Financial Astrology:Forecasting Market Cycles Using Planetary Movements

By | July 17, 2021 6:11 pm

​Through Centuries, different cultures and races have used the movement of planets and the positions of constellations to predict future events in various aspects of life.Financial astrology gives the best dates to invest/trade in specific markets.

The financial markets are nothing more than one big psychological event ruled by the emotions of fear and hope. When market participants are fearful, they sell. When they are feeling hopeful, they buy. If intangible forces are capable of causing events like tidal motion, earthquakes, volcanos and sunspots, surely then it must be plausible that these same forces can influence the emotions of fear and hope within human beings and thereby influence buying and selling activity on the markets.

Financial Astrology trading investing forex markets

What is Financial Astrology?

Financial Astrology, also known as Astro-Economics, is a method used to calculate through mathematical psychology the way a market will react on a specific month or date. It is also used in different businesses to know when is the best moment to launch a new product or to open a new store.


If you want to understand how to use financial astrology into your daily business activities, it is essential to study the cycles of the various celestial bodies in the universe and the way they have affected the planet in previous dates. Specifically, traders look for the way those cycles seemed to influence the numbers of the trade market, rising them or lowering them depending on the position of a planet, a star, or the Sun. These cycles are known as Retrograde Cycles, and they are vital tools to study the effect of the stars on the financial markets.


Below Videos we have discussed Implementation of Financial Astrology in Financial Markets.


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