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A Poor Learned Man Reached The Neighboring Kingdom While Walking. Coincidentally, That Day There Was A Handicraft Ceremony In Which A Garland In The Trunk Of An Elephant Was Carried Around The City. The One Who Put The Garland Around His Neck Was Made The King There For 5 Years.
That Person Also Started Watching The Ceremony. The Elephant Put A Garland Around His Own Neck. Everyone Cheered And Declared Him The King There For 5 Years.

Rajpurohit Crowned Him And Stating The Rules There, He Said That You Are Being Made A King For Only 5 Years. After The Completion Of 5 Years, You Will Be Released In A River Full Of Crocodiles And Alligators.

If You Have The Strength, You Can Fight Them And Reach The Village Across The River. You Will Not Be Allowed To Return To This City.

That Poor Learned Man Was Stunned But He Thought That It Is Still 5 Years’ Time. Some Solution Will Come Out.

He Ruled Scholarly For 5 Years. He Carried Out The Governance Process Of The State With Full Devotion And Thus Started Ruling Not Only On The State But Also On The Hearts Of The People. The Public Had Never Seen Such A Prajavatsal King.

5 Years Completed. According To The Rules, The Procession Was Taken Out Again By Making The King Seated On An Elephant.

Tears Welled Up In The Eyes Of The People. Reaching The Bank Of The River, The King Descended From The Elephant. Rajpurohit Said That Now You Can Cross The River And Go To The Other Side.

Amidst The Tearful Farewell Ceremony, He Said That I Respect The Rules Of This State. Now You Give Me Orders.

As The King Stepped Towards The River, The People Raised Their Bright Eyes. Do You Know What Was There, Seeing That They Started Dancing With Joy?

From This Side Across The River There Was A Bridge Built By The King On Which The King Was Walking Calmly, From The Other Side Of The River To The Beautiful Village.

, Isn’t The Same Thing Happening To Us As Well? We Too Have Been Entrusted With The Reins Of This Priceless Life By Giving The Precious Capital Of Breath For A Certain Time.

As Soon As The Time Is Over, We Have To Leave This Kingdom And Go To The Other Side Of The Ocean From Where We Are Not Allowed To Come Again To This Kingdom.

If We Do Not Build A Bridge Of Religious Meditation, Then We Too Will Be Thrown Into Hells Full Of Crocodiles And Alligators And We Will Become Their Prey.


*Once the evil spirits complained to God that why they are treated so badly, the good souls live in such a magnificent palace and we are all in ruins, after all why this discrimination, when we are all children of you. *

* God explained to them, “I made everyone the same, but you have become evil spirits by your actions.”

But even after God’s persuasion, evil spirits kept complaining about being discriminated against.

On this God thought for some time and called all the good and evil spirits and said, “On the request of evil spirits, I have taken a decision, from today onwards all the palaces or ruins I had given to you to live should be destroyed.” and the good and evil spirits will build for themselves two separate cities. ,

Then a soul said,*
*but for this build*
From where will we get the bricks?

*”When a person on earth tells the truth or a lie, then bricks will be prepared here in return for him. All bricks will be the same in strength, now it is for you to decide whether you will get bricks made for telling truth or for lying!”, replied the Lord.*

*The evil spirits thought, there are more people lying on the earth, so if they took the bricks made by lying then a huge city could be built, and they asked God to make bricks for lying.*

* The construction of both the cities started simultaneously, but within a few days the city of evil spirits started taking a huge form, they were getting heaps of bricks continuously and they made a magnificent palace out of it.

At the same time, the creation of good souls was going on slowly, even after a long time, only one part of their city was formed.*

* A few more days passed like this, then one day suddenly a strange incident happened. Bricks started disappearing from the city of evil spirits*

From the walls, from the roofs, from the foundations of buildings, from everywhere, bricks started disappearing and their city started taking the form of ruins. The troubled souls immediately ran to the Lord and asked, “Lord, why suddenly these bricks started disappearing from our palace, our palace city has become a ruin again?”

* God smiled and said, “Bricks started disappearing!! Well, it seems that the lies of those who lied were caught, and that is why the bricks made by their lying also disappeared.*

We get to learn many important things from this story, which we have been hearing since childhood, but probably do not take it so seriously: the life of a lie is short, if not today or tomorrow, a lie is caught.

It seems easy to achieve success by following the path of lies and dishonesty but in the end it makes us a failure.

Those who follow the same truth move slowly but their success is permanent. Therefore, we should always build our success building on the basis of truth, only ruins can be built on the basis of lies and dishonesty..!!

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