What is Debt Redemption?

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In a Dharamsala, the husband and wife stayed with their small child. Dharamshala was raw. There were cracks in the walls, there was an open forest-like atmosphere around. The husband and wife took their small child in the courtyard and went out for some work. When we come back and see, a big snake is sitting in front of the child spreading its hood by hitting the horoscope. Seeing this horrific scene, both were stunned. The son is throwing a handful of soil on the hood of the snake and the snake is bowing down every time.

Mother cried,
The father shouted:

“Save… Save… Save our dear.”
A crowd of people gathered. There was a shooter in it. The shooter used to do the business of carrying loads on the cart.

He said: “I should hit the target, I will kill the snake, but if I miss the target and the child gets hurt, I am not responsible. You guys tell me, then I will try?”

Poison is sitting in front of the son! Which parent would deny such an incident?
He agreed and the mother said: “Brother! Try to kill the snake, we will not say anything if the child gets hurt by mistake.”

The shooter hit the target. The snake fell down injured, became unconscious. People thought that the snake was dead. They picked him up and threw him over the fence.

Its night. That shooter man slept on his camel cart in the same Dharamsala.

A cold wind blew in the night. The unconscious snake became conscious and came and went away after biting the camel’s foot. In the morning people see that the shooter was dead.

A man who knew snake science by luck was staying there. He said: “I know the technique of bringing the snake back here and pulling the poison back. If there is an innocent child of eight or ten years here, then I should call the subtle body of the snake in his mind and make a conversation happen.
A child of eight to ten years was brought from the village. He called the creature of the snake in that child.

He was asked – “Have you bitten this shooter ?” The creature in the child said – “Yes.”

Then asked, “Why you did this to this poor guy?”

The snake started speaking through the child: “I was innocent. I did nothing wrong with it. It targeted me, so why shouldn’t I take revenge on it?”

That child was throwing mud on you, so you did not do anything to him.
The snake in the form of a child said – “The child is my creditor of three births ago.
Three births ago I was also a human being, he was also a human being. I had taken three hundred rupees from him but could not give it back. I don’t even have the ability to give. I have to wander in such ugly vaginas, today by chance he came to the fore, so I was bowing my hood and apologizing to him. When his soul was awakened, he was reprimanding me by throwing dust fists that ‘Damn you! Couldn’t repay the loan…’ I was paying off my loan while bearing his rebuke.

Who is that shooter dripping between our transactions? I didn’t do anything wrong with it, yet it hit me. Thats why I Bite Him.”

The snake-knower explained to the snake, “Look, if you say so much to us, take away its poison.

That snake said – “If I obey you, then you should also obey my words.If this Shooter man gives me five hundred rupees, now I should draw its poison. I had taken three hundred rupees from that child before three births, two more births have passed, including two hundred of his interest, five hundred have to be returned.
“A gentleman gave five hundred rupees to the parents of that child. The snake’s creature went back to its body, from there it slid to the dead camel and drew back the poison. The shooter became alive.

It is clear from this story Aviod Taking Debt,Ceating other.

Until there is self-knowledge, the debt bond of karma has to be paid.
Therefore, by doing selfless deeds, satisfy God. By experiencing your soul-Parmatma, get liberation soon here, in this very birth..!!

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