Capturing your Ideas Could Be Your Secret to Success

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What a difference an idea makes!

In his book, Brainstorming: How to Create Successful Ideas, Professor Charles Clark writes:

  • “You will see the difference an idea makes in the men and women who move ahead. You will see it in the products which make sales records. You will see it in the business which prospers. You will see it in the profit and loss statements, on the stock exchange, in the delicatessen which closes, in the headlines. You will see it in your home and other homes, in the family which does things, in your church and lodge, in your political party, in your government. The one quality which turns the ordinary into the extraordinary is ideas.”
  • And here is the great news…
  • Whatever challenges you currently face …money, marital, spiritual, occupational, business, personal… the solution — in the form of an idea — already exists.
  • You simply aren’t aware of it yet.Whatever challenges you currently face …money, marital, spiritual, occupational, business, personal… the solution — in the form of an idea — already exists.

You simply aren’t aware of it yet.

The question is not, “Is there a way out of my predicament?”, but rather… “When my solution comes, will I be prepared to receive it?” I believe — as do many others — that all possible outcomes exist right now, simultaneously, in the present moment.

Quantum physics even has a mind-blowing theory about it called the ‘many-worlds interpretation’. This concept, by the way, is hardly new. For centuries, wise men and sages, have been teaching this very same notion. But even more important than knowing your solution already exists, is recognizing that when it does indeed come, it will most likely come…and go…like a thief in the night.

And unless you’re prepared to capture your solution before it gets away, you may be needlessly prolonging a difficult situation. For many people, their success arrives nearly every day in what appears to be a series of random thoughts and ideas. I like to call them idea bursts.

The good news is that we all have them. The bad news is that most of us let them get away. Why?

  • Because when these ideas and thoughts arrive, they tend to come at a time when we are NOT in a position to capture them. As a result, we inadvertently allow them to take wings and fly away.
  • For example, it’s no accident that people get their best ideas and solutions while they are on vacation, in the shower, or while driving in their cars.
  • Early morning before fully awake and just before drifting off to sleep are also times when ideas seem to abundantly flow …and easily escape.
  • Ideas, solutions, inspiration –and even great insight– are free to flow during these times because our conscious mind is relaxed and free of resistance.
  • Unfortunately, only a small number of people actually do what it takes to capture ideas from this endless stream of immense wisdom and opportunity.

The difference between success and mediocrity, between winners and losers, is oftentimes just a 1% difference. As Andrew Carniege once said:

  • “You don’t need to know many things to succeed and get rich, IF you know the few things that are important.”
  • After it is all said and done, success is just a series of simple things most people won’t do, don’t like to do, or can’t find the time to do.
  • And by not doing these things, success won’t happen .

It really IS that simple. You don’t need to be a genius to become wealthy or successful, you just have to commit to doing a few, simple things on a consistent basis.

It’s the 1% difference. And it’s the difference between a life of GREATNESS and one of constant struggle and mediocrity.

The Million Dollar Tip

So, are you ready for the, MILLION DOLLAR TIP…..a tip which has turned more ‘little shots’ into ‘BIG SHOTS’, than any high-priced motivational seminar or trendy ’secret’ of success?

Be prepared at all times to write down passing thoughts, ideas and concepts. This tip is so deceptively simple, yet so incredibly powerful, that most people mistakenly brush it aside.

Yet this humble little tip is responsible for creating so much more wealth and worldly magnificence than all other success ’secrets’ …combined.

Capturing Ideas – Your Secret Weapon to Unlimited Wealth. In my experience, I never met one successful business owner who did NOT have the habit of carrying around a notepad or notebook with him or her at all times to write down passing ideas, thoughts, concepts and plans.

It’s no accident that many successful people carry around notepads. Don’t believe me? Let’s see what a few famous successful and wealthy people think about the idea…

Aristotle Onasis, legendary Greek shipping tycoon, (he at one time owned over 200 companies)

said: “Always carry a notebook. Write everything down. When you have an idea, write it down. When you meet someone new, write down everything you know about them. That way you will know how much time they are worth. When you hear something interesting, write it down. Writing it down will make you act upon it. If you don’t write it down you will forget it. THAT is a million dollar lesson they don’t teach you in business school!”

Sir Richard Branson, English billionaire best known for his Virgin brand, prefers to conduct his business the same way he’s done it since the beginning; by writing all of his ideas in a notebook.

“I can’t believe when I see people not writing things down. You know they’re not going to remember everything.” Branson now has a collection of over 125 black ledger notebooks that he’s written in over the years.

Think about this: Those notebooks probably cost him under $3 each, yet they’ve undoubtedly helped him to create billions. Do not overlook the fact that the simplest ideas are often the greatest in getting results.

Use What Works Best for YOU. You don’t really need to carry around a notebook or notepad. You simply use what works best for you. Voice Zone digital recorder -In addition to ‘writing pads’ (which I leave all over the place in my home and office), I also like to use a pocket device called the Voice Zone digital recorder. It’s nothing fancy really (I’m sure there are much better ones), but it’s convenient — especially while driving — and much quicker than writing. I take it with me everywhere because you just never know when a profitable idea is going to pop up out of nowhere. This little device (which cost about $30) has already paid for itself hundreds of times over.


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