The Astro-Trading Advantage

By | June 4, 2022 6:21 pm

The study of planetary cycles and their correlation with market movements has been around for a long time, but for much of its history it has remained hidden in the shadows of the financial world. Stock Market Astrology was rarely talked about, and those who did actually discuss it did so in hushed tones, treating it as a closely-guarded secret that shouldn’t be exposed to normal public.

In many cases, those who talked about Stock Market Astrology  at all did so with contempt and ridicule, making fun of it as preposterous superstition. Some others who were generally more open-minded still hesitated at using the term “astrology” in their discussions, preferring instead to talk about “ASTRONOMIC PHENOMENA” or “GEOCOSMIC INFLUENCES” in the markets rather than to risk using words that might somehow lead to their being associated with psychics or charlatans.

But in many cases market astrology and astro-trading were deliberately preserved as carefully-protected secrets simply because the traders who benefited from astrology just weren’t all that eager to share their methods with other people in the markets. They preferred to keep the hidden knowledge – and their personal trading profits – to themselves.

A century ago there were noteworthy traders whose success in the markets became legendary, but they too were rarely very open in explaining the planetary dynamics that lay behind their proprietary trading methods. There have also been many devoted students of astro-trading who have consciously chosen to be secretive about what they were doing, sometimes because of fearing embarrassment and sometimes because they were unsure about the ultimate value of their experimental methods. There have in fact been many traders who have glimpsed the potential of astrology in the markets and have gotten excited by the profitable possibilities that it offers, but who have never developed their understanding of astrological market methodologies well enough to apply them in their personal trading and then profit from the astro-trading advantage themselves.

But all that has radically changed during the past couple of decades. In many respects, the veil of secrecy has been lifted. Stock Market Astrology trading methods have become much more widely accepted in the trading community as a whole, and have been featured in trading magazines and in books surveying contemporary approaches to market timing. More and more traders have been discovering the benefits of the astro-trading advantage in their own market experiences, and have successfully connected with still other traders who have shared their passion for planetary market timing, forming alliances and networking to support and encourage each others’ investigations and trading insights.

Also during the past 25 years or so, the usefulness of astrology as a tool for market timing and forecasting has been extended enormously from the results of expanded research and from more disciplined back-testing. As improved tools and sharper thinking have enhanced the capabilities of mainstream trading, astro-trading has benefited, too. There have been remarkable advances in computerization, and historical market data has become much more accessible than it was in previous times. As a result it has become possible to test a larger variety of astro-trading hypotheses, and to quantify the results of those tests with increasing precision, contributing substantially to both the credibility and the creativity of market astrology as a maturing discipline.

Most important of all, however, is the fact that individual traders have increasingly understood their need for some kind of an edge that would help them compete effectively in a cutthroat market environment that is increasingly skewed by ever more sophisticated high-speed technologies. It is also an environment that is increasingly manipulated by forces which dwarf the resources of individual traders, and is dominated by the leverage of big market players controlling large blocks of trading capital. The astro-trading advantage offers individual traders a unique opportunity to rely on their personal knowledge and resourcefulness in ways that can help them contend with this complex and often challenging market environment as they strive to control their own financial destinies.

Stock Market Astrology helps in finding long term trend change using outer planet cycles or on the correlation of lunar dynamics with shorter-term market movements. While both of these approaches have given us extremely valuable information that can enhance our effectiveness in the markets, when we turn our attention to Mercury we are dealing with something remarkably different. Because it moves so rapidly, Mercury doesn’t share the same characteristics exhibited by Jupiter, Saturn, and the other outer planets in influencing market mega-trends and long-term economic cycles. But at the other extreme, Mercury isn’t exclusively a short-term, rapid-fire trading indicator, either (even though it has considerable strength in that capacity), since the patterns displayed by Mercury unfold more slowly than the cycles and phases of the Moon.


Mercury thus plays a unique role in helping us identify short-term trading opportunities, while at the same time it moves just slowly enough to make those opportunities potentially significant milestones in our trading experience. When we understand Mercury and its influence on market behavior, we can gain knowledge and insights that are particularly wellsuited to short-term, hit-and-run trading strategies that can give us both the power and the flexibility we need to be profitable and effective in today’s complex trading environment.

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While the tools and insights provided by astro-trading can give you a considerable advantage in the markets, it is not a magic bullet that effortlessly hits the bulls-eye in your trading target every time, or a mystical shield that will automatically protect you from market losses. In other words, you should under no circumstances trade with money that you cannot afford to lose, and you must be willing to assume personal responsibility for understanding the markets that you are trading and the full extent of the risks involved when you trade.

It’s worth noting here as well that astro-trading is more than just simply applying astrological paradigms to the markets. To be truly effective, the astro-trader must also understand the fundamentals that lie beneath the stock or commodity being traded, with an eye to the external market forces, geopolitical and economic influences, and other factors which can influence the outcome of a trade, along with some basic knowledge of earnings, cash flow, supply and demand, and the other factors which go into a well-reasoned assessment of the potential for ongoing corporate profitability.

The competent astro-trader also needs to have a good core understanding of technical analysis – the assorted analytical tools and graphic techniques which can help us look at a chart of the historic price performance of a stock or commodity and draw some conclusions about future price trends and their sustainability. While you don’t have to be an expert market technician to use astrology profitably in your trading, it’s important that you don’t ignore key technical indicators as you reach conclusions about what to trade and when to trade it.

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