Can Planets Predict Stock Market Movements?

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Astrology is the science of the effects and influence of the celestial bodies on life on earth, especially of the observables planets and constellation considered nearer in relation to earth
Astrology is the knowledge of relationships based on man and his environment. It includes entire
galaxy and is true of planetary bodies. Their radiations affect each other, including earth and all
the things on it, there is no doubt the sun has the greatest influence on the life of earth .the influence of sun is clear to see.

The influence of Moon on the other hand is more subtle, through less definite. There are many
ways in which the influence of moon manifests itself on earth, human, plant and animal life. It is
well known fact that large moment of water on earth, that is flow of tides, is caused by moon.
Human body which consist of 70 percent water too falls within the scope of lunar influence. The
menstrual cycle of many women correspond to the lunar month; the human period of pregnancy is 273 days, or equal to nine lunar months.

It is been established in physical science that everything in the universe has an effect on everything
else, Astrology is one of the main factor that directly affects the moments of the Financial market which includes Stocks/Commodities/Crypto.
Now as we all know that sun and moon are the only planet that is visible through naked eyes, In
Traditional Indian astrology it is written that,

Pratyaksham jyotisham shastram
Chandraarko yatra Sakshino

It means Indian Astrology is divine science, and it is real. Sun and moon is the proof of its

Importance of Sun

Sun: Sun is deemed to be the king, chief or head among all planets.

The reason are as Follows :

  • It is the brightest of all planets.
  • It gives us life through its light.
  • It causes rain without which human, animal and plant life would be no more.
  • It reflect light to the moon.

Sun is the most important planet in solar system.

Sectors Impacted by Sun are  Precious commodities,pharmaceuticals sector,agriculture industry, Government policy and there administrative changes.

In Financial Market Aspects (Conjuction and Opposition)  of Sun and Rahu, creates major fluctuations on the stock market as discussed in below Video. 

Importance of Moon

Moon is the exclusive ruler of the mind in case of all humans. Sharpness in thought and the tendency to maintain secrecy are the basic attributes of the Moon.Moon has major Impact on Intraday Trading where Emotions are the Highest. 

The Lunar phase is in fact the appearance of the illuminated part of the Moon as seen from the Earth. The lunar phase varies as the moon orbits the Earth accordingly to the positions of the Moon, Earth and Sun related to each other.

Every 28 days the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth. This means that the Moon is in
conjunction with the Sun AKA NEW MOON, Next Important Astrological Aspect is  Moon in Opposition to Sun. AKA FULL MOON.  These aspects generally leads to turning point in Financial Market for short term as discussed in below video.

If we apply this new information to the financial market we can find new rules: during the NEW MOON and the first 14 days, people are driven to put into practice new plans (buying stocks for
example); during and after the full moon there is a tendency towards waiting and even selling.
There is a strong correlation between the period when the seen part of the Moon increases in size
and the price of the stocks going up; and between the last 14 days of the lunar month (visible part
of the Moon getting smaller) and the price of the stocks going down.

The first 14 days of the lunar month represent the period when the illuminated part of this celestial
body raises and is considered the best part of all 28 days. It is a benefice time for new, important
and complex things, for making new plans and for starting new projects. It is exactly what the
elders said: the right thing at the right time!

The time between the 15th and 28th days represents the decreasing period of the Moon and is
considered inauspicious. During this second half of the lunar month we should continue the things
we have already started working on and avoid making mistakes. It is not recommended to begin
new actions because they are meant to fail.

There are certain factors which influence the stocks, like world events, social factors, Exchange
rates, political factors and we can say that star or the planetary combination is having direct
relation with the above mentioned factors.
As we all know that astrology is a divine science, it requires professional knowledge and
understanding of the planetary movements.

The study of the impact of stars on stock market is itself a new stream to unfold the hidden
mysteries of Capital market especially Indian Capital market. Therefore more research on this
subject will definitely release a positive result that proves a strong relationship between stock
market and the planetary movements.





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