The Wise Man and the Bowl of Milk

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In this village lived a man and he was quite rich, a very wealthy man, and he used to pray a lot. Everyday he used to pray, in the morning, at mealtime, and even at night he used to pray. But one day, a thought came into his mind, and he said, “You know I pray to God, I always think about God, but where is God? Where is He?” So he sent out a message to all the people that “If anybody could tell me where God is, I will give them a hundred gold coins.” Well, when the news got out, that the rich man was going to offer a hundred gold coins to anybody who could tell him where God was, everybody came forward.
“Oh I can tell you where God is. God is in the mountains. God is in the sky. God is in the Heavens. God is in the Sea. God’s in far away countries.”
It wasn’t quite what he was looking for, but then this one chap came up, a very quiet man, a very wise man. Everybody knew him as just a quiet and very calm and very humble person. He said, “Sir, I know where God is.
“Really? You can tell me where God is?
“Yeah, I can tell you where God is.”
“If you can tell me, I’m willing to give you a hundred gold coins.”
“What I want from you first of all is a bowl of milk.”
“Well that’s easy. I can bring you a bowl of milk.”
So he arranged for the bowl of milk.
“I want you to put your hand in the bowl of milk.”
So he did, and he put his hand in. And the Wiseman asked him, “What’s in the milk?”
“There’s nothing. There’s nothing in the milk, it’s just a bowl of milk.”
So he asked him again, “Try again. Do you find anything in the milk?”
“No, trust me, there’s nothing in the milk. It’s just a one bowl of milk.”
So he asked him for the third time, “Try once more. Do you find anything in the milk?”
“No, it’s just one bowl of milk.”
“So.” said the Wiseman, “Okay. I want you to stir the milk.”
So he stirred the milk, and he stirred it, and he stirred it, and he stirred it, and he stirred it, and stirred it, and stirred it, and stirred, and stirred it, and stirred it, and stirred it, and stirred it. Wow, would you believe it? From the same bowl of milk, there was cream. There was butter. There was cheese. There was yogurt. All kinds of things came from the milk. And the rich man looked at the Wiseman. He said, “I don’t understand. What’s the point you’re trying to make? I asked you to tell me where is God, and all you’ve done is just got a bowl of milk and you’ve stirred it. Yeah, I can see this butter here. I can see there’s cheese here. I can see all these creams and things. But where is God?”
“Sir, God isn’t far away. God is inside you. And what we have to do sometimes is churn ourselves, our mind, our heart, our feelings, our souls. We’ve just got to chant the Name, Vaheguru Vaheguru Vaheguru Vaheguru Vaheguru Vaheguru Vaheguru. That chanting is like the churning, it’s like the churning of the milk. And slowly within time, we’ll see that God comes from within us. God is inside us. Just like the butter is inside the milk, God is inside us.”
Well the rich man, when he thought about it, well he fell to his knees and he bowed to the Wiseman. He said, “Tell me, who’s told you all these things?”
“Well Sir, I’ve followed Guru Nanak, and Guru Nanak tells us these things. He tells us that God isn’t far away. God isn’t in the skies or in the heavens, but God is inside us. You’re like the bowl of milk, and to churn, we don’t have a stake or a ladle to churn the milk and turn the milk, to stir the milk. But we have what we call Seva. Seva is helping others, helping the needy, putting others before yourself. And if you have the Seva as the stirring stake, we have the Seva and the Simran. When we put them together, we find God.”

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