‘Muhurat’ trading: Nifty and Sensex Historical moves

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Nifty and Sensex Historical moves on Muhurat trading

LAST YEAR MUHURAT SESSION: SENSEX CLOSE +35 Nifty +10. But the next trading day Nifty opened with a gap of 160 points and made the 2011 High of 5400.

It was during the ‘muhurat’ trading session of 5 November 2010, when the Sensex closed at its highest in history—21,004.96 points but Nifty failed to do so.

Sensex has closed at a gain of about 1% or more on 13 out of the last 15 ‘muhurat’ trading sessions , Nifty and Sensex mostly open gap up and trade in small range.

After Muhurat trading day , 10 out of the last 15 trading sessions of the next day, the market has taken a beating where its down between 0.5-1% on an average basis . And it has been the only occasion in the last five years when the markets had closed positive on the day after ‘muhurat’ trading.

Major jump happened during the ‘muhurat’ trading session of 28 October 2008 where Nifty was up by 160 points or 6.35% and Sensex was up by 498 points. The index, which closed at 8,510 on the day before the eventful day, went on to close at 9,008.

A fall on just two prior occasions of ‘muhurat’ trading. one was in 2007, when it fell 1% from 19,059 to 18,908 and then way back in 1997 when it fell 3% from 3,934 to 3,803—the highest fall during ‘muhurat’ trading for the sensex.

So will today end of trading session end with a Big bang gains to be followed by whimper the next trading day ie on 15th Nov 2012.

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Diwali. Have a profitable year ahead !!


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