Diwali Gift for Mother On Diwali

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Shalini stood in front of the mirror and gathered the saree pallu neatly on her shoulder and said, Suraj, this time I am very late for Diwali shopping, Mrs. Taneja even went to the old age home and distributed sweets and clothes and also posted her post on Facebook. . Mrs. Vohra has also posted her photo on Instagram while distributing gifts in the orphanage.

Suraj, are you even listening to what I am saying?

Suraj said angrily – Yes friend, I am listening. When did I forbid you to go shopping? I would have taken the driver with me and you would also have given whatever you had to give to some ashram. She would post pictures of her doing good deeds on Facebook. Why are you telling me this? While buttoning the shirt, Suraj said how much longer will it take to get ready?
I also have to go today to distribute the bonus to my staff. Hurry up, I don’t have time. Saying this Suraj walked out of the room. Just then I noticed “Mother” sitting outside in the lawn.

Thinking something, came back to the room. Shalu, you also asked mother what she wanted for Diwali.

When Suraj insisted a lot, mother said, “Okay, you wait, I will write it down.” You and your daughter-in-law have a lot of shopping to do. Don’t forget it anywhere. Suraj’s mother went to her room. After some time she came out and handed the list to Suraj.

Suraj said while sitting on the driving seat, I saw that Shalu Maa also wanted something but was not saying anything. On my insistence, a list has been made, “As long as a person remains alive, he needs many things other than food and clothes.”

Okay Baba, okay but first I will take all the things I need. Later you said keep looking at your mother’s list and got out of the car.
After doing all the shopping, Shalini said, now I am very tired, I turn on the AC and sit in the car. You see mother’s belongings.

Hey Shalu, you also wait, then let’s go together, I am also in a hurry.
Let me see what mother has ordered for this Diwali. Saying this, the slip written by mother comes out of his pocket. Oh my god, such a long list, I don’t know what all might have been ordered. You must have ordered a lot of things for the family of your village’s younger son. And become “Shravan Kumar”, saying this she started looking at Suraj angrily. But what is this, Suraj had tears in his eyes and his hand holding the list was shaking like a dry leaf. The whole body was trembling.

Shalini became very nervous. What happened, what has your mother asked for, saying this she snatched the slip from Suraj’s hand.
Shalini was also surprised that only a few words were written in such a big slip. It was written in the slip.-

Son Suraj, I don’t want anything on any occasion, let alone Diwali. Still, you are insisting, then if you find me in any shop in your city, then bring me a few moments of leisure. Now it is evening, the sun is setting and I am getting scared of the deepening darkness, I feel very scared every moment. Seeing death moving towards me. I know that it cannot be avoided, it is an eternal truth, but I feel very nervous due to loneliness, Suraj. So while I am at your house, sit with me for a few moments. Even if only for a while, share my Loneliness of old age. The evening of my life will become bright without lighting the lamp. Son, it has been so many years that I have not touched you. Once again come and put your head in my lap and I will caress your head with my loving palm. Once again My heart is proud of finding my loved ones very close and I meet the embrace of death with a smile, who knows whether I will survive till the next Diwali or not. Shalini started crying while reading the last line of the slip.

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