Financial Astrology : The Mighty Rahu’s Impact on Trading

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Om Rahave Namah

Rahu number is 4

Below Article is to give knowledge on Rahu’s Impact. 
There is so much misconceptions about the Lunar Nodes Rahu & Ketu floating around, there should be some information to clear the air, especially about the Mighty Rahu who is very significant from the stock market perspective.Ancient Hindu astrologers calculated the elliptical paths of the Earth and Moon and their points of intersections ( The North Node and the South Node) with unerring accuracy, long before the western astronomers were even aware of this phenomenon. In Western Astrology , the North Node (Rahu) is referred as the Dragon’s Head (Caput Draconis) & the South Node (Ketu) is referred as the Dragon’s Tail (Cauda Draconis). In Western Astrology however Rahu is shown as a benefic force which signifies progress,industrial revolution, inspiration e.t.c. We will find out later that Rahu is the karak of U.S.A and the European nations.Western Astrologers ( and some neo- vedic astrologers) also take Uranus, Neptune & Pluto into consideration. Here I believe they have gone wrong totally.Even thousands of years back,the ancients who calculated the orbits of the planets with unerring accuracy without any modern instruments were definitely aware of Uranus, Neptune & Pluto and yet they did not take these three outer planets into consideration ??? Why ? If you examine closely you will find that the characteristics Rahu is very similar to Uranus & Neptune combined !! Uranus signifies revolution,chaos,inspiration, sudden changes and shocks…all basically Rahu characteristics !!! Neptune stands for spirituality, dreams, imagination which are also Rahu characteristics !!! Pluto signifies transformation, destruction , regeneration which are the prime attributes of Ketu !!! So if you consider Rahu & Ketu both in the horoscope, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto is immaterial !!!Rahu & Ketu are both astral planets which affects us on the astral & causal planes and they are also karmic inlets & outlets respectively.

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu and Ketu are the important Lunar Nodes. Unlike the seven visible planets, Grahas in Sanskrit, they are massless yet potent mathematical points in space, sometimes referred to as the shadow planets. Our solar system is structured such that it takes approximately 365 days for the Earth to orbit the Sun and approximately 28 days for the Moon to orbit the Earth. These two orbital paths are independent of one another. Twice a year, however, the paths intersect creating solar and lunar eclipses. For a short time, the Sun or Moon is overtaken by the darkness of one of the nodes.

Rahu is the ascending point where the Moon’s orbit cuts through the Earth’s orbit.  Ketu is the descending point.

They are always opposite each other in the sky or birth chart, and the main force of karma and desire can be seen along its axis. Their function in Vedic Astrology is better understood if we familiarize ourselves with its associated myth.

The story is told in the ancient Puranic texts of the time before creation. After a long and horrible war, the gods and demons cooperated to churn the galactic material called the Milk Ocean. This activity created Amrita, a nectar of immortality intended for the gods alone. One of the demons, however, sitting between the Sun and Moon, managed to take a sip. Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the Universe, quickly decapitated him. Rahu is the head of the serpent demon without the body. Ketu is the tail without the head. As they were now immortal, Lord Vishnu needed to find a spot for them, so he placed them in two specific points in the sky. By eclipsing the Sun and Moon twice a year they can create confusion and exact revenge.

The misunderstanding of our true nature allows us to exist under the illusion that we are separate from the universal law of creation. According to Vedic wisdom, each planet is an expression of our own divine consciousness. The nodes bring together Earth (body), Sun (soul) and Moon (mind), making them among the most influential in Astrology. In the planetary cabinet, Rahu is the advancing army. He has a voracious appetite without, however, the ability to digest. He is responsible for obsessions and desires that push us to our limits. Wherever Rahu is there is inexperience. Ketu is the occupying army. He governs things we have learned very well. He withdraws and leads us out. He can confer contempt or wisdom, then non-attachment, and ultimately moksha or liberation. In an individual birth chart or by transit in the sky, the Rahu/Ketu axis tells us what we absolutely must do so we may be freed from worldly desire. The nodal axis travels slowly, changing zodiac signs once every year and a half. But wherever they are, Rahu and Ketu create confusion. Rahu’s domain is the confusion of ignorance; Ketu’s territory is the confusion of certainty. The study and understanding of Vedic Astrology is itself a spiritual practice which naturally engenders reverence for its inherent guidance and wisdom.

From the  orthodox Vedic Astrology perspective the image of Rahu brings to ones mind of an extremely malefic planetary force, the minister of demons, the tormentor of Sun & Moon, ace trouble maker e.t.c. But there is more to the Mighty Rahu which are specially relevant to our modern times.Rahu gives material desires, inspiration, originality,power, fame, success in politics….but with riders attached because of the dual nature of Rahu.He is the karak of the thief and he is also the karak of the policeman who pursues the thief. He gives everything at a price…..until the individual realizes the material world is nothing but an illusion, Maya and he goes on the path of enlightment ,Moksha which is signified by Ketu.This is the significance of the Nodes, which are nothing but our Karmic guardians.

Rahu has great relevance to our modern times.Though Rahu is one of the oldest planets he signifies change, invention,unbounded progress.Industrial revolution can be attributed to Rahu, and all progress especially in the West is because of Rahu energy.The internet revolution, software industry,air travel these are all Rahu’s domains.All big cities are ruled by Rahu.This is the reason why Western Astrologers denote Rahu as a great benefic force unlike Vedic Astrology.But here also the Duality of Rahu comes to play, in the quest for progress, guzzling of natural resources adds to environmental pollution and miseries.He also rules over poisonous chemicals, air pollution and all kinds of intoxicants.Rahu creates an illusion that resources of earth are infinite…which is not to be.

Rahu is also the karak of gambling and also stock exchanges.Casinos are ruled by Rahu.Incidentally Las Vegas, the Casino city is situated in the south west direction of the U.S.South West is a direction which is ruled by Rahu !!!

Stock exchanges these days are nothing but systematic & the civilized form of economic speculation.So Rahu rules any form of electronic trading along with his close friend Mercury.So definitely he is the patron planet of all speculators,F & O/intraday traders or anybody related to the stock exchanges.When Rahu works on the lower principle , he is probably the best schemer/politician among the planets and hence gives success in politics.When it comes to bestowing fame Rahu is also second to none.Some renowned film stars today have Rahu associated somewhere with their Ascendant house in some way like Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai e.t.c

The placement of Rahu in one’s horoscope requires detailed examination.In principle the house, Rahu is positioned in shows the areas the individual needs to work upon in this life time.It has been observed that Rahu when placed in 3, 6 & 11th houses in the birth chart it bestows great results.Also when placed in the Ascendant house Rahu produces inventors, film stars , unconventional personalities, people with unconventional professions but also with some riders attached !!

Rahu play a major role in analyzing the success through stocks as Rahu has given many rags to riches stories. Many people who have strong Rahu in a beneficial nakshatra and money giving houses especially 11th, 2nd , 5th etc with a beneficial aspect of 9th lord are the multi-billionaires with lots of wealth coming through stocks.

Presence of Jupiter in 11th house or mercury and Rahu together in 11th house can give immense success in stock markets.

If there is a combination of Sun and Rahu, Rahu and Moon or Jupiter and Rahu in Kundali, then the native should stay away from the share market. If Rahu is in the second house then stay away from the stock market.
If there is Rahu in the centre in the Kundali, then the native is successful in the share market, but in any way, poverty falls on him.
We have to understand that the market situation must be judged by Technical Analysis. Only a combination of both – Technical Analysis & Astrology – can help us to succeed. Once we understand that Technicals is giving bullish indications, only then should we enter the market.
We have to understand that the market situation must be judged by Technical Analysis. Only a combination of both – Technical Analysis & Numerology – can help us to succeed. Once we understand that Technicals is giving bullish indications, only then should we enter the market

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