In Intraday Trading.

Identifying Your Ideal Trading State In Intraday Trading.

How To Deal With Distraction And Refocus.

How To Maintain Concentration.

Why Traders Run Losses And Cut Profits.

Recondition Brain For Trading Success.

How To Handel A Loss And Manage Stress.

Understand Dopamine Role In In Intraday Trading.

Deal With Negative Emotions Positively.

Develop A Risk Mindset.

Unable To Pull The Trigger.

Improve Trade Execution In Intraday Trading.

How To Stop Overtrading.

Understanding Psychological State Of Helplessness In Intraday Trading.

How To Let Good Time Last More.

Trading Evaluation Process Using Performance Metrics.

What Is Consistency In Trading.

How To Be Resilient Trader.

How To Increase Trade Size.

How To Recondition Mind For Intraday Trading Behavior.

Note: This course is recommended for traders having a successful trading strategy but having issues with implementation due to psychological  issues.

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