Had Crude made Short Term Bottom ?

By | December 29, 2018 9:15 pm

As Discussed in Last Analysis  Crude did perfect price time squaring as High made was 3259 near our level 3254 on 24 Dec and we saw the big fall achieving all our targets on downside.

Now for coming week as discussed in below video 3284 and 3126 should be watched closely.

As per planetary cycle chart 3126 on downside and 3283 on upside is the big range for crude and trending move would be seen on break of this range only. Till than play the range with Support Resistance mentioned as below.

Crude Time Cycle

Major Trend Change date for Crude for December Month

  1. 03-Dec-18
  2. 10-Dec-18
  3. 17-Dec-18
  4. 21-Dec-18
  5. 26-Dec-18
  6. 29-Dec-18

Weekly Trend Change Level:3222

Weekly Resistance :3280,3333,3375,3401

Weekly Support:3150,3070,3025,2970

Levels Mentioned are for Jan Contract Crude

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