Russia-Ukraine Crisis: MCX Copper Trend – Support and Resistance Levels

By | March 6, 2022 9:00 am

The copper price hit an all-time high on Friday.Copper stocks, at 69,825 tonnes, are the lowest since 2005.Russia isn’t a major copper player, producing about 3.5% of the world’s copper. Still, commodities extended their massive rally this week as the war fueled fears of supply crunches.Chile, responsible for more than a quarter of global copper production, recorded its lowest January output since 2011, government figures showed on Monday.

MCX COPPER Gann Angle Chart

MCX Copper did gann price time squaring level saw a big rally and heading towards 864/898 till holding 818

MCX COPPER Plannetary Support and Resistace Line 

Price closing above Mars Support line heading towards 864/898 till holding 818

MCX COPPER Harmonic Analysis

Price heading towards864/898 till holding  818

COPPER Astro/Gann Trend Change Date

07/10 March Important time Astro Date 

Weekly Trend Change Level:843

Weekly Resistance:850,856,864,872

Weekly Support:836,830,824,818

Levels Mentioned are for Copper March Future

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