Nifty shows biggest correction of 2018,EOD Analysis

By | February 3, 2018 12:26 pm

  • FII’s sold 23.5 K contract of Index Future worth 1988 cores ,14.1 K Long contract were covered by FII’s and 1.1 K Short contracts were added by FII’s. Net Open Interest decreased  by 4.7 K contract, so fall in market was used by FII’s to exit long and enter short in  Index futures. FII’s Long to Short Ratio at 1.9. Footsteps of Thoughts


  • As Discussed in Last Analysis   Budget turned out to be non event, we will see the major move tommrow. Bulls need a close above 11100 for the uptrend to continue towards 11171/11202/11255/11333/11415,Below 10977 we can see quick fall towards 10920/10878.   Important intraday time for reversal can be at 11/12:30/2:45 . Nifty Bears were on front foot from the start of trading session as we opened below 10977 high made was 10955, prices corrected all the way till 10878. 10611-10620 is an important zone as per price levels and 04 Feb is again an important trend change date so we can see possible price time squaring if 10623 is held in next 2 sessions. If we close below 10611 the fall can get extended towards 10531/10425. Hope traders enjoyed the fall which went as per our plan. Bullish above 10730 for a move towards 10780/10832.  Bearish below 10700 for a move towards 10621/10576/10520/10470/10410. Important intraday time for reversal can be at 10:10/1:25. Bank Nifty shows biggest correction of 2018,EOD Analysis


  • Nifty Feb Future Open Interest Volume is at 2.28 core with liquidation of 10.1 Lakh with decrease in  cost of carry suggesting short position were added today, NF Rollover cost @11048  closed below it.


  • Total Future & Option trading volume at 15.2 Lakh core with total contract traded at 3.7 lakh , PCR @0.82


  • 11000 CE  is having Highest OI  at 47 Lakh, resistance at 11000 followed by 11100 .10500-11500 CE added 72 Lakh in OI so bears added position  in range of 11000-11100 so resistance at higher end. FII bought 8.6 K CE and 45.1 K  CE were shorted  by them. Retail bought 138 K CE and 52.7 K shorted CE were covered by them.


  • 10500 PE OI@59.8 lakhs having the highest OI strong support at 10500 followed by 10600 . 10500-11500 PE liquidated  24.9 Lakh in OI so bulls covered position in 10800-11000 PE. FII bought 54.5 K PE and 1.5 K shorted PE were covered by them. Retail sold 46.9 K PE and 25.4 K shorted PE were covered by them.


  • FII’s bought 950 cores  and DII’s sold 508 cores in cash segment.INR closed at 64.07

Buy above 10730 Tgt 10760,10780 and 10820 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 10700 Tgt 10680,10650 and 10600 (Nifty Spot Levels)

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7 thoughts on “Nifty shows biggest correction of 2018,EOD Analysis

  1. Vijay

    Yes Master, today was the day to level the field and cover the losses to some extent. But, as you said in one of your articles not exactly as here, ‘our thoughts are tuned or structured in Patterns’. So, whoever breaks that past pattern and works on creating new, today was the day to break from the past. Past is hard to tear off from the psyche. Still, as per your NIFTY analysis, 10600 was a support zone, and if anyone saw the charts in the early hour, there was a good chance to cover the yesterday’s losses.

  2. Vijay

    Brother, I’m not a Master in this Trade but I believe in something where ‘Everything Balances in the End’. So, Market just can’t be so ruthless and cruel, it should balance somehow. Probably, there should be Light.

  3. Jignesh Patel

    Can you please explain why Gann Angle 2:1 has different result than your previous post before budget?
    Even both chart’s swing price was same, but has different result?


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