Do Astrology Drives Human Emotion And Hence Stock Market ?

By | November 5, 2022 6:39 pm

Human emotion drives buying and selling decisions in the financial markets. When market participants are feeling positive, they are driven to buy. When they are feeling uncertain or negative, they are
driven to sell.

Probing this idea deeper immediately yields the complex question – what drives human emotion?

Medical researchers still have not definitively answered this question.
Some say changes in blood alkalinity or acidity impact our emotions. Some say changes in chemical hormones in the bloodstream are the cause. My humble opinion on this complex matter is that the ever-changing configurations of orbiting planets and other celestial bodies in our cosmos influence our body chemistry and thereby drive human emotion.

The Sun is the centre of our planetary system. The Sun emits massive amounts of solar radiation in all directions into the vastness of space. This radiation is called solar wind. This solar wind interacts with the magnetic fields around Mercury, Venus, Moon,
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These planets accept and then disburse the solar wind radiation. As the radiation is disbursed, a goodly amount of it finds its way towards the magnetic field around planet Earth.

Changes in the density and speed of solar wind mean that the amount of radiation reaching Earth’s magnetic field on a daily, weekly or monthly basis will be ever-changing. As a result, the intensity or flux of the Earth’s magnetic field is also constantly changing. The alignment of the orbiting planets at any given time in our cosmos plays a key role in determining how much solar radiation is deflected towards Earth’s magnetic field.

A simplistic way of viewing this entire arrangement is to think of a billiards table as the cosmos. The various balls on the table are the planets and other celestial bodies. The solar radiation is the white cue ball bouncing and deflecting off other balls on the table. The human body is largely comprised of water. We all have an electrical field that runs through our tissues. Hence, basic physics demands that changes to the Earth’s magnetic field will then induce subtle changes to our bodily electric circuitry. These subtle changes, in my opinion, are what drive our emotional responses.

Starting in the early 1900’s, esoteric thinkers such as the famous Wall Street trader W.D. Gann noted that basic Astrology bore a striking correlation to changes on the financial markets. This was the birth of Financial Astrology. Gann based his writings and forecasts on the synodic cycles between various planets. Gann also delved deep into esoteric math, notably square root math.

He is well remembered for Gann Lines – a technique based on square roots. But Gann lived in a challenging time. Statute laws in places like New York expressly forbade the use of occult science in business ventures. Gann therefore carefully concealed the basis
for his market forecasts. Today many traders and investors try to emulate Gann but they do so in a linear fashion – looking for repetitive cycles on the calendar. What they are missing is the Astrology component, which is anything but linear.

Time period cycles also recur with uncanny regularity. The cause of this is unknown but some have speculated that it is either innate biological time clocks in humans, or it is planetary in nature,since the movements of the big planets are highly correlated with stock movements.

Recent studies point out electromagnetic radiation from the stars as the timing mechanism and the revolution of the earth each day modified by the planets causing interference patterns, is much analogous to a radio receiver being tuned to a channel.

At the precise channel tuning point the electrical force is maximum and in the stock market that is when we see big market reversals on heavy volume. This theory may never be completely proven, but just like gravity which is still unknown, we can nevertheless make reasonable assumptions and calculations that will be of benefit in investing. These energies from whatever source show up in the patterns on charts and these rhythmic patterns can be manipulated with math and geometry to give us terminal points for great stock market trades.

When applying Astrology to trading and investing, it is vital at all times to be aware of the price trend. Price Action is Supreme.  Astrology is not about trying to take action at each and every astro event that comes along because not all astro events are powerful enough to induce a change of trend.


Astrology is an ancient science focused on the correlation between the planets, events of nature and behaviour of mankind. This ancient science is rooted in thousands of years of observation across many civilizations.


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Below are few videos we have made to show Effect of Planets on Stock Market and How to trade

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