PNB,PFC and Ranbaxy Trading Analysis

By | October 15, 2013 12:59 am


PNBPNB is still trading in its triangle  and formed an Inverted Hammer candelstick pattern,

Buy above 492 Tgt 496,501 and 507 SL 487

Sell below 485 Tgt 481,474 and 470 SL 487






PFC has broken below its ascending triangle pattern Any close below 131 gives short term target of 123.

Buy above 135.1 Tgt 137,139 and 141 SL 133.5

Sell below 131 Tgt 127,125 and 123 SL 133.5




RanbaxyRanabxy closed below its 200 DMA,Closing below 390 gives short term target of 377.

Buy above 398 Tgt 403,407 and 411 SL 395

Sell below 393 Tgt 390,385 and 377 SL 395


Stock Performance Sheet for the Month of September is Updated @  Net Profit for the month of Sep is 1.82 Lakh and Oct Month 1.12 Lakh

Stock Performance Positional sheet for Sep Month is updated on  Net Profit for Sep Month 2.35 Lakhs , Oct Month 1.03 Lakh


  • All prices relate to the NSE Spot
  • Calls are based on the previous trading day’s price activity.
  • The call is valid for the next trading session only unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Stop-loss levels are given so that there is a level below/above, which the market will tell us that the call has gone wrong. Stop-loss is an essential risk control mechanism; it should always be there.
  • Book, at least, part profits when the prices reach their targets; if you continue to hold on to positions then use trailing stops to lock in your profits.

6 thoughts on “PNB,PFC and Ranbaxy Trading Analysis

  1. Ram Ganesh

    Thank you for your speedy reply; I am planning to take leave during last week of November to attend your course; otherwise if you are free during Nov-23/24 or Nov-30/Dec-1 ; please let me know.

  2. Ram Ganesh

    Good morning Bramesh Sir,

    Do u wait for the spot price to stay above/below your trigger price for 5/15 mins or do you initiate the trade as soon as it crosses the level. In some scenarios; the CMP crosses the trigger and witin 1 or 2 minutes; it reverses the direction. I would request your strategy so that I can also follow the same.

    1. Bramesh Post author

      VGM Sir,

      I cover the same in my trading course after understanding the Psychology and risk profile of trader.



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