Characteristics of Successful Traders

By | September 30, 2014 3:48 pm

1) The amount of time spent on their trading outside of trading hours (preparation, reading, etc.);

2) Dedicated periods to reviewing trading performance and making adjustments to shifting market conditions;

3) The ability to stop trading when not trading well to institute reviews and when conviction is lacking;

4) The ability to become more aggressive and risk taking when trading well and with conviction;

5) A keen awareness of risk management in the sizing of positions and in daily, weekly, and monthly loss limits, as well as loss limits per position;

Drive Wealth

6) Ongoing ability to learn new skills, markets, and strategies;

7) Distinctive ways of viewing and following markets that leverage their skills;

8) Persistence and emotional resilience: the ability to keep going in the face of setback;

9) Competitiveness: a relentless drive for self-improvement;

10) Balance: sources of well-being outside of trading that help sustain energy and focus.

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