Technical Intraday Swing Calls:Pantaloon,Dish TV and IRB Infra

By | October 18, 2012 8:01 am

There are many unnatural things that happen to a market. But underlying it wants to find participation equilibrium. It means cutting out the weakest leading the strong lower and allowing the few to pull everything higher. The problem is cycles are getting shorter and power is not as concentrated. If you are confused, imagine how confused the market must be.


Trading range of Pantaloon has reduced with a small symmetrical triangle formation. A big move is on the cards.

Buy above 189.65 Tgt 190.8,192.3 and 194

Sell below 186.2 Tgt 184.3,183.5 and 180.5


Dish TV

Dish TV will be declaring its results today, Stock has formed a double bottom and rallied.Closed above an important resistance level of 79.8

Buy above 81.2 Tgt 82.3,84 and 87

Sell below 79 Tgt 77.5,76.4 and 75.2



IRB has been trading in a channel and now upper line will become resistance for any upmove.

Buy above 144.8 Tgt 147,150.4 and 152

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