MCX Crude Oil Trading: Weekly Analysis and Forecast [Latest Trends]

By | March 5, 2023 11:46 am

MCX Crude Oil is a popular commodity that is traded on the Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX). Here is a weekly analysis of the recent trends and outlook for trading MCX Crude Oil:

Weekly Trends:

As of the week ending on March 4, 2023, MCX Crude Oil futures were trading at around Rs 6,500 per barrel. Over the past week, crude oil prices have been in an uptrend, with prices increasing by approximately 2.5%.

One of the key factors driving the rise in crude oil prices is the recent agreement between OPEC and its allies, including Russia, to extend production cuts through the end of 2023. This move is aimed at supporting crude oil prices by limiting the supply of oil in the global market.

In addition, the ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine have also contributed to the increase in crude oil prices, as the conflict threatens to disrupt oil supplies from Russia.

Future Outlook:

Looking ahead, the future outlook for MCX Crude Oil trading will depend on various economic and geopolitical factors. Some of the key factors to watch out for include:

  1. OPEC Production Policy: Any changes in OPEC’s production policy could have a significant impact on crude oil prices. If OPEC decides to increase production in the future, it could lead to a decline in crude oil prices.
  2. Global Economic Growth: The strength of the global economy is also an important factor for crude oil prices. If the global economy continues to recover and demand for oil increases, crude oil prices could rise further.
  3. Geopolitical Tensions: Ongoing geopolitical tensions, such as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, could also impact crude oil prices if they lead to disruptions in oil supplies.

Based on the current trends and outlook, MCX Crude Oil is likely to remain in an uptrend in the short term, with prices potentially reaching Rs 6,700-6,800 per barrel. However, traders should remain vigilant and keep an eye on the various economic and geopolitical factors that could influence the direction of crude oil prices in the coming weeks and months.

MCX Crude Oil Gann Angle Chart


Crude price showed strong revesal heading towards 6666/6729

MCX Crude Oil Astro Support and Resistace Line 

MCX Crude Oil: Price May Rally to 6666/6777 Near Mercury Support Line if Above 6555

MCX Crude Oil Crude Harmonic 

Crude Oil Forecast: Potential Move Towards 6666/6777 to Complete SHARK Pattern.

Crude Astro/Gann Trend Change Date

Crude Oil Major Trend Change date for INR is 09 Mar

Weekly Trend Change Level:6500

Weekly Resistance:6555,6610,6666,6729

Weekly Support : 6425,6385,6333,6285,6225

Levels Mentioned are for March Future Crude Contract

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