Swing Calls:LT,IRB Infra and Voltas

By | April 10, 2012 7:32 am

Getting into a trade is like jumping into a fast-moving river. The opportunity as well as the danger is in the water. You are safe standing on the bank and can control where and when to jump, but getting out of the water can be more tricky. You may see a spot where you want to get out—a profit target, where you can place a limit order. You may want to let the river carry you as long as the current allows, protecting your position with a trailing stop. That may increase your profits, but it also will increase slippage.

Larsen And Tubro

LT is at its crucial trendline support of 1294. Break of it will lead to 1275 and 1260. Break of 1260 will lead to gap filling till 1237. On Upside Gap exists between 1329 till 1345


Buy above 1302 Tgt  1308,1322,1332 and 1345

Sell below 1294 Tgt 1284,1275,1260 and 1237


IRB Infra

Range bound trades between 180-197 and taking support at 20 SMA on dips which are coming. Break of 189 will lead to a quick fall.Fresh shorts were added as per Futures data.


Buy above 192.3 Tgt 195.4,196.4,199.5 and 203

Sell below 189 Tgt 188.1,185.2 and 183.8



Triangular formation which show a big move is on its way. Stock has been rallying from past 4 days and dips near 118 are bought into. Above 123.2 Voltas will give big move on upside.

Range play between 118-123

Buy above 123.2 TGT 126.25,128 and 131.7

Sell below 120.8 Tgt 119.2,118.2 and 116.8

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