Are You Emotional Trader– Take Self Evaluation Test

By | February 11, 2013 2:54 pm

Human Emotions plays vital role in trading success and failure. Emotional trader can never be able to  trade profitably as An emotional trader is likely to act impulsively and make trading errors. Emotions of Greed can come when you are in good profits instead of booking you get overpowered by your emotion and move away from your trading plan and continue holding position thinking of getting more profits and eventually exit in loss.

So how can one identify an emotional trader?  In the series of 2, today I  will be share the  first set  questionnaire. Please think on each and every question in details correlate with your trading and give a Honest as its you only who will know the results and will improve your trading in longer run.


Part – I

  1. Do you have Trading System which has been back tested for at least 6 months

  2. Do you have Clear entry and exit criteria.

  3. Do you have a comprehensive trading plan before market opens.

  4. DO you follow Stop loss in your trading.

  5. Do you adhere to your Stop loss once it gets triggered

  6. Do your losses are bigger than your winning trades

  7. Do you have “Big Swing” in profitability ie. having 1 months of profit and followed by heavy looses “Crash and Burn” days.

  8. Do you beat yourself up on a losing day and carry it into the next day?

  9.  Do you have a plan that gets you back on track when you’re off?

  10. Do you keep track of all your trades?


Total Number of Yes:


Evaluation as per Number of Yes you have got:

1-3   You, absolutely need  coaching to get in control of your trading.  You should be very cautious. Continuing in this direction you are destine to big losses.Better to Stop Trading right now and protect your capital.

4-7   You, are not in the amount of control needed to succeed and need to develop a plan and possibly get some coaching to help.

8-10 You, are in good shape have a plan and are disciplined to succeed


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