Technical Calls:BGR Energy,Shriram Transport and Bank of India

By | May 28, 2012 8:15 am

If you like basketball, you can think of each trade as but one point in a game, and each trading day as but one game in a series. If you like tennis, for goodness sake don’t think of each trade as match point. In other words, realize that your trading is truly a series of probabilities, a string of events, no one trade makes or breaks you.

BGR Energy

Trendline resistance with 100 SMA acting as resistance.

Sell below 289 Tgt 284.3 and 280.4

Buy above 294 Tgt 297,301 and 306

Shriram Transport

Range bound trades between 508-475. Breakout of same looks likely as Friday rise was backed with volumes.

Buy above 509 Tgt 514,524 and 541


Bank of India

Bank of India is trading in a downward channel and resistance at 20 SMA@323

Buy above 324 TGt 328 and 333

Sell below 319 Tgt 315.2,310 and 306

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