Nifty Weekly Forecast for 11-13 April

By | April 10, 2016 7:56 am

Last Week we gave Chopad Levels  of 7740 , Nifty gave Long entry on Monday and got Stopped out on Tuesday at opening but gave Short entry  as Open was 7736 below chopad levels  and did all 3 target by Tuesday hence rewarding disciplined chopad levels . Lets analyses how to trade nifty in coming week as we have only 3 trading days as 14 and 15 are trading Holidays.

Nifty Hourly Chart

Consolidating around 135

Nifty hourly broke 90 degree on RBI day saw a quick move twoards 135 degree as shown with arrows, Now consolidating around 135 degree, Break of 7570 on Upside will bee move towards 7696 and break of 7500 will be move towards 7414.

Nifty Harmonic

NIfty shark forming

As discussed in last week High made till now 7777, and we saw a correction 100 points, Now if we close above 7740 we can see move towards  7800/7852.

7640 did not hold after RBI day hence move towards 7800/7852 negated. Now we are forming a SHARK Patter as shown above Holding 7545 we can see move towards 7649/7696.

Nifty Gann Angles

Trading between support and resistance

Nifty is trading between Gann Angles strong resistance in zone of 7800/7850 Support is range of 7350/7300.

Nifty Supply and Demand


As discussed in last analysis Another Weekly close above 7600 is done by bulls  so we are heading towards 7859/7900 in 3-4 weeks.

Nifty closed below 7600 hence bullish move towards 7859/7900 has been negated. Now Bulls needs to close above 7584 for move towards 7730/777. Close below 7500 will see move towards 7405.

Nifty Gann Date

Nifty As per time analysis   11 April  is Gann Turn date , except a impulsive around this dates. Last week we gave 05/07 April Nifty saw a volatile move.

Nifty Gaps

For Nifty traders who follow gap trading there are 6 trade gaps in the range of  7000-9000, rest all gaps were filled in the last week fall.

  • 7109-7090
  • 7222-7308
  • 7368-7406
  • 7387-7275
  • 7298-7271
  • 8937-8891
  • 8251-8241
  • 8232-8209
  • 8116-8130

Fibonacci technique

Fibonacci Fan

nifty ff

7527/7442/7318  levels to be watched in coming week.

Nifty Weekly Chart

NIFTY - Weekly Trendline

It was negative week, with the Nifty down by 157 points  closing @7555  forming a bearish engulfing pattern , close above the middle line of  AF for 3 week and above its 200 WSMA, and  20 WSMA , Upper AF line comes at 7835, need to be cautious as and when it comes.

Trading Monthly charts

nifty monthly

Monthly chart support at 50%.

Nifty Weekly Chopad Levels

Nifty Trend Deciding Level:7546

Nifty Resistance :7610,7666,7720

Nifty Support :7470,7420,7380


Levels mentioned are Nifty Spot

Let me go by Disclaimer these are my personal views and trade taken on these observation should be traded with strict Sl.Please also read the detailed Disclaimer mentioned in the Right side of Blog.

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5 thoughts on “Nifty Weekly Forecast for 11-13 April

  1. Indrajit

    Gann is awesome. I have been following your blog quite lately. It’s immensely useful to me. Thanx for sharing this knowledge. I was on lookout for a insightful blog for a long time where I’ll find real life practical examples. Persistence pays. The law of attraction works.
    I have a query regarding a pattern which drew based on what I studied in your blog. Can you please help me on this?

  2. Vijay

    Sir, Can You please Tell me How and Where to Look for Gann Dates and Where to find some Study Material about Gann

  3. Girish B Nehete

    Last week’s chopad level was 7740.
    Long triggered on Monday & SL hit @7720
    Long triggered again on Monday itself.
    On Tuesday, SL hit @7720.
    Question is when do we enter short?
    If we short @7720, what will be the SL for this trade?
    Will the target remain same for short trade then?

    In general, how to trade when long triggers & hit SL and vice versa.


    1. Bramesh Post author

      Buy above Chopad levels SL 21 points, 2 time SL triggred no futher trade .

      Paper trader for atleast 3 months before doing any live trades.



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