Who Is The Master Of Sin?

By | February 25, 2022 6:53 pm

Once upon a time. A Panditji returned to the village after studying the scriptures in Kashi for many years. It became famous in the whole village that he had come educated from Kashi and could solve any puzzle related to religion.

Hearing the fame, a farmer came to him and he asked – Pandit ji, you tell us who is the guru of sin?

Pandit ji was baffled after hearing the question, he had heard religion and spiritual gurus, but sin also has a guru, it was beyond his understanding and knowledge.

Pandit ji felt that his studies were still incomplete. He then returned to Kashi. Met many gurus but they did not get the answer to the farmer’s question.

Suddenly one day he met a courtesan (prostitute). He asked Panditji the reason for the problem, then he told his problem. The courtesan said – Pandit ji! The answer is very simple, but you have to live in my neighborhood for a few days to get the answer.

Pandit ji was wandering for this knowledge only. He immediately agreed. The courtesan made separate arrangements for their stay near her. Pandit ji did not eat food cooked by anyone’s hand. He was a staunch follower of his rules-ethics and religious tradition.

Staying in the courtesan’s house, while cooking food with her own hands, she spent a few days comfortably, but the answer to the question was not found yet. He waited for the answer. One day the courtesan said – Pandit ji! You find it difficult to cook food. There is no one else to see here. If you ask, after taking a bath, I will prepare food for you.

To persuade Pandit ji, she lured him – if you give me a chance to do this service, I will also give you five gold coins daily in dakshina.

Hearing the name of the golden currency, Panditji started thinking. Cooked food as well as gold coins! That is, there are laddoos in both hands. Pandit ji forgot all his rules and regulations, ethics and religion.

He said- Like your desire, just take special care that no one sees you while coming and going in my room.

On the very first day, he prepared many types of dishes and served them in front of Panditji. But as soon as Panditji wanted to eat, he pulled the plate served from the front. Panditji got angry on this and said, what is this joke?

The courtesan said, this is not a joke, Pandit ji, this is the answer to your question. Before coming here, you did not even drink water from anyone’s hand, but in the greed of gold coins, you accepted the food prepared by my hands. This greed is the master of sin.

We should try to live life without adopting any kind of greed and greed in life.

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