Common Trading Mistakes to avoid in 2013

By | December 31, 2012 5:13 pm

2012 will be an History after 11 Hours. As a Stock market trader we need to evolve as per market dynamics and be prepared to hit your goals. Traders should do brain storming and self evaluation to highlight the mistake which can ruin their trading account if not contained.Below are few mistakes traders should avoid once for all.

  • Shorting the Hottest and momentum stock in the market: I know many traders who lost fortune shorting Karnataka Bank, United Spirits. If you ask the reasoning behind shorting momentum based stocks reason will be as follows

                                          a) Fundamental does not support this stock price.

                                          b) Price cannot go higher than this.

                                          c) It overbought price has to correct.

Stop trading based on your belief, Learn to trade on price action and time tested trading system.






  • Having Strong belief “We cannot loose in market” , With this belief  traders will trade Huge position size without applying any risk management and position sizing strategy.Trades are based on emotions not on any logical reasoning and most of these trades end up giving huge losses and wiping out the trading account.Most of traders who lose big money are always over leveraged and a small move of 2-3% against them can almost wipe off the trading account.


  • Not having a trading plan before taking the trade. EGO is the thing which losing trades have most in them. Really  Bad traders enter the markets with a mile of ego along with mud puddle deep understanding of what really works in trading. They have the belief that they are more clever than the markets and they can win based on their own intelligence. The problem is they do not do the homework of studying charts, trends, robust systems, winning methods, the right psychology for winning traders, risk/reward ratios, or the danger of the risk of ruin, or how the top performing stocks acted historically, and on and on. Profitable learn what it takes to succeed in trading, the complete story, while the bad traders learn some basics and think they are ready. They are wrong. The markets will show them.


  • Taking low probability trades or going against the trend trades. Its a Thumb rule never short in Bull market and never catch a falling knife in bear market. But traders have the urge to catch the top and bottom and eventually end up in losing as the trade goes against them. Risk management is one of the most important thing which separate a profitable trader from loss making trader.They sell naked puts on stocks collapsing into death spirals and sell calls on the best momentum stocks. They trade with big risks for small profits. They have a few small wins but some really huge losses. When they have a winner they take the profits quickly, but if they have a loser they let it run hoping that it will come back. They are the ones that lose the money, they are on the other side of the good traders trades.


  • Traders want a good tip from tipster. They just want to be handed a winning system or a hot stock that just can’t lose. They do not even understand what all the talk of trading psychology and risk management is all about. They don’t need all that, they just want to make money. They just want the fish, they do not care about the fishing pole, bait, boat, or how to fish. Unfortunately they were to busy looking for that fish and didn’t understand the art of fishing, they will drown in the market ocean because they never learned how to swim themselves.


I request readers to share their personal experience by commenting below. Wishing all readers a Happy and prosperous profitable new year 2013.

9 thoughts on “Common Trading Mistakes to avoid in 2013

  1. Ramu

    Your articals are so much usefull to eagers ! But one thing I want to ask you that ! Why sometimes happens like “what we are watching and what we are doing is totally opposite ?” Means what we would like to act and we do something reverse than that ! This sometimes making a very big effects on account! I am trying to minimise losses every time but some how I can’t cut it at a time why I don’t know but its a real thing happening to me ! I do plan ,than trade but anyhow it goes unfollowed unknowingly !


    Dear sir, Thank u very much for regularly providing informative articles.your articles are working as vaccines for preventing big financial loss in trading.God bless you.

  3. ankit

    Well I think if everybody understands this article , it will be very tough to make money frm the market… its a tough game we make money at the expense of others…. I just hope world just dont run short of these gamblers/speculators , they make things easier for real traders…

    1. Bramesh Post author

      Dear Ankit,

      Understanding is one thing and applying in market is all different ball game. I sincerely hope people who read this article are saved from losses from the market.


  4. Ravish

    The points you have mentioned are very valid, I was reading some material on the legendary trader Jessi Livemore, even he has pointed out the same mistakes which the traders did way back in 1910-1940, hundred years on and still things have not changed…….. May be we all have some manufacturing defect…. we have been designed to err…

    1. Bramesh Post author

      Dear Ravish,

      Its not problem with our design but the problem with the society we live in.. From childhood children are told losing is a bad thing and same gets inherent in us.

      When someone comes to trading that inherent thought process swells your ego to such a height that loss taking is considered a grave crime and eventually lead to huge trading losses.



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