High Volume Traders – How to trade high with least brokerage fee

By | February 3, 2016 3:37 pm

For a person who has just started trading and plans to trade in high volumes of shares, one thing that looks like a daunting task is to figure out the brokerage plans. Although these days one term that is getting very popular is the zero brokerage trading plan. However, there is a catch in everything that one needs to figure out. Nothing comes for free and different online share trading service providers work on different strategies to make money from their clients. However, there are some simple points that can prove to be helpful in the process of high trading without having to pay a huge amount of brokerage fees.

It is often seen that the broking firms personally negotiate the rates with every trader depending upon their trade volumes and preferences. Although things are decided at an initial level, the real problem is when these rates get varied in the future. So it is important to make sure that you get everything in written from your broking firm so that they do not levy any extra charges on you in the future.

Another point that you can pay attention to is the annual or monthly charges that are applied to your account. The point is simple, one need to make sure that these rates are according to the market rates and nothing extra is charged to you. There are cases when the annual charges are deducted on a monthly basis, but if you agree to pay a lump sum amount, it could be reduced to a distinguished level.

There are various trading techniques that the traders follow like swift trading, intraday trading, delivery, etc. The brokerage charged for all of these trading techniques would be different and vary on a substantial basis. So before buying any brokerage plan, it is important to talk about the technique as well. Many stock broking firms these days are offering combo plans as well where the trader needs to pay the same price no matter which type of trading technique they use. So this is another thing that can help you save big amount of money.

Comparing the rates of various brokerage firms and bargaining for it is very important before getting into a contract with any firm. The main reason behind this is the increasing competition amongst these firms. So if you push the consultant or your trade assistant to some level, there are chances that you can get the best possible deal. Most of the broking firms also serve as advisors that give trade tips to their clients. So if you are buying multiple services from a company, ask them for a package that proves to be light on your pocket.

The stock brokerage plans are many and are offered by many companies, but one needs to smartly choose the best option. Rectify everything that you are being charged and check if you genuinely need to pay it or not. Do a little detailed research to gain the billing insights and then you would be able to deal with huge trade volumes at minimum rates.

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