FII F&O Data analysis for 19 Jan trade in Nifty future

By | January 18, 2012 11:50 pm

Below is my Interpretation of FII OI data Sheet for 18-Jan-11.

1. FII  sold 15129  Contracts in NF worth 350  Cores in Index Futures with Open Interest increasing  by 687 contracts.

2. As Nifty Future  was down by 20  points and OI has increased today, with fall in price so FII have booked profit  in Index futures.But still no sign of shorting the index are visible.

3. Today was an expected to be a day of consolidation after a rise of 86 points yesterday and trading was dull in most part of the day with no major moves coming. But consolidation BULLS were winner as they were able to defend the 100 SMA@4831.

4. NF total OI was at 2.1 cores with 14 Lakh liquidation  in  OI,Profit booking was seen by retailers/HNI and DII.

5.FII OI 552296 is highest in series till date.Any bad news or close below 4900 can see a liquidation of longs in panic.

6. On 30 Dec NF Closed at 4634 and today it closed at 4957 a move on 323 points FII OI has increased by 1.51 Lakh contract in past 14 trading sessions which signify they held good amount of longs in system.

7. In Equity cash segment FII bought  875  cores  whereas DII sold  whopping  590 cores. FII have bought 4293 cores in past 14 days while DII have sold 2705 contracts so remaining 1587 cores have been bought by retailers and HNI. The reason are quiet visible with small and mid caps outperforming Nifty. Again a reason for me to say its a bear market rally.

8. As per Options data  5000 CE has  OI of  66  lakhs with liquidation of  3 lakh so now this give me sense of underlying bullish strength of marketand 4700 PE has highest OI of 78 Lakhs.

9. 5100 CE has seen the highest OI of 74 lakhs now the bears are moving to higher range as 5000 was having the highest OI till yesterday now today so 5000 can be broken yesterday looking at EOD OI.

10 .4900 PE saw a Huge addition of another 5 lakhs in OI so 32 lakhs in 2 trading sessions.Sp 4900 looks an immediate base of Nifty in short term

11. FII SAR level  comes at  4912  and Nifty ATP for Dec series comes at 4805. FII SAR for yesterday was 4933 and todays low of NF was 4933 so FII SAR is working for us.

12. Bulls need to close above 4976 level tomorrow as it being 78.6% retracement of 4532-5100.


Buy above 4982  Tgt 5005,5024 and 5050

Sell below 4955 Tgt 4931,4905 and 4869

All levels mentioned are SPOT levels.

Let me go by Disclaimer these are my personal views and trade taken on these observation should be traded with strict Sl


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4 thoughts on “FII F&O Data analysis for 19 Jan trade in Nifty future

  1. Vivek

    Dear Brameshji,

    Could you pls explain how to trade using your software. If you have any auto signal for buy/sell etc..

    Pls explain.

    Thx & regds

    1. Bramesh Post author

      Dear Vivekji,

      WE trade as per our quadrant system but it do not have any auto buy and sell signal. You need to make a trading plan and filter the system signals using charts.

      I provide training on that so if you are interested you can join the course.


  2. rohit

    dear sir,

    today i could see clear divergence on intraday/hr/daily charts on all momentum indicators,stoc,rsi,macd.Is it overbought.need your opinion


    1. Bramesh Post author

      A trending market can remain overbought for extended period of time Divergence need to see confirmation from price to go down.

      As of now no shorting signal have emerged from market.



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