Goal Setting is Goal Getting

By | October 15, 2019 3:33 pm

The Central Focus of trading should be to make profit. Trading should never be done for Fun or as a part of Hobby, If Done you are going to lose very heavily.  Losses are part and parcel of the game and they “WILL” Happen. But as a Serious/Professional Trade

  • If you are clear on you MOTIVATION
  • If you are clear on you Trading Objectives
  • If you are clear on you Trading Goals

Likelihood of making money and trading success will be way beyond you can imagine.

Most of the readers on the site are salaried person, I would request all of you to see the Goal/Objective you get as part of your appraisal cycle in your organization and try to connect with your trading.  You are not even doing 10% of what you are doing in your job but want to make more than your salary.  Is this not an Irony !!

Write down your Goals is the most effective way of achieving your Trading Goal !! You will get a sense of pride when you achieve what you have written, Make Goals Realistic and Small and Focus should only be on Consistency.

Example of Trading Goals:

  • My Goal is to be successful and profitable trade, A Disciplined Trader
  • I want to be Profitable Trader by end of Dec 2019.

Price you need to Pay to achieve your Goals

Nothing in Life come for Free, SO we as Traders need to get rid of some bad habits to achieve the goals.

  • Time to Study Charts
  • Time to make Trading Plan every day
  • Sticking to Stop Loss
  • No Impulsive trading

These are Few examples but you need to identify what habits are Stopping you in becoming a Profitable trader and You should change them for the success and satisfaction of Profitable trading.

Profitable Trading just does not mean making lot of money but its more of satisfaction we can feel from job well done and which  trading can give in abundance.

It very important to trade your Trading Goals twice a day to make it a part of your subconscious mind , Its very important to feel them and to fell that they are True and are part of your life.

Know that what you are setting out to achieve in fact can be achieved , will be achieved and in the sense of your imagination has already been achieved because you have made a commitment to achieve it.

Goal Setting is Goal Getting What you can think is possible in your life and what you can truly believe than you can get,you can have, With this in mind and they active you will do very Well.

Happy Trading !!

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