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Most of traders develop trading systems based on patterns we see in price action or in momentum or other indicators. But, what if we took “time” into account as well?

When ever we talk of TIME, one person which come to our Mind is legendary W D Gann. But there are many other famous traders who developed and traded strategies based on time.

All traders are looking for that edge. As individual retail traders, we’re competing against the best minds, the most experienced and skilled traders in the world. If you looked at it logically, they hold all the cards, they have a big-brother view of what’s going on in the markets every minute of the day. Does this mean we don’t stand a chance? Not at all – we just need to be a little bit creative sometimes with our trading systems and we can beat them at this game.

I have made my time based scanners based on various strategies, which covers 213 FNO Stocks, Below is the sneak peek of the stocks whose trend is changing in coming week based. Observe them. Note down the High Low of Trend Change date and try to trade next day when High or Low is broken of TC date Keeping SL based on your risk management.

Few Points to note before placing any trades

  1. Please note do a proper back testing before taking any trade on it,
  2. Trade in cash market do not take leverage , Do not jump and start trading,THIS IS NOT A HOLY GRAIL
  3. Its an additional information i have provided on repeated request of readers to see how time cycle works.
  4. With time analysis we need to have a proper price levels to enter and exit the trade which is dependent on the trading system a trader follows.
  5. If Stock name come twice in list it suggests time cycle converging and explosive move can be seen.On multiple days date try to do intraday trade on those stocks.
  6. If O=H/O=L trades can be taken the same day.
  7. If date mentioned is holiday use the last trading day data.

We have shared for Aug  Sep  Oct Dec  Feb May  July Aug  Sep Oct  Nov  Dec

Jan Feb which can be seen here

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