Major Planetary Aspects Their Relevance Is to Financial Markets

By | September 18, 2021 6:02 pm

Humankind moves through periods of optimism, expansion, anxiety, depression and panic, as dictated by the magnetic/Solar  windsof Sun and other Plannets. These cycles affect market trading and can be forecast by observing and analyzing planetary phenomena.

The aspects between each planet have an extraordinary influence upon an individual which in turn impact financial markets. The planets are a type of energy and the houses are a place within life that the energy is distributed most profoundly, and the sign it occupies is how that energy is channeled. The planets are a particular amount of degrees apart. Unless the planets are at the same degree of the same sign, making conjunction, then they have a different aspect to each other. These aspects between planets form a type of relationship.

Today, we’re going to go over planetary aspects or the angular relationship of two planets and kind of where they are in space, literally, in space. How they align and what their relevance is to financial markets.

Major Planetary Aspects

When considering aspects in astrology in Financial Markets ,




Below Videos we have discussed Aspects Impact on Finanical Markets. You can use this  to learn more about diffrent aspects.

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    When u talk of Nifty at 11075 in the video then it must be a old one. Does it have any relevance now as nifty closed at. 17585.13 on 17/9/21? If yes then it is appropriate to mention it in the video , as clarity allows not confusion.


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