Are you Trading on Skills or Luck

By | November 24, 2015 3:45 pm

Some describe trading as purely based on “LUCK” , “Tukka marna” as we call it in Hindi, but from my perceptive trading is all about “Skills” . Skills take time to develop. Take an Example of Engineer, To get an Engineering degree a student has to study for 6 years ( 2 Years for entrance preparation and 4 Years as formal engineering degree). Doctor has to study much more. So Skills take some time to develop.

You see, trading is one of the toughest pursuits out there. Something that will test every ounce of spirit you have- only to make you dig deeper. Something that requires you to develop yourself to a greater degree than most people even know is possible. Something that takes years to truly master.

But when it come to trading, Traders want to earn money instantly. “Get Rich Quickly”, As per my experience Stock market is best place to loose money instantly but most difficult place to make money. So let me discussion difference between Luck and Skills. Luck favors the brave and Skill favors the knowledgeable

  • You are trading based on Luck if 3 months you earn 20% and in 4 month loose it all. Traders having skills will look for consistent profits.
  • Luck is picking the right stock and riding it up for great profits, skill is knowing when to get out and lock in profits.
  • If you made money in 2007/2014 Bull Run and losses it all in 2008 crash and 2015 , You were trading on Luck But if you made money in both 2007 Bull Run and 2008 Bear Run you are having trading skills.
  • Luck is having one big bet pay off for huge profits, skill is surviving 200 straight trades and not blowing up your account.
  • Luck is surviving the market while not knowing what you are doing, skill is acquired after you have done your homework.

So, do you have skills as a trader or have you just been lucky  So far………

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