Thank You Note for My Well Wishers

By | May 4, 2021 3:32 pm

I am writing this post to give our personal “Thank You” to each and everyone who prayed for us and gave us your thoughts, sent cards,flowers and whatever else you could have possibly done to help us through the difficult times we have had. As a lot of my friends and family know, we have had some rough times here lately due to COVID Illness.

The tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound effect on the lives of millions of people around the world. The threat of the disease and increasing casualties are destabilising our communities. Recently imposed restrictions to daily life have forced us to quickly adopt different ways of working, learning and connecting with each other.

“Thank you for being there for me and encouraging me during this season of life.”

Words can not express our thoughts. We are so very fortunate to know and have the relationships of each and every one of you.

We know that the power of prayer really and truly works. We thank you for coming into our lives and giving us hope. We thank God for bringing the great doctors and hospitals into our lives. Living in a community where people are so concerned and are so willing to give you a helping hand is a great gift. So we again give our thank to each and everyone.

I want to use this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for helping me as much as I hope I’m helping you. Thanks to the support and well-wishes you’ve sent me

Thank you for your love and well wishes.My heartfelt thanks to you for being there during my time of need.

These are Unprecedented times I would wish Everyone to be Safe and Healthy !!

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Bramesh Bhandari has been actively trading the Indian Stock Markets since over 15+ Years. His primary strategies are his interpretations and applications of Gann And Astro Methodologies developed over the past decade.

14 thoughts on “Thank You Note for My Well Wishers

  1. Saurabh Jain

    Welcome back Brameshji! Relieved and happy to know you and your family is in good health. Please take care

  2. Shrikanth Sriramoju

    Welcome Back Dear Mr.Bramesh ji, All the best & warm regards for your Future…

  3. Suman

    Every single day I did not get an update from you, I wished for your well being and hoped that you will be back tomorrow. The time has come now. Thank you for braving this out. God bless.

  4. PS Hariharan

    Dear Brameshji. Welcome back. We wish you all the very best and warm regards. Hariharan. Mumbai


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