Technical Stock Calls: LT,Maruti and ICICI Bank

By | February 21, 2013 11:44 pm

If you want to know everything about the market, go to the beach. Push and pull your hands with the waves. Some are bigger waves, some are smaller. But if you try to push the wave out when it’s coming in, it’ll never happen. The market is always right.






ICICI Bank is taking support at its upward rising trendline as show in above chart.Stock has been falling continuously from its result day. If this trendline breaks on closing basis tommrow stock can drop quickly to 1008-1011 levels where important and strong support is placed.

Sell below 1075 Tgt 1066,1058 and 1045 SL 1084

Buy above 1090 Tgt 1103,1114 and 1121 Sl 1076




Maruti has been reacting from its result day after making life high, stock took support at rising trendline and bounced back today.

Buy above 1476 Tgt 1486,15001508 SL 1466

Sell below 1449 Tgt 1442,1434 and 1417 SL 1462




LT has been trading in downward channel and trading well below 200 DMA. Holding the lower trendline bounce back can be seen.

Buy above 1433 Tgt 1442,1449 and 1457 SL 1421

Sell below 1415 Tgt 1404,1388 and 1372 SL 1421


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