Crude Oil Price Forecast for Next Week

By | March 10, 2019 11:19 am

As Discussed in Last Analysis Coming week 4001 will play a crucial role and above that only we can see a good move towards 4096/4150/4225. Bears will get active below 3950 for a move towards 3900/3843/3801.

4001 played a crucial role as once we went above it in coming week and did our 1 target of 4050 and once below 4001 we did 3 target on downside till 3843 so excellent week for crude traders.We again reacted from gann angle resistance zone. Also 06 March played a crucial turning date as High of 3977 not crossed on 08 March and we tanked 150 points from that level.

Coming week 3844 will play crucial role any break below it can see fast fall towards 3780/3721/3666/3610. Bulls will get active above 3900 towards 3969/4020.

Crude Time Cycle

Coming week 12 March is important time cycle.

Weekly Trend Change Level:3844

Weekly Resistance:3881,3921,3969,4016

Weekly Support:3780,3721,3666,3610

Levels Mentioned are for March Contract Crude

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