Swing Calls:Bank of India,Ster and Hero Moto Corp

By | April 24, 2012 7:01 am

“One of the most difficult things about trading is not to trade. That is probably one of the most common mistakes that people starting out in this business make. Overtrading is as bad as running losing positions for too long.”


Perhaps one of the hardest aspects of trading to master. Often times newer traders become addicted to the adrenaline rush of being in a trade and get into the easy habit of overtrading. Because they want to be in a trade, these traders start seeing so called “setups” on the charts because they want to see them. Instead of trading on what the charts are actually telling them, they are trading purely off the emotional high of being in a trade.

But professional traders understand the importance of playing the waiting game. They know that sometimes the best thing you can do is to simply wait until your setup is there and stick to trading your plan, even if it’s not as exciting as jumping into a trade at any given moment. The importance of patience in trading can’t be emphasized enough!

Bank of India

Sell below 340 Tgt 337,334 and 330


Sell below 103.3 Tgt 101.5,100.65 and 98.4


Hero Moto Corp


Support at trendline on verge of breaking below 2138

Sell below 2138 Tgt 2121,2093 and 2055


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