The Success Story Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

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In the ’70 he had reached the peak of his bodybuilding career and was about to retire. Of course back then he wasn’t as famous as in the ’80 and ’90.
So, in 1976 a journalist asked him what he was planning to do after his bodybuilding career.

Schwarzenegger smiled at him and calmly replied: “I’m going to be a movie star in Hollywood.”

The journalist was surprised and rather amused by Schwarzenegger’s answer. He couldn’t imagine how this huge body builder with poor English and an Austrian accent could even hope to become a Hollywood movie star.

“And how do you plan to make this happen”? the journalist asked.

“The same way I became the most famous body builder in the world. I will create a vision of who I want to be, and then I will start living like that person in my mind as if it was already true.”

It sounds childish … but it did work for Arnold!

At first all of the agencies rejected him because of his accent and his over-sized body. Let alone, that his surname was impossible for an American to pronounce. But in the end, Schwarzenegger succeeded in becoming one of the most famous and highest paid movie stars in Hollywood!

And after that, he went after a political career, and indeed, his goal was also accomplished when he was elected Governor of California.


Think about it… how many times have you lowered your goals because you thought you lack essential skills? For example, because you are not a native-english speaker you believe that your career – as an author, a public speaker, or whatever it is that you do – is limited in your own country only. But this is a self-limiting belief!

What you should also know,  is that Arnold’s family wasn’t supportive to him. They didn’t want him  to pursue a bodybuilding career. Instead, they wanted him to be a police  officer like his father, or play a “normal” sport like soccer.

So Arnold had to go against what others wanted for him so that he could discover his own path of success.

Arnold, an UNKNOWN IMMIGRANT from Europe, proved that if you want it, you can do it. And he became a famous bodybuilder, a famous actor, and a top politician. Three top careers in ONE LIFETIME. Wow! True inspiration for the rest of us!!!

As he says, “If you can see it, you can be it.”

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