Nifty Futures Trading Strategy for 11 Feb

By | February 10, 2013 10:24 pm


1. FIIs sold 10170 Contracts of Index Future (NSE Nifty Futures and Bank Nifty Futures combined),worth 301 cores with net Open Interest decreasing by 9388 contracts. 

2. As CNX Nifty Future was down  by 39  points with Open Interest in Index Futures decreasing by 9388 FII have booked  profit  in Nifty and Bank Nifty future shorts .FII did not went aggressive shorts and booked profits. As discussed in Weekly analysis , Sensex is still holding the 8 month old trendline.

3. NS closed at 5903 after  making high of 5954 and low of 5884.Nifty gave a follow up move after formation gravestone Doji as discussed in Thursday analysis,and also broke the trendline in last 30 mins of trading on Friday.Stop loss for long traders was triggered as soon as 5905 was taken out  and that’s the reason we saw waterfall decline.No signs of reversal are seen on daily charts so do not be adventurous to take long, Lets market show the sign of bottoming out in short term. Here I would add traders who are following us please book another 70-80% of shorts which we have taken from 6050 NF.



4. Resistance for Nifty has come up to 5915 and 5945  which needs to be watched closely ,Support now exists at 5885 and 58455.Trend is Sell on Rise till 6000 is not broken on closing basis.

5. Nifty Future Feb Open Interest Volume is at 1.30 cores with addition of  1.3  lakh in Open Interest shorts got added in system, Cost of Carry of Nifty Future reduced to 3.3 showing shorts  are added into the system.

6. Total Future & Option trading volume at 0.97 lakh Cores with total contract traded  at 1.73 lakh  , PCR (Put to Call Ratio) at 0.90  and VIX at 15.16. Above 15.5 VIX also gives a breakout for short term, which can further add to downside pressure, So keep an eye on 15.5 on VIX

7. 6100 Call Option is having highest Open Interest of 77  lakhs with addition of  2.6 lakhs in Open Interest premium at 16, 6200 Nifty CE  is having second highest OI at 64 lakh  addition  of  3.4 lakhs in OI,6000 CE also added 8.8 lakhs in OI so Bears are continuing to build wall of resistance at 6000 CE  .5700-6300 Call Options added 20.5 lakhs in OI.

8. 5900 Put Option is having highest  Open Interest of  71 lakhs with addition of 10 lakhs in OI so still Bulls are forming strong base at 5900 PE, 6000 PE writers have started panicking on to there positions as OI change was 2.1 lakhs . 5700 PE  again liquidated 3.4 lakhs with Option premium at Rs 13.4 ,  5700 PE made high of 17 so smart money doubled there money in 6 trading sessions 🙂 Still 5700 PE have 49 lakhs OI.5700-6300 Put Options added 11.4  lakhs in OI.

9. FIIs buying in Equity in tune of 1491 cores and DII sold 709 cores in cash segment,INR closed at 53.41 Live INR rate @

10. Nifty Futures Trend Deciding level is 5951(For Intraday Traders), Trend Changer at 6002 NF(For Positional Traders). (Above this Level Bulls will rule Nifty/Below this levels Bears have upper hand). Bank Nifty Future Trend Changer Level 12578. Bank Nifty Weekly Analysis

Buy above 5915 Tgt 5940,5955 and 5982

Sell below 5900 Tgt 5875,5843,5815(Nifty Spot Levels)

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