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By | July 28, 2008 4:59 pm

NIFTY ANALYSIS : What a boring day! All the day Nifty trading in a narrow range of 50 point and finally closed almost 20 point up from it’s a previous day closing. After a strong rally of five day and almost 800 point correction from that Nifty try to stable at some level so it trade in a sideway manner. Now for further up move it’s a required to closing above 4600 on daily as well as weekly basis. On downside, 4156 will be the major support level. Right now, it will be better to watch for some days before taking any action. For Tuesday, Support exists at 4280 and then at 4220. On upside, resistance exists at 4380 and then at 4410.

NIFTY FUTURE : Now for a day trader, if it stay above 4322 then it touch 4362 if cross this then it go for 4392 and then 4432 level. Below 4322 it try to touch 4292 and if break this then slide up to 4252 level.

BSE SENSEX : Above 14329 it zoom to kiss 14440 to 14531 and then 14642. At downside support at 14238 and then at 14127.

RELIANCE : Now it face resistance at 2210 if cross this then it go for 2241 to 2293. at downside support at 2158 and then at 2127 level.

SBI : For a day trader, it face resistance at 1441 and if cross this level with volume then it go for 1480 to 1544 level. At downside support at 1377 and then at 1338.

TATA STEEL : For a day trading view it try to touch 596 if break this level then it slip up to 588 to 574 level. At upside above 610 it go for 618 to 632 level.

L&T : Above 2707 it go for 2812 and here it face resistance if cross this level then it zoom to kiss 2905 to 3010. At downside below 2707 it slide up to 2614 and then 2509.

INFOSYS : If trade above 1553 then it go for 1581 to 1623 and then at 1651 level. At downside it found support at 1511 and if break this then it slide up to 1483 to 1441.

ONGC : For a day trader, if break 1002 then it slide up to 960 to 909 level. At upside it face resistance at 1053 if cross this then it zoom to kiss 1095 and then 1146.

REL CAPITAL : Trade above 1316 lead it to the 1332 to 1352 level. At downside support at 1296 and then 1280.

REL INFTA : Below 995 it try to touch 965 level. here it found good support. At upside if cross 1015 then it go for 1045 to 1065 level.

BHEL : At downside support at 1622 if break this then slip up to 1596 to 1551 level. At upside if cross 1667 then it go for 1693 to 1738 level.

DLF : It create a narrow range of 510 to 485 any side break out lead stock to that side above 510 it go for 522 to 535 and below 485 it slip further 472 to 460.

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