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By | July 17, 2016 8:07 am

Most of my friends have a term insurance plan. While I was researching about the best term plans, I came across few insurance companies that provide term plans online. One was the famous LIC but the rates for the premium were too high and since a term plan is only for protection I was looking for the one that provides good features and is cheaper. I had shortlisted few insurance brands but due to my busy schedule I was procrastinating the decision of buying an insurance plan. However, one day when I logged into twitter I found #EdelweissTokioLife trending on number 1, this caught my attention and reminded me that I had still not bought a term plan. I was curious to know why they were trending and so I checked the tweets. The reason they were trending was because they had launched their new website.

This was the right time for me to go check out their plan. I visited their website and what I found amusing is that they have a need analyser on their website homepage. This helped me understand exactly which plan will suit my needs and how much insurance I’ll need. When I calculated my needs what I realised was I also need to start investing for my goals. I tried to research more about ULIPs available under the buzz section of the website. I was convinced at one go when I read that all the individual funds were rated 5 star by MorningStar. I decided that I’ll get myself covered and also invest in a plan that provides me with good returns.

When I started my buying journey I must say the website does not just look appealing but is highly user friendly. I immediately received my premium amount and I could add both the plans in my cart just like any other ecommerce website. This made my buying journey very smooth.

I must say no doubt the product I opted for was good but the website journey was amazing, responsive and user friendly. I have also subscribed to their buzz section, it’s informative and interesting.

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  1. nagesh

    this came as a shocker to know that u bought a term policy now. that is the first thing we should do when we are the sole breadwinner.


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