Indian Rupee Weekly Forecast for 24-28 Dec

By | December 23, 2018 2:22 pm

As per our Last Analysis  71-71.3 should be closely watched in coming week as its very strong support and any break below that we can see downfall all the way till 70.5/70.

Once 71.3 was broken on 18 Dec we had a good rally which did all our target on downside.

For coming week more rally can be seen only below 69.75 and bearishnes can be seen above 70.5 for a move back to 71/71.3

Major Trend Change date for INR for November

  1. 05-Dec-18– Small Bottom
  2. 11-Dec-18– Top Made
  3. 23-Dec-18
  4. 29-Dec-18

Weekly Trend Change:70.50

Weekly Resistance :70.85,71.55,72.11

Weekly Support:69.75,69.40,68.99

Levels Mentioned are for DEC Contract of USD INR

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