Self Discipline in trading

By | September 23, 2014 5:51 pm

Developing Self-Discipline is something that you can start doing right NOW. It doesn’t take vigorous special forces training, nor does it require being related to the almighty samurai bloodline. Instead it requires will, devotion and regular action.

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  • Start by cultivating a desire. Do that by understanding the incredible benefits of such an achievement. The majority of human endeavors fail because humans themselves quit; they quit because their mind and emotion subdues their will and discipline. Such a trait shall make you unstoppable.


  • Use what is coined by NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as an Incantation. Stand up and energetically state that you shall achieve this regardless of anything, it’s crucial to incorporate physical movements as well. This molds a stronger message in your mind due to the incorporation of emotion and physicality. Repeat this daily.


  • Analyze yourself; know where your discipline falls short and is mostly likely to fail. Is it exercising, or facing fears, or maintaining dietary habits? This will create the targets which you shall work upon. Fast results will come from major concentrated action and not from minimal diffused efforts.


  • Start, initiate your pursuit by working directly on the weaknesses that keep you away from being self-disciplined. Start small and gradually proceed to making big chances. Day by day incorporate more change but avoid overloading yourself.


  • Once you have tackled one weakness proceed to the other. The conquest for self-discipline is a never-ending one. Acquiring it requires a constant stream of action, otherwise it shall simply leak from your possession.

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