Weekly Trading Outlook for Crude Oil

By | April 28, 2019 4:34 pm

As Discussed in Last Analysis  Next week 22 April is a crucial date. For coming week Bulls need to move above 4489 for up move to continue towards 4555/4624. Bears have there chance only below 4356 only.

Crude did all target on upside and we had a perfect price time squaring on 22 April as low made was 4475 we had a rally of 3.5% same day. Now for coming week bears will get active if unable to close above 4430 for a move back to 4323/4250. Crude has made a short term top till we do not close above 4700 and can see fall till 4250/4166/4096.

Crude Time Cycle

Coming week 02 May is important time cycle.

Weekly Trend Change Level:4430

Weekly Resistance:4497,4531,4580,4625

Weekly Support:4370,4300,4265,4200

Levels Mentioned are for May Contract Crude

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