The Holy Grail Secret to Trading Success

By | August 5, 2021 4:00 pm

Whenever I saw a Cricket  playing in the field  or Tennis player playing, the temptation to play like them was tremendous.

If you see any Great Sportsman playing and compare yourself to them you will  observe You are lacking in co-ordination, stamina, technique, strategies and above all few tricks of the game that only comes from being exposed to the game regularly, sincerely and with full dedication.

When you come into trading arena, it is mesmerizing to watch the professionals execute trades effortlessly and seem to understand the market turns fairly well and getting a lot of admiration, adulation along the way.
You, in your enthusiasm and in earnest desire to duplicate their success, jump in to the world of “trading” just as you get tempted to play like Sachin Tendulkar and end result just as you cannot become Sachin without learning the tricks of the game in the similar manner you cannot become a Successful professional trader and will eventually lose your hard earned capital and will blame market to take your money.

To become a Successful trader you need to Spend hours, days, months & years to master this game of trading.  There are so many study materials available in this site. Explore them. Apply them as in a test laboratory without employing your money. It requires tremendous amount of patience to hold back yourself from jumping into this mesmerizing world of trading where only “success stories” are talked about.

Gaining knowledge brings you only half way or I would say to the starting block. To select & execute your trades, use your head. Once executed, keep the “brains” out and follow your trading plan.

Do it with small amount and grow in confidence.
Why study so much when there is mechanical trading available? If you have an in-built discipline as that of a Military man, you will follow those simple rules. If not, you need to study to understand the markets and find , during the course of your experience.
Having spent many years in the market, I do not know where the market is headed for “sure” but that does not stop me from applying my studies and creating a trading plan on how will i react to situations.

There is money in the market to be mined regularly if you can stick to your plan, with discipline and controlling your emotions.

There is NO Holy Grail Secret to Trading Success!

Stop looking for one.

And get back to work.

SO Only HOLY GRAIL to be Successful Trader is HARD WORK

Becoming a risk-management expert

Profitable traders tend to focus on risk management more than making profits. When you have a profitable trading methodology, the most important thing is to be hyper-diligent in managing your risk.

You need to keep your losses small, and let your winners run. You achieve risk management through personal discipline, the use of protective stops, diversification, and hedging, among other things.

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