4 Trading Fears and How to Overcome Them

By | April 15, 2019 3:48 pm

In Below Video we have discussed Different Fear in Trading

How can you Identify you are Fear

  • Heart Rate Increases
  • Breathing Increases
  • Muscle are Tense
  • Mouth Feel Dry
  • You Feel very light headed/Numb
  • Bite the Finger Nail
  • Butterfly in Stomach
  • Hand Palm Feels Slipery
  • You do not Feel Hungry

When you are In fearful state the following will happen

  • Unable to assess our trading position and evaluate what could be done to minimize the loss
  • It becomes difficult for us to think clearly and thats why you forget your trading plan
  • You enter in mode of responding ie you respond to market condition and exit the trade impulsively
  • We can’t make detailed plans. We can’t compare alternatives.
  • Emotional reactions can be made very fast, You just want to enter or exit position ASAP

If we can recognize the signs and symptoms of fear, not only do we understand better what it is we are dealing with, but we put ourselves into a position where we can recognize it early on conciously and take the corrective steps which we will discuss in next posts.

So take a few moments after reading this article  and try to clarify your own fear in trading.

How exactly do you experience it?

What do you feel in your body?

What is your mind telling you?

And, emotionally, how do you feel?

Experienced traders know that doing the same things as everyone else puts you in the herd, not outside of it. Profitability and success in trading will be elusive when taking the same actions as others,Like being fearful and taking impulsive trading decisions.

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