How to Develop New Trading Habbits

By | July 20, 2022 3:58 pm

When you want to make something, it takes time to get it done. A fashion designer initially has an idea, he draws a sketch, gets the material, cuts out a pattern, finally the pieces of fabric are sewn together according to the template – and the garment is finished.

Behavior change is born like a piece of clothing – it is a developmental process. Many traders think that once they recognize and understand something, they can immediately put it into action. Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case.

The reason for this is our neural network, as discussed in previous article.

A realization is far from being a newly won habit. If you want to permanently change your behavior, then your brain needs appropriate impulses. This is the only way to create new connections in the neural network that will guarantee long-term and reliable behavior. This happens through repetition and is further accelerated by positive feelings. If you want a stable change in your behavior, you have to reliably repeat a new behavior at least 400 times in a row.

Suppose you fail to put SL praticse it 300-400 points open your trading window place SL and Close.

Initially, it will be unusual and difficult to consistently implement the new findings. We know this problem as indiscipline from other situations as well, for example when we want to lose weight, quit smoking, or exercise regularly.


Your brain will keep trying to go the old, familiar ways. If you want to get into the habit of constantly letting profits run sensibly when trading, then your brain will initially try to follow the known strategy and, for example, realize profits quickly.

This happens until there are sufficient neural connections for the new behavior. This usually takes three months. You must therefore behave in the way your goal specifies and requires of you for at least three months. After the first six weeks, you will find it significantly easier to practice the new behavior on a regular basis.

The best way to train yourself in your new behavior is when it is accompanied by a Trading Coach to monitor your new behavior would be ideal. Routines are also very important. Anything you do on a regular basis is easier to implement. I myself support my Students  with targeted Trading Psycology programs.

These programs accelerate the trader to apply his new behavior unconsciously. For this I use special visualizations and guided hypnosis.
This is intended to allow the trader to take desired actions without much effort in trading.

It makes sense to use control mechanisms so that new behavioral processes can be carried out routinely. Take pilots as role models. They check all the points on their list precisely before each departure. Such a checklist is an ideal supplement to support the new trading behavior.

Write down any key points of the new behavior that you want to consider on the list. A sketch of your setup, which you can see on the checklist at the beginning, is also very helpful. So you always have your entry in mind.

Sample Checklist

Trading Date:
Trading time:
Trading Value: Stocks, Indices, Currency, Commodities
Time Frame Traded: 1min / 5min / 10min / 1hr / 4hrs / Day/ Weekly
Trade Set Up : Gann/Astro/Moving Average
Maximum Risk Per Trade:
Trade Result: Winner / Loser / Breakeven
Profit/Loss :
Was the trade 100% compliant with my rules? Yes / No
If NO – Why did I do it anyway?
Did I trade according to my rules? Yes / No
If NO – why not and how exactly did I behave differently?
What exactly can help me achieve this?
Emotional feeling before, during and after the trade:


Have I filled out this checklist completely? Yes / No
If NO – why not?

Conclusion: I know that I can only achieve discipline if I behave in a disciplined manner!

Then review your checklist before or after you enter the trade and tick or comment on each item. It is good if you see this checklist in paper form in front of your trading PC. This supports you subconsciously in
actually sticking to your agreement!

If you realize during the trade that this does not correspond to your desired behavior, break off the trade immediately, regardless of whether you are in the loss or profit zone. This is important, because otherwise you will get used to wrong behavior.

You can also achieve good control if you regularly keep a good trading journal. The more detailed, the more confident you’ll be in sticking to your new habits. A trading journal is more than just accounting for your
trading. It has the function of a boss or supervisor controlling your behavior with positive intent. The records show you how your behavior affects your results.

Because if you sit at home alone in front of your trading PC, you will not be supervised by anyone. You can trade how you want, nobody will check your actions, no matter how silly. This can become a problem. The analysis and control of one’s own work is one of the most important foundations for success in trading. Otherwise there is a risk of inaccuracy due to lack of discipline. Strict control mechanisms are one of the most powerful tools when you want to train the new behavior.

You can of course also have your trading checked by your Trading Coach. Explain to him exactly what you want to implement when trading and present him with your daily or weekly results in detail. Here, too, a clearly
managed trading journal offers the best services. Also create a short record of this control meeting and note what you have implemented well and where you can still improve your trading. You will see how effective this check is in achieving your goals.

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