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Below 2 Stories are Worth Reading 


After the marriage, the reception of the daughter who came to her maternal maiden for the first time lasted for a week.

For the whole week, whatever the daughter likes, everything was done, while going back to the in-laws’ house, the father gave the daughter a very fragrant incense stick, and said, daughter, when you go to worship in the in-laws’ house, then you must burn this incense stick,

Mother said, daughter is going to her in-laws’ house for the first time, so someone gives such a thing like incense sticks.

The father quickly put his hand in the pocket and gave all the money in the pocket to the daughter,

As soon as she reached her in-laws’ house, the mother-in-law saw what the mother-in-law’s parents had given to the daughter in parting, then she also showed the pot of incense sticks, mother-in-law said to the daughter-in-law that, tomorrow, put this incense stick in the worship,

In the morning when the daughter sat down to worship, she opened the pot of incense sticks, a letter came out of it,

It said “My Princess, this incense stick burns on its own, but makes the whole house fragrant, not only that, it also makes the whole environment of the present side fragrant and cheerful with its fragrance….!!

It may be that you will sometimes get angry with your husband for some time, or sometimes you will be angry with your mother-in-law, sometimes you will also get angry with brother-in-law or sister-in-law, sometimes you will have to listen to someone, or sometimes your neighbors and neighbors If your heart becomes sour at the behavior of the word, then you should keep this offering of mine in mind,

Burning like incense sticks, as incense sticks fill the whole house and the whole premises with energy by making them fragrant and cheerful, in the same way, you automatically tolerate and treat your in-laws as your maternal home and make everyone fragrant and cheerful with your behavior and deeds. ….

The daughter started crying after reading the letter, mother-in-law came rushing, husband and father-in-law also reached the worship house where the daughter-in-law was crying.

“Hey hand got cracked?,” the husband asked.

“Tell me what happened, said father-in-law.

Mother-in-law began to see if there is anything in her clothes.

So he saw a letter written by the father in beautiful letters, as soon as he read the letter, he hugged the daughter-in-law, and gave the letter to the father-in-law, being not wearing glasses, asked to read the letter to the son.

As soon as he understood the whole thing, the whole house was stunned.

Mother-in-law said hey, this letter has to be framed, this is the most precious gift given to my daughter-in-law, it should be framed in the side of the house of worship,

And then always that frame with its words, the whole house, and the surrounding environment continued to smell with its meaning, even after the incense sticks were over…….


Two Virtues of Life

There was a learned monk who lived away from worldliness. He was known for his honesty, service and knowledge. Once he went on a long journey by ship.

He kept enough money and a diamond for the expenses of the journey. This diamond was presented to him by some king, pleased with his honesty, so he was traveling only to give it to another king, not keeping it with him.

During the journey, the monk was identified with other passengers. He went on to tell them things of knowledge. A fakir traveler started getting closer to him with the intention of humiliating him.

One day, in the talks, the sage, considering him to be a faithful, noble man, also showed a glimpse of the diamond. That fakir got more greed. He planned to grab that diamond.

When the sage slept at night, he looked for a diamond in his bag and his clothes, but could not find it.

The next day he told the sage during lunch that there is such a precious diamond, you have not kept it.
The monk came out of his bag and showed that look, it is kept in it. Fakir was very surprised to see the diamond that why he did not get it last night. Thinking that I will try again tonight, he spent the day and immediately pretended to sleep early by hanging his clothes, keeping his belongings, health is not good as soon as evening.

When the sadhus came to the room after the evening worship at the appointed time, they found the fakir sleeping.

Thought health is not good today, so the fakir must have slept early. He also took off his clothes and bag and hung it and went to sleep.

In the middle of the night, the fakir got up again and looked at the monk’s clothes and sack. He still did not get the diamond.

The next day, with a sad heart, the fakir asked the monk – “Have you kept such a precious diamond with you, haven’t you Sadhu Baba, there are many thieves here”.

The monk then opened his bundle and showed him the diamond.

Now the puzzled fakir had openly told the question in the mind of the sadhu, he asked the monk that – “I have been looking for this diamond in your clothes and bag for the last two nights but I do not find it, why this diamond at night Where does it go?

The monk said- “I know that you are a fraud, you had bad intentions on this diamond and you used to try to steal it every night in the dark, so for the last two nights I used to hide my diamond in your own clothes and sleep. and used to take it back as soon as you got up in the morning before you got up.”

My knowledge says that a person does not look within himself, does not seek. In the other one sees all the demerits and faults. You didn’t even fumble your clothes.”

Hearing this, more jealousy and hatred arose in the mind of the fakir. He started thinking of taking revenge on the monk in his mind. He stayed up all night and made a plan.

In the morning he started shouting loudly, ‘Hi I am dead. One of my precious diamonds was stolen.’ He started crying.

The ship’s crew said, ‘Why are you nervous? He, who might have stolen will be here only. We search one by one. He will be caught.’

Passengers’ search began. When Sadhu Baba’s turn came, the crew and passengers of the ship told him,

What should be your search? It is unrighteousness to disbelieve in you.’ Hearing this, the monk said, ‘No, there will be doubt in the mind of the one whose diamond has been stolen, so I should also be searched.’ Baba was searched. Nothing was found from them.

After two days, when the journey was over, the same fakir asked the sadhu with a sad heart, ‘Baba, this time I even groped my clothes, you had the diamond with you, where did it go?

The monk smiled and said, ‘I had thrown him outside in the water.

The monk asked – you want to know why?

Because I had earned only two virtues in life – one honesty and the other people’s trust.

If I get a diamond from me and I tell people that it is mine, then probably all the people would not believe that a monk would have a diamond, even if they believed because of my past good deeds, even then there would be something on my honesty and truthfulness. People remained skeptical.

“I may lose money and diamonds, but I do not want to lose honesty and integrity, it is my virtuous deeds that will go with me.”

The fakir apologized to the sage and grabbed his feet and started pleading.



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