How traders make money:Strong Trade Psychology

By | December 10, 2012 4:08 pm

Many traders have asked and discussed with me When i keep a Stop loss order its gets triggered and market reverses just from my stop loss level giving them a feeling of helplessness and most of them decide never to keep a stop loss order.



The market often rewards bad behavior. You exit a stock because your stop is hit. You are okay with this because you followed your plan. The market then immediately reverses. You begin to think, “If only I stayed with the position.” The next time the market goes against you, you decide you are not going to get tricked again. This time though, the market does not reverse and what started out as a small manageable loss is now huge.




The market will give you loss after loss forcing you to abandon a methodology right before it takes off without you. On the flip side, the market will lull you into a false sense of confidence. You trade larger and larger, taking on excessive risk. You print money until your risks become so excessive that one or two bad trades wipe you out.

Learn from the market, but realize that sometimes it can be a lousy instructor.





To avoid such incidence reread these line before market opens everyday

  • Being wrong is acceptable, but staying wrong is totally unacceptable. Being wrong isn’t a choice, but staying wrong is.


  • Understand that you will always make mistakes. The only way to prevent mistakes from turning into disasters is to accept losses while they are small and then move on


  • Concentrate on mastering one style that suits your personality. Most people just cannot weather the learning curve. As soon as it gets difficult, and their approach isn’t working up to their expectations, they begin to look for something else. As a result, they become slightly efficient in many areas without ever becoming very good in any single methodology.




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