Crude Rallies as Price and Time Meet

By | April 13, 2019 5:40 pm

As Discussed in Last Analysis   Crude is ready for 300 points rally in next 2 weeks either side, Trigger level on Upside 4380 for a move towards 4489/4624. Bears will get active below 4330 for a move back to 4225/4096/4001

Low made last week was 4380 and we saw a rally till 4482 near our target of 4489.This is How Gann Analysis helps in picking the right side of trend and also pinpoint trade levels. For coming week Bulls need to move above 4489 for upmove to continue towards 4555/4624. Bears have there chance only below 4356 only.

Crude Time Cycle

Coming week 17 April  is important time cycle.

Weekly Trend Change Level:4444

Weekly Resistance:4489,4556,4601,4666

Weekly Support:4390,4356,4290,4225

Levels Mentioned are for April Contract Crude

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